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[RELEASE] Yamaha Network Receiver Basic Integration


(Dallas) #82

I apologize for what is probably a fairly simple solution, but I can code about as well as a penguin can play spades.

I’ve created the smart app and the device handler based on the original post. I’ve been able to see the app addition of the main and 4 zones in my ST app. I set it up using the IP address for my RX-V581 which is my main receiver. All of my other zones (6 more in total) are all using the WXA-50 amps.

After that set up, I am able to issue commands through the ST app but it doesn’t seem to be communicating with my receiver. Is there something basic that I’m missing here?


@wilkescd does your RX-V581 have 4 zones? You need to point this to one receiver and configure it with the zones that the receiver supports natively. Once you’ve got it setup, you should be able to turn the main zone on/off and control volume, etc. Is that not working?

(Dallas) #84

@redloro I believe it only has the main zone and zone B. All of our other zones are running off of independent amps. Should I be changing something in the code if I’m not running all four zones?

Thanks for your help!


I’m not sure that this plugin will control the other devices… it’s meant to point to and control one Yamaha receiver. Try and reconfigure with just Main_Zone and Zone_B.

(Dallas) #86

That’s how I tried to set it up originally. I’m fine with it just controlling the main zone (that’s our main entertainment space). I’ll uninstall and try it with just those two zones. Is there anything else that I should be changing in the code that I might be missing?


Nope… it’s pretty straight-forward… you just got to make sure to set the correct IP of your receiver. You can also test by pointing your browser to:


(Dallas) #88

I think that’s where my problem lies. I keep getting a ‘This site can’t be reached’ message when I try to point my browser to the ip address. I looked it up on the system and its currently set up as a DHCP. I then used the command ipconfig/all on my computer and found my home network and used that DHCP ip address but that gave me a 404 error message. Is there somewhere else to look?

Thanks for holding my hand through all this. I’m learning…

(James) #89

You can look in the Yamaha app. Also, you can download Fing and it will view everything on your network.

(Dallas) #90

Thanks @barrios35 the IP I pulled from the app was different from what Fing had for that location. Now I’m getting it to turn off and on. Just need to sure up the sources. Sweet.


Thanks @barrios35… love Fing! They also have the fingbox which was on kickstarter last month… great little device!

(James) #92

Yeah Fing works wonders!

Nah thank you guys!

(Dallas) #93

Thank you guys! I’m just asking questions because I don’t know things.

I’m up and running with the ST integration and also have it connected with my Echo. Alexa recognizes the on and off command, but is there a specific command to change the source? I’ve tried a couple of different ones but she doesn’t recognize them.

(Fernando) #94

Is this for the Yamaha Music Cast?


What happens when you point your browser to:




(Fernando) #96

Sorry, dont know


If you can point your browser to those URLs and it returns something, then it should work…

(Muthu Kalyan) #98

All, took me less than an hour to integrate my Yamaha rxa3000 with smartthings. I can now control TV and Yamaha with Google home. Wife acceptance factor(WAF) is very high. Thank you all for all the questions and answers. Great forum and loving it.

Did anyone changing the source with Google home. If so what voice commands are you using. BTW my Yamaha’s Nick name is “volume” as someone suggested in one of the earlier posts.



Thanks for your work on this; I just installed it and its working well.

Some guys at openhab pointed out this link to Yamaha’s extended control API:

Do you think a complete implementation of the all the “music device capabilities” as described by smart things will allow it to function as a sonos to smart things?

It looks like Smart Things has already written a few apps to allow events to trigger sounds, but they were written with a sonos in mind.

This app, though, is only a few lines away from completely implementing the music device capability as specified by Smart Things, and if so, maybe it can be fully integrated?

Also, it looks like section 10 describes event notifications which would help keep the SmartThings sync’d without having to constantly poll()

Thanks for all your work on this!

(cjcharles) #100

Interesting, it certainly looks promising. Having just tested it on my device (from the previous generation) it looks like that interface doesn’t exist, so it must be current models only. I have looked for a firmware update to enable support but couldn’t find anything. I would imagine it will probably warrant a completely new and different DTH/App rather than modifying it, since the changes seem quite extensive…
Might need somebody else’s thoughts here!


Yeah, its the MusicCast API, so its only applicable for newer devices that support MusicCast.

I sent a command through a regular browser to my yamaha reciever, and the response was correct.

It would be nice to get integration to treat any MusicCast enabled speaker to behave like a Sonos speaker, because there are quite a few apps that provide audio feedback through Sonos.

There is a generic DLNA media renderer integration, and it does use uPnP to automatically find your devices. Ultimately though, it wasn’t quite working right because every time a sound wants to trigger, it completely changes input to the DLNA server and doesn’t change the input back to whatever you were watching…