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[RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

I have recently added a number of Z wave devices to my smartthings. I see they respond much slower than their zigbee counter parts. At the same time, I started experiencing a significant lag with my xiaomi sensors which previously used to turn on lights instantly. Is this an expected behaviour?

Same here.
I only have Xiaomi and Zwave devices. The xiaomi devices are much faster than the Zwave devices.
But i don’t see any lag so far.

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Strange. For me it feels like the whole smartthings experience has slowed down after introducing the z-wave devices… I notice them with the xiaomi motion sensors especially.

Have you moved the Zwave devices around after joining?
Then you might need to do a zwave repair to rebuild their tables

How did you do this again? the 0% battery is annoying lol

I made a copy of the devicehandler, called it something like "Aqara Sensor"
then i made the following change in the parseCatchAllMessage method:
//resultMap = getBatteryResult(
resultMap = getBatteryResult(

So now it uses item 30 instead of 23

Then change the device handler for your Aqara sensor to this new one.

Again: this could be 100 forever. You might even hardcode it to 100% lol.

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That would do until we find another fix, thanks alot!

New findings regarding Xiaomi devices:

  1. Xiaomi device seemed try to update its Zigbee ID when some unknown condition met, wish I could know better, I believe this caused widely observed drop out.

  2. Briefly clicking the pair/reset button after you paired the device seemed also trigger catchall message and the ID inside the message also is valid so you can update your existing device with this ID.(it stays the same until you long press, A.K.A reset/unpair device).

  3. Now it make me wonder if we can somehow update the device entity automatically when a device had dropped, then we kind of insecurely re-add the device back to hub.

  4. But what if multiple device dropped at same time? wonder how Xiaomi’s own hub handle these…


Yes I did move the zwave devices. I will try and do the repair. Not sure why that would cause any issues with the remaining sensors responding slow.

Just wondering if someone can help me with this problem …
I set up xiaomi motion detectors in several room to turn on lights , and stay on for 2 minutes after motion is detected. Problem is that sometimes the light goes off , I guess because it didn’t detect motion anymore in the room, but even if you start moving it will not turn back on. If you return back after some time it works like nothing happened.
It looks like the motion sensors will lower the sensitivity once motion in the room is detected
Any idea what is causing this?


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It won’t help with the zigbee devices, but could speed up the zwaves.
But the Zwaves will still be slower than the zigbees.

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What you using for the setup ?

A device cannot update it’s zigbee id, that is static. The network id can and does change in smartthings. However I’ve seen no evidence it does for xiaomi devices in smartthings. For other devices, I’ve seen the netid change frequently and often with changing parents. The xiaomi devices are a lot more static when it comes to parent devices and it could be related to it not being fully compatible with smartthings.


Some CoRE some SmartThings App

Maybe conflicting somewhere people would need to see the full setup…
Your ifs and whens in CoRE lol
But you would probably be best creating your own post as it seems it’s not a sensor or DH issue

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Thank you!
What means DH ? :innocent:

Sorry device handler :slight_smile:

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Thanks, should have think of that :slight_smile:

I just tested the motion sensor using the ST android app and when the sensor refuses to work and the status doesn’t change, it shows no motion. Others work fine at the same time. Looks like it doesn’t refresh. I can simulate the problem turning the switch off it controls manually, then if I walk in it will not work.

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The sensor remains blind for 1 minute after a motion. Nothing that can be done about it. Most motion sensors have a blind time, it’s longer than most but I suppose that’s designed to save power.