[Release] Z-Wave.me, Popp, & Devolo Wireless wall Controller & Key Fob (EU), with button controller dimming apps and CoRE integration

I understand - but what I’m trying to explain is that even with this four button controller, you can use a single rocker so it looks and behaves like a 2 button controller - therefore satisfying your need for a two button controller

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Ah like so! Yes saw that as well. Ordering them ASAP, thanks for your input!

@AdamV, Sorry if I missed this but do you plan to add the ability to select a device to turn on or off only when pressed instead of toggle? My use case is the OSRAM Lightify Dimming Switch that I wrote a device handler for and would like to use your smart app in conjunction with that but I would like to set a button to to only turn the lights specified on instead of toggle and have the other button turn off only.

Also, have you experienced a major delay when using this app? I am seeing at least a 3-4 second delay before any actions are triggered and that doesn’t seem to be the case if I use the simple smart app that I wrote but doesn’t have the dimming capabilities, instead my app sets a specific level that you specify in the app when the button is held.

Sorry for the late reply:

explicit on / off - I always say: use my device handler with either smart lighting or Rule Machine instead of the button controller app for things like this. The reason is that if I keep adding more actions it’s getting more and more cluttered - and you can already achieve this with other apps. This is what I do as well.

Delay - There are two delay issues. One I may be able to do something about, the other I cannot:

The first issue is that fact that Smartthings is slow, even when you have totally local devices, when you click the button it registers on the hub, then sends the action to their servers, then their servers work out the correct action, send it back to the hub and then the hub actions it… If you have any cloud devices at the end then its even slower… e.g. if you are controlling LIFX lights. I have just installed super fast 200mb fibre in my house and I find the delay is anywhere between 0.5 - 2 seconds - and rarely consistent! So you can improve this by getting faster internet and this will naturally improve when ST finally makes the hub work locally (Smart lighting app already does so if you are controlling local lights then I would suggest that you use my device handler with Smart Lighting as you will see drastic speed improvements).

The second issue affects dimming only. There is a bug that I know about where the dimming wont start for about 1 second longer than the natural delay that ST already has… so if it takes 2 seconds for the device to work, there is a bug that introduces a further 1 second of delay meaning that the lights wont start to dim for up to 3 seconds in my setup (maybe longer on a slower connection). I will fix this when I get some time.

Thanks for the reply.

I am sure my internet is not the issue, I have 150Mb/s internet access which is as fast as they offer in my area. I also don’t feel this is the case since I don’t see the same delay with other apps including the one I wrote, not trying to start an argument or anything, just stating what I have and have seen for clarity. I will do some more testing and see if I ever get the <1s response time I get with other apps, I am not really concerned about the delay with dimming as I understand that issue is more of an ST limitation since dimming is not really supported and you have just found a way to make it work (as I understand it anyway). I think it will be much nicer when ST actually implements true dim() commands that can be called instead of using the workaround but maybe I am wrong here.

Regarding the “using other smart apps” statement, I am already using my own smart app that I wrote as I mentioned but it doesn’t have full dimming support, instead of trying to re-invent the wheel there I was planning to use your app but it sounds like maybe I need to just work on adding dimming support to my app. Are you suggesting that I use multiple Smart Apps with the switch instead of just 1? The reason I am not using the other apps you mentioned is because I am trying to use a single smart app instead of having to have multiples for a single device. I have this as a goal due to the issues we already see with stability and is the reason I stopped using RM, besides it being withdrawn :frowning2: I started seeing too many issues with the rules being corrupted so I am trying to simplify as much as possible.

Again, please don’t take any of this as a personal attack against you or your work, just wanting to get information so that I can make a plan on how I want to proceed. I do appreciate the work you have put into it.

You legend. Thank you- i just got a devolo home control wall switch, and will be using your code tonight to test it out.

Got it connected and buttons working, however button 1 on my Devolo wall switch does not seem to be being picked up by smart things. The others are fine, I can see the light on the wall plate flashing red, just like the other buttons, but no event shows up in the device in SmartThings.

Any suggestions?


Yes - sometimes the controllers come with odd configurations that don’t get fully sorted after the inclusion / config process.

I would suggest doing a full factory reset of the controller (consult the instruction manual as it’s slightly different for each of these devices) and then do the full inclusion / config process again… and it should be fine… if not… come back on here and we’ll try and hunt down the bug.


Got it sorted, thanks Adam.

The instructions which came with my Devolo are pretty… poor. They do not indicate how to enter inclusion mode… so i followed some other instructions here, and while i felt like it was guess work, it eventually ended up working :smiley: My wife is now extremely happy that i can replace the light switches with something that she can use! (we use lifx bulbs, which means we cannot turn power off at the switch).

Could you point me in the direction of getting hold of alternative backplates / switches for the devolo wall switch? I can’t seem to find anything.


How good is your German!?

