[RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

OK I will try the tap and hold, then the tap again until discovery. I hope it works. I ordered from GearBest, it said USA warehouse, but received a shipping number for a strange shipping company. My email says Priority Mail USPS. So I have no idea how long it will be before I get it. I do know i paid a few bucks more for it to come from the USA.

My second GearBest order said it was coming from China but it ended up coming from their USA warehouse and showed up rather quickly (compared to my first order from China) via USPS. I live in Southern California and I want to say that it took about a week or a bit less.

I am looking forward to the challenge, I hope Humidity and Temp is fairly accurate, as I need it near my Bonsai tree.

I’ve had good luck w/ both the round and square one - once paired. In each case I ran them next to a digital humidity/ temp sensor (from Home Depot) and/or an old manual one I had from when I used to grow orchids as a hobby (I don’t anymore) for a while and found they were very close both for temp and humidity. You might want to do the same for a little while just to put yourself at ease given it’s a sensitive location (your bonsai).

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My order is now in limbo. I paid extra for USA warehouse, and then without telling me they shipped it from China. So who knows how long until it arrives. They also charged me additional for USA warehouse, and didn’t even reimburse me for the difference. I told them to keep their sensor, and put it a claim with PayPal, as they downright lied. I will find it local on Ebay.

For those interested in the Xiaomi Honeywell Fire Alarm, there is a beta DH here

They should reimburse you - I’ve found it’s about 2 weeks from China - which is ok although we’re used to 2-day from Amazon Prime - good luck!

They won’t and I already ordered another for less money, right near home. I should have looked better.

I received my two battery powered single button switches(WXKG03LM). I was able to get them working with bspranger DH. I couldn’t get the OP’s DH to work for these. I’m using them to toggle lights in rooms where the switch is on the other side of the room. It is working great, with one small annoyance. If I had switched the state of the lights some other way, it takes two clicks for the button to toggle the lights. For example, button is toggling the lights how I want; I turn the lights on through google home; The button then takes two clicks to turn the lights off. Anyone know how to fix that? I’m using the smart lighting smartapp.

One way to prevent this would be to always use the switch to control the lights. Ie: Google home commands the switch instead of the light directly, etc. A more complex solution might be to create a WebCore piston that updates the switch state if the light state changes.

So magically, all but one of my Xiaomi devices (4 door sensors, 2 aquara temp sensors, 1 out of 2 motion sensors) have gone offline. I’m wondering what happened. Has anyone run into this before?

Not all at once - quick question - did you uninstall or turn off anything like a Smartthings plug?

I had removed all my Google Home devices then added them back in, in order for the cast-web SmartApp to recognize a new device in that collection. I don’t know if that would have anything to do with it.

Update: it looks like they came back when I was checking one of the door sensors. There may be some intermittent connectivity issues in general with these devices.

I just ordered the original round one. Should have it soon.

I had the same use case. Using CoRE, I created TWO rules that take the state of the light into account. One rule turns it on if it’s off, and the other one turns it off if it’s already on.

Now how would you go about that?

Try this SmartApp: [BETA] Advanced Button Controller (ABC)

I had the same issue and this SmartApp checks the state of the light (on or off) to toggle.

I have run into a problem from Github. If you look at the screenshot you will see the DTH for the button controller is in GREEN. When I click on the update and select it and publish, you will see at the top I get errors. I installed from the code, as trying to install from the repository also gave errors. Let me know what I have to do to get Github working.

@ArstenA Hi! I really like your DH:s, but in the Xiaomi Aqara Door/Window Sensor DH the manual open/close override doesn’t work for me. If I switch to a4refillpads DH that function works instantly.

I see that some of you are having a success with these sensors whether they are Temp/Hum, buttons, open/close…this is my opinion and my opinion only, these are crap. If you are thinking about purchasing these you are just rolling the dice. You have a 50/50 chance of getting these to work for a period of time. I have purchased new and old versions of a number of these sensors and you will get them to work more than likely but eventually you will be repairing them. I had round ones work for weeks and then finally drop off. I have had squares working for weeks and then eventually fall off. I have used different DTH and even made my own. Yep they pair for a few weeks and then just fall off. I think a kot of you have gone through this and continue to try to get them to work but again they drop off. I have no other device that does this whether they are zwave or Zigbee. For some reason these are really dependent on your environment unlike any other device, Dont’t know why but they just are. Again if you are considering them…Roll the dice! Maybe you will get them to work but more than likely than not…you will be hitting that button on the device to pair again.