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[RELEASE] Yamaha Network Receiver Basic Integration

(jay yankacy) #224

In the ST app, both Main and Zone2 volumes levels report double the value as reported on the receiver and Yamaha app. I have the receiver set to 1-100 and the slider in the app reflects the same.

Any help would appreciated.


(James Lawson) #225

I am trying to be able to Turn the receiver on, Select input, set level in a routine. I do not get an option to select input source when creating a st routine or in webcore. I can set the input when I select the Yamaha Rx but how do I do in a routine.



How do I use these in a webcore piston? I tried using the address (which does work in a browser) in a “Make a web request” but could not get it to work (get…? post…?)


(Jeff Sorensen) #227

@redloro - Just tried this on my app and got the following error - “An unexpected error has occurred”. And no devices were created for the Receiver or zones. Any suggestions? Sorry as this is my first time stepping into the SmartApp world like this.


(ChubbyLens) #228

Hi, Redloro,

I’m new here and it seems to be stupid question that by this mean, will the receiver be controlled by Google Home via the smartthing hub then?


(Patrick) #229

Wow, this just works. Great stuff @redloro!


(Patrick) #230

So funny thing to note. I exposed this to Homebridge and it appears as a light in Homekit. I can turn it on and off and adjust the volume using the light dimmer function. Pretty cool (even though it shows a light bulb in the interface!)


(Hrvoje Kusulja) #231

This app should be updated on github, regarding the Yamaha RXV part.

  • ActionTiles should be able to choose input device, please make sure that this input mode is exposed correctly within this app
  • ActionTiles is showing volume to be from 0% to 100%, insted -80 dB to 0 dB. So setting the value to 5% is basicaly setting the to 0 dB. Please correct data type or data value conversion within this app

(Don Caruana) #232

I know this is really old, but I can’t get this to work for me a my RX-V867. I’ve verified the ip address and can see it in my browser as well as control it with the Yamaha app. I’ve gone through the set up and the device is created after configuring the smart app, but nothing actually happens. The receiver does not read or change anything on the receiver. Anyone have any tips on getting this to work?

I looked at the logging and get this every time I try and do anything:
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method children() on null object @line 67 (lanResponseHandler)

Deleted everything and rebuilt it all…got it working…

Then Alexa found a switch…can use that to turn on/off receiver (no volume or inputs). Not perfect but better than nothing.


(Rick) #233

I have the same result with alexa only seeing it as a switch. I would love to be able to switch inputs/mute at minimum.

Still fantastic to switch it from smartthings for my son easily.

Thanks for its creation!



Hi, I am a newbie to ST, and was wondering if the app being mentioned here is still needed to do things like:
.Turn on Yamaha receiver set the input to Tuner (or other) if the door opens and it is past 7pm.

I can add an automation to do something if the door opens, but the receiver is not listed a device to be controlled - not clear why?

Thanks for the help



Forgive me if this should be obvious. I’ve created a Scene in the app called “Watch a movie” that dims lights and turns on the receiver, but I can’t get it to set the volume. The only device setting that appears is “Brightness” which does nothing. Is there a way for me to set this as part of a Scene or Routine?


(Hrvoje Kusulja) #236

Be careful about “brightness” as it is yamaha volume setting, which normally is from -80 to 0 dB, if you set to 5, it will be 0dB and could be very loud :slight_smile:



My receiver goes from -80dB to something like +16dB.

If you use the code as is then setting to 5 should not set too loud. For example, if I set set level to 52 in ST the actual volume on the receiver is set to -33.

Now, you can change the code to handle a 0-100 range instead. The instructions are further up in this thread.



I learned this the hard way. Mine also has max volume as 0 dB. When I first set it to 30 (hoping for -30) it nearly blew the windows out :grin:

Just to clarify, if I’m using the slider on the controller (under My Home => Things => Yamaha: Main_Zone) things work perfectly fine. Values range from -80 to 0. My question was related to how the device appears to Smartthings “Scenes”. In the Scene the device has only two settings: State (on/off) and Brightness. Brightness is only 0-100.

I think the code you are referring to already works fine for me. I need to know what drives the devices options in Scenes.


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This is really minor but my OCD is biting at me lately. Anyone know how to make the devices created by this app show as ACTIVE rather than INACTIVE in the IDE. To be clear, everything functions correctly for me … just trying some clean-up.



Installed this, looks like everything is working however my third button is not switching to any inputs. I had renamed it in the DH to “BluRay” and mapped it to “HDMI3” in the smartapp. It does however not do anything. Regardless of where I map tile #3 to it does not trigger. Any ideas or should I start fresh?

Also any input into how to trigger receiver scene settings from the tiles? Tried every source name related to scene (Scene-1, Scene_1, Scene01, Scene1, etc) but none of them trigger preprogrammed scenes?

Also now seeing that the refresh state doesn’t always happen. Unit is either on or off and it does not show in real time in the app, have to refresh device in order to update, anyway that i can fix this?



(William Murray) #241

Guys what am I doing wrong here, I have installed the app and DH. I have configured the Yamaha Smart app are per attached and those 4 devices show up on my item pages, but nothing works not even turning off and on.

Any ideas, cheers in advance.


(William Murray) #242

@Nezmo any ideas what im doing wrong here?



Sorry, I’m not really sure.

One odd thing is you only have main selected on the SmartApp yet you have Things for all zones. That shouldn’t happen. Does your receiver have all those zones?

I would suggest deleting the devices/things then delete the SmartApp and start over.