[Release] Z-Wave.me, Popp, & Devolo Wireless wall Controller & Key Fob (EU), with button controller dimming apps and CoRE integration

Button 1,2,3,4 in sequence:

bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:34:42: debug Button 2 was Double Clicked bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:34:41: debug Parsed Command: SceneActivationSet(dimmingDuration: 255, sceneId: 22) bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:34:41: debug RAW command: zw device: 0D, command: 2B01, payload: 16 FF bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:34:38: debug Button 1 was Double Clicked bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:34:38: debug Parsed Command: SceneActivationSet(dimmingDuration: 255, sceneId: 12) bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:34:38: debug RAW command: zw device: 0D, command: 2B01, payload: 0C FF bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:34:35: debug Button 2 was pushed bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:34:35: debug Parsed Command: SceneActivationSet(dimmingDuration: 255, sceneId: 21) bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:34:35: debug RAW command: zw device: 0D, command: 2B01, payload: 15 FF bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:33:13: debug Button 1 was pushed bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:33:13: debug Parsed Command: SceneActivationSet(dimmingDuration: 255, sceneId: 11) bbe1512d-6050-432e-b730-6df1a4ed8cfd 22:33:13: debug RAW command: zw device: 0D, command: 2B01, payload: 0B FF

I’ve just updated it to 1.6.1 - it may help - try factory reset and then reconfigure (I assume you put into inclusion mode before a configure right?)

Yeah I did inclusion mode then configure. The red light flickered a little.
I never did a factory reset though.

Will try this tonight.

Got it working finally!
New DH - didn’t work.
New config - didn’t work.
Removed device, factory reset, include device, config - all works now!

Glad to hear it!..


Any advice on where to purchase these with the different faceplates?

Ive tried searching but can only find white ones!



You can buy the internal part either as:

  • Secure wall controller 1
  • Secure wall controller 2

From either Vesternet, Amazon or many other online places.

The best site that I have found for face plates and rocker switches is this german one:


They have pretty much every possible type of face plate (glass / metal / plastic in loads of colours) and every type of rocker switch (single / double in every colour). However make sure that you only purchase rocker switches that are specifically designated for wireless control (I think that they call it free control) as other rocker switches will not fit.

Let me know if your need any other advice

Hi AdamV

Is there a way for it to turn on light and set level?

Your switch is turning my Hue lights on but level is still 0 as another app/rule has switched it off.



Just use the device handler with either smartlighting or RuleMachine instead of the smartapp here. The only real advantage my smartapp has is regarding dimming while buttons are held down

Hey @AdamV, installed my first one of these today after you recommended them on the UK Forum. It works great, I’ve got one small feature request that I wondered if it’s easy for you to add? The smartapp is really useful because I don’t have to have lots of rules in rule machine to control the one switch, I can do it all in the app you have written. However with some of the buttons I want them to be able to turn on or off a switch no matter if already on, rather than toggling it. Would it be possible to add this so a button press ensures on or off for a switch as an option alongside toggle?

Thanks for all the work on the handler and app so far!

Hi @steveburton4 - its not so hard to add that. The issue is that the number of options per button is already clogged up and messy, and I’d have to add a further two options per button (on and off) for switches only… when you can already use rule machine to do this. I agree that it’s nice to have it all in one place, but eventually to keep everyone happy I’d have to put every possible action per button - and again, you can already use rule machine to do this. In my house there are some buttons that I wanted to explicitly turn things on and off, so I use rule machine. It’s not so bad right!? Let me know if you absolutely must have it I’ll find some time this week… but consider this: I have over 20 of these switches in my house that I set up and for the times I needed an action not available in my smartapp, rather than go through the task of writing the code I just used rule machine… and once set up, it’s done.

P.S. If your switch is a light switch I’d recommend using SmartLighting instead… because that is the only app that is able to run locally, so if you use my device handler + smartlighting and all your devices are on your local network (zigbee or z-wave devices) then the commands will execute locally, with almost zero lag and even when your internet goes down. That’s something both my smartapp and rule machine cannot do.

Haha, no it’s not! I just end up with a really long list on rules to search through and maintain. I wonder if it’s possible to group rules in rule machine - I don’t think the concept of folder exists in smartapps but I’m not sure, @bravenel might be able to answer that better?

Yeah I used to have all my light rules in Smart Lighting but when I started using rule machine I swapped everything over because I found it was far more reliable with scheduled actions. I’ve no idea why but that was definitely my experience. I hadn’t considered the running locally issue. It can’t be too long before rule machine gets approved for this, surely?!

I think what I should do in the meantime is move the rules back to Smart Lighting that require immediate processing - motion and switches. Scheduled events can stay in rule machine.

Thanks for the advice.

No, because the platform alphabetizes the list of Rules. But, you can have empty rules, that only have a name. Some some guys were making separators out of dummy rules. Another thing some guys have done is use a coding system for their rules, like “M-motion rule”, etc. That keeps them organized. Names are just strings of characters, and can be pretty much anything.

That’s something I’ve not thought of before. Quite like the idea of that, especially as any characters can be used for the separator text. Cheers.

Just done a small update:

1.6.2 - Device Handler

Now the device will be recognised straight away without the need to go into the web IDE

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Does anyone know if it works with the ZWave.Me 5460 / Düwi version wall controller?


Sorry if this is a silly question, I’m still learning

Its possible… but unlikely as this is a different device, even though it has some similarities.

I feared as much… :frowning: Guess I’ll just by some of the dual button ones :slight_smile:

For the dual button ones you can just buy a single wide rocker that covers both and operates like a single rocker.

Check out one of the images above that shows an example

I don’t need the four button capabilities, but was wondering if anyone knew if these ( http://support.betaalbare-domotica.eu/using-the-zwave-me-5460-wall-controller-with-vera/ ) work with the same code as the four button ones…
Or could easily be made to work with the Smartthings hub