[RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

I’ve had no issues but a4refill pad had a different experience I think.

I used Banggood.com and they took a while but arrived safely.

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Ordered one motion sensor and 2 Window/door sensor from Gearbest back in Jan 30, 2017.
Paid extra $ for tracking the shipment. Tracking history shows my package shipped to UK instead of shipping to Canada.
However, I received my motion sensor on Feb 14, 2017 but not the windows/door sensor.
Contact their support and they said my windows / door sensors are still in China and will ship out in next few days
Like a4refillpad mentioned, if you want to order from Gearbest and the order is a large order, might as well pay extra $2 to $3 for tracking + insurance, and pay with Paypal.

I paid through PayPal and got priority delivery as it was quite cheap as well as insurance.
These are the ones i got please tell me they are the right ones

I hope so as I have 3 of these on order. :grin:

I’m sure this has been asked before, but has anybody had these for a period of time and what the battery life is like.
The batteries are so small I’m just wondering how often they are going to need replacing.

Yes, that’s the one i bought and they have it on sale now.
I didn’t use priority delivery because they will use DHL for delivery, and from my experience, DHL is well know charging you extra for custom fee and custom clearance/brokerage fee.

Oh i wish i knew that! you live and learn just like everything with smartthings

Yep. Since priority mail is used I never needed extra insurance. It’s always delivered by a courier so I believe it’s safer. And of course, PayPal is the cherry on top of the cake. Those extra insurances, for me, are just extra money for them.
I now have 8 door sensors, 5 motion sensors, 2 temperature sensors and 8 buttons…
All good

Oh, and never use dhl, those pimps… Priority mail, at least to Portugal, is sent to Spain and then delivered here by any courier. Afik priority email is to avoid customs, so if dhl takes it to customs something is not working. Better inform gearbest

My lost items were misdelivered (or stolen) by courier. The courier insisted they were delivered when they weren’t. I was happy to provide cctv to prove otherwise but no one basically cared. Gearbest could not do anything. So I think the extra $2 insurance is well worth it.
Was told by Gearbest that had I touched this option I would have received an immediate full refund.

that’s very interesting… and did you pay by paypal? if so, did they do anything?

I have 2 Xiaomi motion sensors, and 1 button. They’ve stopped working in the 1-2 weeks, after previously working well. I decided to update to a4refillpad’s handlers, and I am getting errors appearing in my logs:

error java.lang.NullPointerException @ line 82
debug Parsing 'on/off: 1’
error java.lang.NullPointerException @ line 82
debug Parsing ‘on/off: 0’

Line 82 is:
def now = new Date().format(“yyyy MMM dd EEE h:mm:ss a”, location.timeZone)

I got a similar error with the motion sensor handler. The code on the line reported was the same as above.

Can you help, @a4refillpad?


It’s the “location.timeZone” that it doesn’t like. Fixed temporarily by changing code to:

def now = new Date().format(“yyyy MMM dd EEE h:mm:ss a”, TimeZone.getTimeZone(‘GMT’))

Interesting… no one else has reported this so far. I added that in so that it defaults to the person’s localised timezone rather than hardcode it.
Is anyone else having this issue!? I’m also UK based and it definitely works for me.

Think you might have a problem that you need to fix as you might encounter other issues along the way. I have a sneaking suspicion that you have a null location timezone like that described here:

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That looks like it. ‘Time Zone’ is blank when I check the location properties in the IDE. I can’t edit it… so will raise a ticket to get this fixed.
Thank you.

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I did a quick check and found similar error in log for Xiaomi button :

1c04cc2b-036d-48da-97b0-b8f20376c9ae 09:38:51: error Device Living Button 01 (momentary) does not report null properly. This is probably due to numerical value returned as text.
1c04cc2b-036d-48da-97b0-b8f20376c9ae 09:38:51: error Device Living Button 01 (momentary) does not report null properly. This is probably due to numerical value returned as text.

But things are still working for me, even time based (sunset/sunrise) policies. I guess this error is unrelated.

EDIT: I’m not in the US or the UK I guess which is why my zip seems to be all zeros:

Time Zone Asia/Kolkata
Sunrise 5:35 AM
Sunset 5:05 PM
Temperature Scale C
Postal Code 00000

Thanks for this thread. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered 4 contact, 3 motion and 2 plant sensors for around $80 including shipping.

As stated, the initial install involves repeatedly putting the sensors in pairing mode while being in close proximity to your hub. Also, having well-placed Zigbee repeaters seems to help keep the devices on the network once pairing is stabilized. If these devices are placed at edge of network, they seem to be more apt to falling off.

The motion sensors have an extremely long motion state. It seems to be around 3 minutes or so.

The test batch worked so well, that I decided to order another 10 motion sensors for $9 each and a couple buttons to test as well.

I have not been able to get the plant sensors working yet due to issues with the app install on all of my iOS and Android devices, in addition to the translation issues on various versions of the app.

Prices seem to vary by $3-5 per device on a daily basis on Gearbest’s site. There also seem to be various ways that you can play around with package deals to get lower individual item prices.

Side question: Has anyone been able to do anything interesting with their gateway? It seems to also function as a customizable RGBW light and speaker, if I’m not mistaken. I would buy a dozen or so of those just for cool nightlights and path lights if they can be automated as endpoints. Not to mention the potential for the speaker.

This has been asked a number of times before on the other thread but the hub is another zigbee controller so cannot integrate. The hub does have an api but is not Http which is all that smartthings can support via ethernet. So no, not possible.

You can configure the length of the motion state in the gear menu. I’ve set mine to 30 seconds

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