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[RELEASE] Yamaha Network Receiver Basic Integration


(Alberto Ortíz) #182

Yes, I can lower volume and Power On/Off, its just that i cannot manage to change from my HDMI inputs. What do you mean with configuring the input sources? Should I just enter HDMI1, 2, 3, etc. and that’s it?

By the way, thanks for your fast response.


Yup… open the device thing in the ST app -> click on the gear to open the device settings -> type in HDMI1, etc for Source1, Source2, etc. BUT… the values you enter are limited to the following:

(Alberto Ortíz) #184

Ok. I’ll give it a go. Thanks for your help and patience. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

(Alberto Ortíz) #186



Thanks for this handler. I have a R-N602. I managed to edit some sources (like “tuner” or “optical1”), but I’m unable to define/switch to the Net Radio. I tried “net” and “net radio”, but it’s not recognized. Any ideas?

(By the way: why don’t you replace the AV1/AV2/etc. labels with the - more intuitive - name of the sources? Or at least allow to edit those from the app itself?)


(Ahmed ElSerafy) #188

Was anyone able to get this working on a pioneer avr?

(Phil Pugh) #189

Just got this working for me, I am able to see what source is selected and control the volume in smarthings. Is there any way the the volume control section could be integrated into actiontiles and shown as a tile?

(cjcharles) #190

The volume control section does show up in AT for me… The source selection section on the other hand would be super useful and I havent worked out a nice way of doing it yet (other than having 5 or 6 separate buttons which will change the source to a single thing each), especially as I would then need to have something for controlling each source (e.g. radio channel selection)


I don’t know if this is relevant here, but I have an older Yamaha receiver and a newer one. The old one rx-A2020 can be controlled with upnp onl.

The newer one (R-N602) doesn’t need upnp to control many of it’s functions.

It can be controlled merely by https calls.



you can grap the current volume from the status page.

I hope someone can use it.

(Justin) #192

I have a Yamaha RX-V679BL and I cannot get the device to appear in ST.

I installed created the app and DTH in the IDE.

When trying to install the App, I named the device, set the hub, a zone and entered the IP address of the receiver. I then received a message saying your app is installed but then received a message saying “an unexpected error has occurred” which causes the device not to be added.

This is provided by the log:

8:52:21 AM: error Device type 'MusicCast Zone' in namespace 'redloro-smartthings' not found.

Any thoughts?


Where did the MultiCase Zone come from?? Did you edit the SmartApp or Device Handler?


Oh - and all you should be doing is:

  1. Add the SmartApp and Device Handler to your IDE
  2. Run the SmartApp
  3. Devices will be created for you automatically corresponding to the zones selected in the SmartApp config

(Justin) #195

Got it!

Simply re-pasted your code for the DTH.

I have no idea how that happened.

Great app… .works like a charm and thank you.


New to this… I have a RX-V575. Using

1 smartapp…yamaha-receiver.groovy
2 DH…yamaha-zone.groovy

All functions seem to work including power off except for power on… any thoughts?

Also its seems with this app now in smartthings… my normal iOS Yamaha app can not longer find receiver on network.

(Kurt Jones) #197

I can’t get this to work with my receiver.


That’s weird… I’ve got both working with my receivers. For power on, make sure that the receiver setting to enable network power on when off is set… otherwise that won’t work. Also recommended to assign a static IP to the receiver so that the IP address doesn’t change and screw up the SmartApp.

(cjcharles) #199

@redloro What do you use to do your automatic polling? (poll or refresh s never called automatically)

This is still working great for me and I love it, but I do struggle with getting it to update in the background and hence the status is set to whatever it was last used as through ST rather than by remote/Yamaha App. I could add a schedule/runin to the refresh command to automate, but thought I would ask here first.

(James) #200

Try Pollster.


Yep… not doing automatic polling in the app… You could add it or just follow @barrios35 suggestion.

(cjcharles) #202

Cool ok, thanks @redloro and @barrios35 . I wasnt sure if something wasnt working or if it wasnt automatic to reduce load on the ST servers (or one of a million other reasons).
For anybody else interested, I added:
to the refresh function (just after the last line in refresh() (EDIT - see here))