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[RELEASE] Yamaha Network Receiver Basic Integration



As long as you can help identify how we get the info, we can add it into the device handler… let’s git r dun.


Where did you add the Code ?
I checked your latest DVH and I cant seem to find it.

what line should I put the code in ?
need it for actionTiles :slight_smile:


Add the following at line 27 of the device handler:

    capability "Sensor"
    capability "Actuator"


Thank you :slight_smile: I got it working now.



Thanks @redloro for letting me help you test YSP1600 and get it working!


I am trying to create a virtual switch for HDMI1 and I’ve got a couple of questions:

  • What switch TYPE should I select from the Create Device dropdown list?
  • Once the switch is created how do I get it to send the command string to the receiver?

(Cole Sumner) #168

Can’t wait to give this a go


What are you trying to do? Have a button that sends a custom command to the receiver??


I want to be able to tell Google Home to change the receiver source. I have got you app working with Google Home but only able to do Zone Power On and Off. You suggested to me previously that creating a virtual switch for each source might work so that’s what I’ve been trying but not got very far. I’m currently stuck trying to figure out the exact steps to create a virtual switch (especially Switch Type) but, thinking further ahead, I’m wondering how to tell the virtual switch what IP address to use for the receiver and then how to get the virtual switch to send a command string to the receiver.
But, first things first, I need to create the virtual switch.


Create virtual Button switch in ST directly.
Use this:

After that is done, use CoRE and “when push button is ON” than “use Yamaha” and “set source”

Not sure I got all perfect here, but think it`s a start. :slight_smile:

[RELEASE] Russound Multi-Zone Controller Integration

Thank you. I followed all the great instructions that you pointed me to and now I can use GH to change the input. I’d been reluctant to use CoRE, it seemed like a step too far into programming for me but it was easy as thanks to the code and instructions of others. I have a bit of tidy up work to do and more switches to create but this is a big step forward for me. Thanks again.


CoRE is something you need to learn :slight_smile: it`s a powerful tool.

If you need any help dont hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

(Ron Talley) #174

For those with a Harmony Hub, this might be of some interest to you. Creates the device for you and all of the controls are available just like in the Hub.

(chris ) #175

Sorry I’ve read through every post and try’d a few things I saw, but at this point am unable to figure out volume control. I have a RX-A860, On/off works, source control works, mute even works.

But volume control up or down works but will only allow a max level of -32db. My max setting on the receiver is set to 0db. Any idea’s on why this would be? thanks


Volume control is defined at line 74 and set at line 156 in the Device Handler. Check those sections and see if anything jumps out.

Then change your SmartApp, line 112 to read like this:

log.debug "Yamaha Network Receiver send command: ${body}"

And attempt to set the volume… you should see the commands in the ST Live Logging which should help identify the issue.

(cjcharles) #177

Is anybody else having random problems with this device handler? I have a RX-V675 and find that after ~1 week it gets completely out of sync and shows on when the unit is off, and doesnt respond to some commands, but then does after 20seconds. After a bit more time it goes back out of sync again and I sometimes have to remove the device and re-add to fix.

Has anybody had similar problems or am I missing something? I made some small changes to the DH to deal with custom NET radio station loading, but even with the clean DH I still get the same problem.

Thanks in advance!

(Alberto Ortíz) #178

Hi, I’m new at adding stuff “from code” to my ST hubs, but recently I did applied this one because it really sounded great to control a Yamaha RX from the ST app. One thing though, I can manage to change zones, power on/off, but when managing a specific zone, I can’t change its input (source - nothing happens. I have an RX-A2060. Any help? By the way, cool code. Really welcomed me to this other side of opportunities within ST. Big thumbs up!


Yes, I have the same issues from time to time. I have a slightly older RX-V671.


Did you configure the input sources as described in the first post? And volume control, etc works but when you tap AV1 or AV2 nothing happens?

  1. Configure your Devices/Zones
  • Open the Yamaha: Zone Device
  • Tap the gear icon in the top right to edit the device
  • Customize the Zone Sources to configure available Input Sources; supported sources are device specific but generally include the following:


Since this is a “polling” device handler, it will only show the device state from the last time it was polled. The easiest way to get it back in sync is to hit the refresh button and then pull down to refresh the status…