[RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

Thanks @orangebucket

In fact, it has resolved itself and all looking good now! Appreciate the support and offer of code though :slight_smile:

Good. The Android app used to favour ‘Getting status’ but now seems to say ‘Checking status’ in the same context. There are reported instances of this being a language thing, but I have encountered it repeatedly as an attribute value issue. The app is trying to get the status of the device and is still waiting for it. More recently maintained handlers set all their attribute values and units at install time, or immediately request a report from the device, so the app can find them. Older handlers aren’t so rigorous because neither was the Classic app.

Hello, changed my aqara motion detector for your device handler and now it has a field for temperature, can it be removed? The device does not measure temperature, and the same for the aqara temperature.

I got the same issue as you, can you please advise how do I modify missing device on ST IDE please

@Ricmmp Ricardo - I’m seeing it too in the “New” app with the Xiaomi motion sensor. People have tried and had very little luck in modifying the Groovy DTH to alter appearance or capabilities in the New app. You’ll notice that the DTH you’re using doesn’t (or shouldn’t) have temperature anywhere.

[Edit - I change a motion sensor from the current bspranger one to orangebucket’s and it’s not showing temperature!]

Sorry, just seen this. A temperature field in a motion sensor shouldn’t have been my doing. However I don’t use a ‘vid’ in the DTH so default presentation behaviour applies. So if, perhaps, you deliberately or accidentally switched the DTH to a temperature sensor temporarily, your device might have picked up a temperature attribute. That can cause the new app to display a temperature field.

Changing the DTH in the IDE can be useful but it can also have consequences.

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I remember finding information/instructions on changing the default/main value displayed on device tiles, but I can’t seem to find it again… I think it had something to do with the vid…

I’m looking to change the Temp/Humidity sensors display value to Humidity instead of Temp, I’d done this in the old Bspanger DTH… haven’t figured out how to do it yet with the new DTHs… additionally is there a way to make this an option in the settings? (asking because some here might be able to do it faster… as I tinker and get up to speed with the new device handlers, if I update it before anyone I’ll post here)

Use case: I have one in my humidor.

Have you been able to get this to work with the New Smart Things app? All I get is this.

The sensor is working as I open and closed the door 4 times as you can see below:

Has anyone had issues with adding Xiaomi Mijia Switches/Buttons (WXKG01LM) recently? I added one of these years ago and it has been and is still solid the whole time. I bought one a couple months ago, and it is not able to stay connected. I can add/pair to the hub (v2 in my case), it will work for maybe an hour, and then stop working. In the app it still shows as available/connected, but pressing the button doesn’t register any activity in the device. Got a replacement and the same thing happens. Perhaps newly produced Xiaomi buttons have a change in polling behavior? Any ideas?

I haven’t tried recently but like yourself, I set up a few 3 years ago and they’ve been running solid ever since then.