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[RELEASE] Yamaha Network Receiver Basic Integration


(James) #142

Yes, this adds more control over your Yamaha.

(Pete) #143

thanks a lot.


I am setting up my HT and looking into the yamaha RX-A660. Would this work with this AVR?

(ufbert) #145

@redloro, How do you set the source with such a virtual switch? I created a virtual switch to trigger a routine. The routine was created with the Yamaha Receiver device, but only on/off switch and “dimmer” level are options, not source. @langer, did you figure this out?


I juse CoRE, and make it Turn ON, set Source, and choose a Channel. at last it set volume to 30% and turn ON subwoofer.


I can do this myself of course but though you might want to update the master for a small issue that affects users of ActionTiles:

I’m quoting information direct from ActionTiles.

ActionTiles is only compatible with Device Type Handlers that include claims Capability “Sensor” and/or “Actuator”.

This means that even if the Thing has a Capability that ActionTiles supports (full list coming; but there’s a lot, obviously: Switch, Temperature Sensor, Contact Sensor, Garage Door, …), you cannot add it from your SmartThings Location if it is missing the “base” Capabilities that every device is supposed to have.

99% of SmartThings’s officially supported “Works With SmartThings™” devices are correctly coded. If your Thing is missing, you are most likely using a Community developed “custom device type handler”.

You or the developer of the DTH need to add these lines to the custom DTH code:
capability "Sensor"
capability “Actuator”


@ufbert, Sorry but I’ve made absolutely no progress on this

(Pete) #149

I now have a hub and I’ve got this working in so far as I can turn the amp on and off and adjust volume on the app or alexa. However it only allows me to select hdmi1 and 2 even though I have 3 other inputs in use. I can’t see any obvious errors in the code (i changed the source names to reflect my sources) any idea why the other sources are not working? Also is there an easy way to define alexa commands?

EDIT . I have fixed the other sources. I’m still working out how to switch sources with vocal commands to alexa though. any help is welcome.

(Ph4r) #150

Please add

capability "Sensor"
capability "Actuator"

To this device handler for ActionTiles Base Support. It looks like other things could be enhanced since the play button has a question mark on it for example.


I need help to set Volume limiter.

After I changed volume from -db to 0-100% I no longer have a volume limit.
And when using SmartTiles the volume sometimes goes to 100% and that is CRAZY shit !!

Help is very much appreciated

thank you

(Naseem Rahman) #152

Can this be used for Onkyo network receiver?


Did you try the code in the post below?

If that does not work for you, we can try debugging if you let us know what exactly is the problem.


Thank you. I got it working :slight_smile: i added the code at the wrong place first.

Thanks again, you are the best !!!


Thanks! I’ve added this to all the Device Handlers…


@redloro – id be willing to chipin to support a rewrite to handle musiccast. i;m on the yamaha musiccast platform as of 2 weeks ago and would love integration


Cool… take a look at the MusicCast API spec:

I would need the request/commands and sample responses to do the following:

  • Turn the device on/off
  • Turn mute on/off
  • Set party mode on/off
  • Set the volume
  • Switch an input source
  • Refresh the device settings
  • And anything else you want to add to the app


@redloro i think the only other thing that would make sense to add would be ability to select a sound program.
not sure im the right person to figure anything out relative to request/response commands


We can add the sound program but I need someone to help who has a Yammy receiver with MusicCast…


@redloro – ah misunderstood. I’m your partner in crime there. I’ve got a YSP-1600 and happy to help test.


also would be good to add details of whats playing from streaming service (or really other input) via: YamahaExtendedControl/v1/netusb/getPlayInfo if possible