[RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

hmm thanks i will give it a try so basically your just pairing it

great. it worked. i had to press the reset button like 10 times to pair it. going to leave it close to the hub for a bit to make sure connection is still active and then will move them to the respective location

Was worried a bit myself. I have about 12 of these sensors, working flawlessly for about 3 months now. Still going strong.

Make sure they report battery. This might take a while (about an hour). Then they’re properly paired.

ok good call; i dont see anything reported as of yet so i will keep an eye on it. thanks. What other xiaomi sensors would work well ? Might pick up more of these sensors and other ones too.

I don’t have any other sensors (yet) but i have good experience with the power plugs.
I have to warn that some others have noticed some strange repeating behavior (not repeating when off). But i have not. They have been relaying 100% of all other (xiaomi) sensors so far.
But be aware that it might not work as expected.

Here is the topic:

so where does the battery level show up? is it suppose to be in the 'Right Now" status area

NVM; it showed up on the door/window sensors but not on the motion one.

Motion is finally showing battery level now.

I noticed the battery level took a day or so to report properly. At first the two temp sensors I have reported 5% battery but today I noticed they are reporting 95% now.

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Does anybody get right temperature reporting from Outlet? Logs of mine do not have any trace of temperature. It was stack on 14 all the time.

Looking at my Xiaomi Smart Outlet, I don’t know there even is a temp reading.

Although I do get a “–” beside refresh button.

I just got my first sensors, a door sensor and a “human” sensor. I am attempting to pair these using the catchall method, but wheI press the reset button on the devices, a catchall line does not show up in my Hub Events.

For the Door sensor, I am getting:

2017-04-15 10:20:42.528 PM CDT
moments ago	HUB		ssdpTerm	urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:b...		devicetype:04, mac:00178819E944, networkAddress:C0A80039, deviceAddress:0050, stringCount:04, ssdpPath:/description.xml, ssdpU...
2017-04-15 10:20:42.461 PM CDT
moments ago	HUB		ssdpTerm	uuid:2f402f80-da50-11e1-9b23-...		devicetype:04, mac:00178819E944, networkAddress:C0A80039, deviceAddress:0050, stringCount:04, ssdpPath:/description.xml, ssdpU...
2017-04-15 10:20:42.402 PM CDT
moments ago	HUB		ssdpTerm	upnp:rootdevice		devicetype:04, mac:00178819E944, networkAd

And for the Human sensor, I am getting:

    2017-04-15 10:21:18.292 PM CDT
moments ago	HUB		read attr - raw: 986A0104060800001801, dni: 986A, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0406, size: 08, attrId: 000	read attr - raw: 986A01040608...		read attr - raw: 986A0104060800001801, dni: 98

Any ideas?

Thank you a4refillpad and pbrain! I gambled spending $100+ on Xiaomi motion and door/window sensors during their last sale without fully knowing they would work. The motion sensor paired very easily using the catch all method. It is tiny, works great, and was an amazing value. We will see what the long-term results are, but right now I will only use them as non-alarm devices (next project is to have exhaust fan turn on when motion detected in shower and run it for xx minutes after motion stops).

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Try adding the DH in the IDE, putting the app in search for new devices, press the reset button on the device for 5 seconds, then press it once every 1-2 seconds until it shows up in the app. They show up for me after about 8-12 presses on average. Paired dozens of them this way with no failures and none have ever dropped off for me. Even the ones far away in my garage and farthest rooms away on the second floor.

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Still recieve erratic battery readings, the percentage jumps all around on 2 different temp sensors. Temps/humidity seems to be fine. Anyone else notice this issue?

I have the same here… one was dropping until 1% then jumped to 92%. Bit as you said the temp and humidity reading seems to work fine!


Hmm, the Xiaomi motion sensor I successfully paired 24 hours ago has now become unresponsive. I had to delete it from ST and re-pair (again, using the catchall method).

I paired 2 buttons and 2 motion sensors this weekend using the catch-all method and the DTH here. Pairing was a snap this way and the motion sensors are working very well. A little too well in fact, I have to figure out how to place them so they don’t pick up our cats wandering the house all night. I guess that was to be expected since they advertise that "You might be informed when your loved pet slips out."
The buttons are another story. They paired easily and are reporting battery status but they don’t always respond when clicked. I have one on a table in the same room as the ST hub with a SmartLighting rule to toggle a Lightify bulb in a table lamp on/off. The other is in the kitchen with a similar rule to toggle a set of under cabinet lights on/off. Sometimes it takes a few clicks before the hub responds and for the ignored clicks, nothing appears in the log so I think it’s a communications issue rather than something with the DTH. I’ll have to try re-positioning the buttons for a clearer view of the hub but it’s still better than having to ask Google to control these lights all the time!

Is there a way to make this work if the catch-all and the repeated pairing methods aren’t working?

Consider spending few bucks extra for the outlet plug that also acts as repeater.

I was wondering why the hell it would never work after the first press. Looking at my event log I realized it was counting the first press as a held so I came here looking for some info. That sucks it’s up to Smartthings to fix because that means it probably never will be fixed…

Luckily I didn’t have any plans to do different things for push and held so I just set the held action to do the same thing as a push and it’s working fine now.