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[RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

hi @chippie , are the outdoor coolcam ones you use the NAS-DS01Z??

Anyone? No voice support?

Are you looking for this?

Thanks for the DH.

Did you get this connected to Alexa via the ST hub? I dont see it as a device when i do the discovery.

With the native Alexa integration you can only see Switches, Thermostats, Heaters, Locks and Routines and Scenes.

You can see this in the Alexa smartapp in ST after you add the skill. Here is a screenshot of mine from my testing

If you want Alexa to be able to give you temperature reports on sensors other than thermostats, you will need to install the Ask Alexa SmartApp.

NB: Although very well-documented, Ask Alexa installation and maintenance is NOT trivial.

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Update…Just had two drop off after 4 days…crap!

After a 3 month wait, my $6 order of the Xiaomi Temp Sensor from GearBest arrived. Thanks @arstena for the DTH link on this thread. I’ve got it up an running with no major issues. But noticed it is already down to 5% battery, and I’m not sure if the temperature offset is working. Is it safe to assume that the battery was weak when I got it from the trip over or are there known issues with a quick battery drain? (I never saw a higher battery reading.) And is it possible the offset will need a significant change in the actual temperature to ‘kick in’?

battery does not work properly. Put in a fresh battery and I show 1% left. Also so did you use the catch all method?

Are you using the latest DHs? They have been fixed in the last 10? Days.

The latest should of be identified by bspranger/Xiaomi…

I probably should have read more about ‘how’ to add the sensor…but I had no patience left after waiting 3 months. :slight_smile: So I pressed the button on the sensor, then ‘searched’ for new devices on the ST app. (Is this ‘catch all?’) Once it was found, I changed the Device Type to the custom DTH. I originally used the a4refillpad DTH a few hours ago, but just switched it to the latest bspranger DTH within the last hour.

I just checked, and it looks like the new offset kicked in all right… I apparently didn’t need it with the latest DTH. But it says my battery is now at 1% instead of 5%.

If it is using the correct DH you should be able to see what the voltage is in the events in the app or watch it in the logs.

Just checked again, and it’s showing 98% now :slight_smile: . I guess it just needed a few transactions to sort itself out.

Has anybody had any luck pairing the temperature/humidity sensors lately (link - I ordered three and I’m starting to think all three are defective.

I followed the instructions, added them, but every time I check the temperature, it reads 0 degrees.

What I found strange is when I check the hub log when adding the sensors, I’m seeing temperature/humidity readouts that seem reasonable.

I don’t have any temp sensors, but based on that link, you have the non-Aqara temp sensor. Did you make sure to use the non-Aqara device handler?

As an aside, I don’t think the non-Aqara versions are going to be useful long term. They are using the old proprietary protocol, while the Aqara seems to be more compatible, even though the cluster attribute format seems to be non-standard.

Yep. I still have to use the catch all

Well I know I have the right DTH but have the older version of the Temp/Hum sensor and I get no voltage with the older driver. I ordered some of the newer units and guess will just have to wait for them to get in

Where can I check if I’m using the non-aqara device handler? I used the code provided in the first post for the temperature and humidity sensors.

I think the issue I’m having is after adding the device thru the hub log, something goes wrong in the temperature readout. While in the hub log, I can see device/hub are communicating the correct temperature and humidity.

Edit - so is the Aqara the new version? Is there a reason people are avoiding buying the xiaomi gateway, the price for the gateway and the smart things hub is the same.

The original DH is for the non-Aqara, I think.

Brian’s repository has more up to date DH’s:

I’m not sure if the non-Aqara code has changed at all. Try both and see what happens.

I think people aren’t getting the Xiaomi gateway is because it’s not using standard protocols? Don’t really know anything about that gateway.

Last night, at about the same time, 6 out of 7 temp/hum sensors dropped off the network after about a week. The DTH was mixed between both versions. I guess these are trash and I will wait for the other ones to come in to give those a shot.