This site: schalterversand.de

Has the best range of options for faceplates and buttons for our switches. Everything from glass, plastic, wood - various styles… etc - but be careful - you have to get the ones that are specifically compatible - otherwise they wont fit… I found out the hard way

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oh dear, i really want to find what I need, but i’m struggling! :frowning:

what are you looking for - I can try and help

Thanks @AdamV

I’m just looking for the range of backplates and 2x buttons which match http://www.officenerd.co.uk/info/devolo-home-control-wall-switch-1267833?gclid=Cj0KEQjwjIy5BRClh8m_9Zu64d8BEiQAtZsQf_xbPITRhiPZ6-jBUyj1_KIxUZZRGhyHCeF58A_ZWoQaApyo8P8HAQ

Perhaps in a stainless steel or nickle?

Ok I’m going into a bit of detail that you don’t need here because it may be useful to others.

There are basically 2 types of these wall controllers (although a few different brands):

Type 1:

Z-Wave.me Secure Wall Controller

Type 2:

Z-Wave.me Secure Wall Controller 2
Popp Wall Controller
Devolo Wall Controller

In terms of face plates and rocker switches, they are compatible as follows:

Type 1:

Busch-Jaeger (DURO 2000, Reflex SI)
Kopp (HK05, HK07, Paris)
REV (Everlux, Arcada)

Type 2:

Gira (55 Standard, S55 E2, S55 Event, S55 Esprit, S55 Klassix)
Jung (AS 500)
Berker (S.1 B.3, B.7)
Hager (kalysto pur, kalysto art, kalysto stil)
Merten (1M, Atelier M, M-Smart, M-Pure, M-Pure-Decor, M-Plan I, M-Plan II)
Popp (Forever, Arcada)
Peha (Badora)
Legrand (Creo)

It is also possible to cut a Type 2 Controllers internal plastic bit to make it possible to fit into a type 1 face plate… which I have done in some places in my house to keep things consistent.

So… in answer to your question - here is one example from the site I mentioned that is compatible with your wall controller, that is metal:


There are other options as well…

Now, in terms of the rocker switches, you have to get one that is both compatible with the faceplate above AND also made for these types of wall controllers… On this site, they label them as for radio controllers… so it can be confusing. Here is an example of a rocker switch which would be compatible with these wall controllers:


It is unfortunately quite confusing - I wasted a lot of money buying different designs both to test the look and compatibility… but it was worth it in the end, I have glass faceplates and chrome buttons and it totally matches the aesthetics of the apartment. It is also possible to get double / triple and quadruple faceplates… which I have used in some places. It is also possible to integrate other devices into the same faceplates… in some places I have a double faceplate that contains one wall controller and one thermostat… very slick - these thermostats fit in them: http://www.heatit.com/


You are a true hero. Many people are after exactly what you explain in this thread. A wall switch which replaces their standard light switch, which can be customised.

I’ve got 3 Devolo wall switches now, and have replaced my actual light wall switches. The wife is very happy with the solution, but not so much with the bland white, she is however delighted at the different designs available.

This thread should be a sticky, and the device type / smart app published.

Thanks again,

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Just remember that metal casing and faceplates will make it much harder to get zwave signal to and from the device. Since these devices aren’t repeaters (Battery powered devices don’t repeat) that’s not quite as big a deal, but it may mean you have to put a repeater fairly close to the wall switch in order to get the messages through.

Plastic generally lets a lot more signal through, as does glass. Tinted glass can be a problem depending on the exact materials used to tint it.

So you may just have to experiment with placement and use of repeating devices if you want to use metal or tinted glass face plates.

Yep on this point I do find that the wall controllers at the back of my apartment are less responsive, sometimes I have to press twice.

Aeotec makes a repeater that you can plug into a wall socket… If I ever get fed up of the situation Ill buy one.

Also worth mentioning that when I started this thread, these were the only nice looking wall controllers I could find. I’m kind of stuck with them now (not that I’m interested in changing them) but for anyone coming to this thread who hasn’t installed anything permanent yet - remotec just released a pretty nice z wave scene controller in the EU

The remotec controller is available in the US is well. There’s already a community created device handler for it. Note that it is much smaller than it seems in most product pictures. Here’s Eric’s picture of it next to a minimote.

Also, as far as repeaters go, back in early generations of zwave we needed single-purpose devices for that, but now days pretty much any mains-powered Device except smoke sensors will work as a repeater.

Zigbee repeats only for zigbee, Z wave repeats only for zwave, so do check the protocol to make sure the repeating device is the same protocol as the one you’re trying to get signal to.

So it’s typically better to get a Z wave plus pocket socket or plug-in sensor rather then the old single purpose repeaters. You’ll get much better range with Z wave plus and you might as well get a second use out of the device.

The SmartThings branded pocket socket is zigbee so it won’t help with the popp wall controller, but there are lots of Z wave ones available.

OK complete novice here,

I downloaded the following two link from amazon after getting the ZME_KFOB-S

I have got Smartthings to add the ZME_KFOB-S, but getting really bogged down with how I add the buttons to devices, any plain English instructions would be much appreciated.

To be honest… that should be the most intuitive step!

Go to smartapps --> tap the app that you want to use (either my one or the one that you pasted here), then follow the instructions