[RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

That’s interesting then as a lot of info suggests the hubs location may be the problem but yours is similar to mine and you’ve no problems.

Do you also only have Xiaomi devices like me?
(And maybe some xwave devices)

Yeah I quite new to this but have about
10 xiaomi door sensors
2 xiaomi buttons
2 ikea Tradfri lights (not sure if zigbee or z wave)
5 Sonoff WiFi and Sonoff TH switches
Oh and the devices that came with my SmartThings starter kit.
And I’ve just received my first xiaomi body sensor but it refuses to stay paired I get about 5 hours max until it drops off :frowning:

Do you ever remove the power from the Ikea lights? Ikea lights act as zigbee repeaters and if you turn off the mains to the lights, the xiaomi sensor might stop working

Thanks didn’t realise the are repeaters :slight_smile but no they are powered at all times I’ve not even moved the sensor yet it’s sat next to the hub.
That’s got me thinking though I had a issue with one of my xiaomi door sensors not staying paired near the hub but when I tried pairing it outside on my shed door it stayed paired so might try that with the sensor lol

Do you use the v1 or v2 hub?

It’s a version 2 hub

I have joined my Aqara sensor since 4 days now, still going strong (at 0%) no dropoffs.

Since it shows 0% (and a warning in the app) i changed the devicehandler to use item 30 from cluster.data (which is 100).
This is just a wild guess, but since the device is new, the battery might be 100%. But i have no idea.

WiFi can drown out Zigbee.

If “right next to the SmartThings hub” also means “very close to the WiFi router,” then that can sometimes be the area of the greatest Wi-Fi interference.

Siting your devices always involves a lot of local factors. Signal can bounce off of metal or mirrors back towards itself, creating interference patterns. The position of the nearest repeater may make a big difference. The traffic on both networks matters. So The fact that one person’s system works just fine when it’s sitting a foot away from their Wi-Fi router doesn’t mean that yours will.

Best practices say to position the SmartThings hub at least 3 m away from the Wi-Fi router and any Wi-Fi access point. And of course to position the hub centrally in the home, both vertically and horizontally.

If yours is working fine in a different position, that’s great, you don’t have to worry about it. But if you’re having problems with dropped messages, it’s usually worth Trying moving the hub to see if it helps.

BTW, even the furniture matters. I’ve told this story before, but one time we went into an office building where there were complaints that a system wasn’t working on a particular floor. Got there, and found that the access point had been put in a conference room inside a red lacquer Chinese cabinet.

As it happens, red lacquer has a high percentage of iron in it, which can definitely scatter signal. We put the equipment on top of the cabinet, and all the network problems went away.

“All home automation is local.” :wink:


Thanks for that I am planning on moving the hub as it is right near my WiFi,tv,Bluetooth soundbar etc and it’s also sat behind the tv in the corner if the room :frowning:
Luckily I have no big red cabinet :slight_smile:
I’ve got a ST plug upstairs so that should cover upstairs.
Do the ST plugs repeat the zigbee network as well as z wave

SmartThings brand plugs are zigbee. Zigbee devices only repeat for zigbee, Z wave devices only repeat for Z wave. For more details, see the FAQ:

That said, the Xiaomi devices are not ZHA certified and are idiosyncratic as far as what repeaters they work well with. Others can say more about that.


has the battery cluster.data change worked for you ? It’s annoying me to keep getting the SmartThings warning for zero battery.

Unless it’s a Zigbee Iris Smart Plug with Z-wave repeater :smirk:

It’s still zigbee only repeating for zigbee and Z wave only repeating for Z wave. It’s just that that plug has two radios inside it, one of each. It will show up in your things list as two different devices. :sunglasses:


Just got 6 of those sensors, tried 2 so far and both of them is reporting 0% battery…

Hi thanks for the suggestions yesterday I thought I would try pairing it again upstairs away from the WiFi but near the repeater in my bedroom, before I try moving my hub.
And it’s finally stayed paired :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Woke up this morning and it’s been reporting all night and the battery % has just started to be reported so it looks to have worked.

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Yes, it changed to 100%, but this could easily be the wrong value and stays 100% forever…

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I have recently added a number of Z wave devices to my smartthings. I see they respond much slower than their zigbee counter parts. At the same time, I started experiencing a significant lag with my xiaomi sensors which previously used to turn on lights instantly. Is this an expected behaviour?

Same here.
I only have Xiaomi and Zwave devices. The xiaomi devices are much faster than the Zwave devices.
But i don’t see any lag so far.

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Strange. For me it feels like the whole smartthings experience has slowed down after introducing the z-wave devices… I notice them with the xiaomi motion sensors especially.