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[RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)


(David Hahn) #1489

Thanks for the tip.
I’ve been clicking on the top button for the last 3 minutes every 1 sec but ST doesn’t detect it. :frowning:
I’ve moved the sensor very close to the ST Hub, and still no luck.

I don’t need the Xiaomi Hub to get this connected to ST Hub, am I correct?

(AndrewVish) #1490

Finally got the Xiaomi Door/Window sensor connected to ST. Any one else has a problem with battery draining? When connected was @85% day later 79% ?
Thank you

(AndrewVish) #1491

Mine worked only through Catchall. Make sure in the event you click all to see all events. Also on sensor I hold it for like 4 seconds once starts blinking let it go. Show up right away. Paired 5 sensors under 5 min

(David Hahn) #1492

Hi Andrew,

Could you give me more information on what Catchall is?
Do you require a special equipment other than ST Hub and Xiaomi Sensor?

(AndrewVish) #1493

No just login to your smart hub on
Then go to your hub events. Then open SmartThings app on the phone click + to add device then hold pair button on sensor for like 4 seconds once starts flashing let go and refresh the log. You should see it there

(David Hahn) #1494

Thanks! I manually added using brumster’s tip and it’s now connected!

(Alexander Ng) #1495

Anyone showing a battery % with the latest motion sensor DH? I’ve paired mine 5 days ago.


There’s also a dirt cheap waterleak sensor and a curtain motor by Aqara

Wondering if it is possible to add them as things? :wink:

(Anil Ozyalcin) #1497

How did you pair your door/window sensor? Did you manually add the device with its Device/Network ID?

Mine showed 3% with a brand new battery, and then went to 0% moments after, even though the battery is brand new (over 3V), and the sensor itself keeps working. I tried with a second battery, and it did the same thing (started out at 3%, then 0%…)/

(Jason B) #1498

(James Scholes) #1499

I’ve just recently got my first two Aqara sensors.
One was added via the Catchall and it’s working fine, although reports 1% battery (are they often supplied with EOL batteries or is the reading wrong?)

The other one I’ve tried three times now and haven’t had any updates once added. When I change the DT to the Xiaomi Motion Sensor is reports in with “Motion” but then doesn’t change from that. If I Reset Motion it reports “No Motion” and then doesn’t change. After a few hours it appears as unavailable.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

(iain) #1500


New user here. I have bought a Xiaomi button (with no other Xiaomi kit), as I want to switch some devices on and off. But I can’t figure out how to pair it.

I’ve used the smartthings app to “add a thing”, then done various combinations of pressing and holding with the button. But nothing happens.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

Many thanks

(Juan Carlos Marin) #1501

I don’t believe this device is covered by the device handler of @a4refillpad

(James Scholes) #1502

You want to follow these instructions.

You’re looking in the logs (under My Hub, Event List) for something labelled “Catchall” followed by a string of numbers and letters.
Mine was:
catchall: 0104 0000 01 01 0100 00 B014 00 04 115F 0A 01 01FFF4...
The key bit here is B014, that is the group of 4 characters after the 0100 00
Create a new Device from the My Devices page with that value as the Network ID, and the correct Device Type Handler, and hopefully it’ll work.

I’ve got a 50% success rate at the moment with my motion sensors.

@JcMarin, is it not <-- this?

EDIT: Ah, no, you’re right. That code is for the round button, not the newer wall button. I’m very interested in getting those working too.

(Juan Carlos Marin) #1503

Yeah I ordered 2 from ebay after reading these posts, still waiting for them to arrived (they are cheapest button I have found @ ~ $7)

The one @madCow_uk posted is also interesting looking, not sure it will work with the existing DH though, it also looks like it has 2 rockers/push buttons?

(James Scholes) #1504

Yeah, it’s a twin wall switch. They appear to do three versions: 1 battery powered ‘stick-on’ version, and two which are designed to replace an existing switch:
1 Live and Neutral (switching up to 2.5KW), 1 Live only (only switches 800W) - a UK-compliant Zigbee switch with no Neutral requirement? Surely not!

NB: The translations I’ve seen refer to “Fire and Zero wire”, which is my new favourite phrase. :grin:

Oh, they also do 1Gang ones


Using what DTH? Did you get them working? was your message in reply to someone else?

I’d love to get those in the house and working… let us know… cheers

(Tiago Gonçalves) #1506

I tested the Aqara body sensor DH and I cannot get luminance value. I see the following error:

f2c58735-6705-46f2-ab70-a2b4f1f3e620 12:35:49 AM: error org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object ‘Aqara body sensor Light was 24.0’ with class ‘java.lang.String’ to class ‘java.util.Map’ @ line 110
f2c58735-6705-46f2-ab70-a2b4f1f3e620 12:35:49 AM: debug Aqara body sensor Parsing: illuminance: 24

Anybody has this error too?

(Tiago Gonçalves) #1507

I had the same issue, but it was because I forgot when adding the device i didn’t put the hub.

(Anil Ozyalcin) #1508

Hey all,

I am trying to fix the battery % reporting issue with the Xiaomi Door/Window sensor device handler, and I need your help. Reply to me either on this thread or PM me. For now, I am only targeting to fix the Door/Window sensor. If I can get it, I will move on to other sensors.

I need the following information especially from users who thinks their device is reporting battery % correctly:

  • On the IDE website, go to “My Devices”, and click on your Window/Door Sensor.

  • Scroll down to Events, and hit List Events

  • Scroll down until you find the first battery event, this is the last battery info reported by your sensor. Click on this event’s timestamp on the left side of the table

  • Please report to me the following from the event details page:

  1. “value”. It is the second from the last on that page. This is the decoded value of your battery percentage

  2. “rawDescription”. This is the fifth item from the bottom of the page. This line will start with “cathcall”, and should be a long string of Hex numbers.

Thanks in advance! I hope I can contribute to the community.