[RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)

I wonder if it has moved from the outlet to the hub now?

Seems strange that, like mine, it does not show any checkin then as you have seen it now does. Will see if mine does the same but the bulb is off at the moment as want to see if it connects back up after over an hour of the bulb being unavailable. If it does not then this is a major issue for me as should there be a power cut I would not want to lose all the sensors connected through the bulb (or whatever I eventually use of course) May of course add it to the UPS once I have added all the sensors to it.

Still good progress though. Certainly much better than having no working sensors at all.

Mine is still working like clockwork.
Just checked if it still works if i unplug the outlet. It didn’t. Defo using the outlet.

My experience is, however, that after you unplug the router which it is using, after a few open-close events it finds a new route via another router/hub.

Tried that a few times, it has not re-routed to the hub, well not yet it very well may do after a longer period or perhaps it only looks for a similar route rather then the hub itself and as I only have one hard wired zigbee device it will not bounce to another route…

Just tried a few triggers on it and had the full blown LED light show for a little bit from the sensor and it has attached itself directly to the hub :anguished: This is obviously not the best news as I assume it will now drop off after an hour of inactivity. Will turn the bulb back on shortly but assume it will not revert back to that route now.

So it is great if the bridge is kept alive constantly but should that bridge go down you may have to re-pair all your devices again.

It took my door sensor numerous attempts/triggers to find a new route but perhaps that is as I only have the bulb and the Hub.

EDIT: Turned the bulb back on, seemed to sever the link between the door sensor and the hub however going to ‘Add a Thing’ and a single press of the reset button added the sensor straight back onto the bulb. :smile:

Just unplugged my outlet it was using to route, took about 2 minutes to find a new route.
Was expecting it to find it quicker though.

I have searched this thread and no joy on my issue… Aqara button. i have the non Aqara door/window and motion sensors and got them paired no problem. After adding the DH for the button in the IDE, I paired it, it was found as a “Thing” so I went into the IDE and switched the type to the “Xiaomi Zigbee Button”. When pushing the button, all I see in the “live Log” is" 8dc6a56d-d7b4-49b3-9e77-f6a3f9e78843 12:06:46 PM: debug Parsing ‘on/off: 0’, In the device “Event List” I see two entries with Source “DEVICE”, “lastCheckin”, and “lastPress”. but I see no change to the device in the SmartThings App, and no automation based on the button is triggered. If I push the button in the App, everything behaves as expected and in the device events is listed “COMMAND” “push” I have attached a capture of the log that shows all the device entries and the one app (COMMAND) entry.
Looking for ideas to get this button working…

I have seen this discussed somewhere Tim but no idea where now unfortunately. If you are certain it is not in this thread then take a look in the one below. Cannot help much more as never had the button but am sure it has been discussed, I actually thought it was in this thread…


Thanks @chippie. I am seeing talk about the Aqara switch, but not the button so maybe I’m first… yay.
In looking at the hub Event list when pairing, I see the device lists a model of “lumi.sensor_switch.aq2”. I noticed the model in @a4refillpad DH omits the “.aq2”. Unfortunately just changing that in the DH didn’t work so it looks like I, hopefully with the help of the DH gurus here, will be looking at tweaking my first DH. guess I should spent the extra 45 cents an got the non-aqara button :roll_eyes:

Here is what I was looking at in the hub event list:

zbjoin: {"dni":"C6E5","d":"00158D00012401C6","capabilities":"80","endpoints":[{"simple":"01 0104 5F01 01 03 0000 FFFF 0006 03 0000 0004 FFFF","application":"03","manufacturer":"LUMI","model":"lumi.sensor_switch.aq2"}]}

Hey all,

With the recent developments (Tom’s post and other users) I decided to go ahead with my order.

Which model you think I should choose? Original or Aqara? Both are at the same price for me.

Hello I just purchased a door/window sensor and have been following all of the instructions to pair this thing but I am not seeing any catchall messages in my hub’s event list.

I have held down the reset button until it blinks 3 times, then followed that with a short press. I have also tried the continuous button press method, the slow press, the press and hold for a long time, nothing is working.

Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks!

Aqara appear to comply to the zigbee standard a bit more. at least that is what it looks like to me.

Have you tried this DTH

My newly added sensor stayed paired overnight with hourly checkins.

I unplugged the Xiaomi outlet last evening, so it’s using a different repeater (which might be another Xiaomi outlet)

I added 11 door sensors back on last night which routed through the Osram bulb. they are all now showing hourly checkins also as well as battery life. So as long as they do not connect directly to the hub then things appear to stay pretty solid. Will be putting them back in situ later and hoping that they stay connected to the bulb rather then move to the hub which is obviously not what I want.

I have the ST outlet - is that an option for using as a mesh? or is it only third party stuff like Xiaomi or Osram?

Also, how do you force it to use the outlet? pair with hub, then turn hub off?

It very well may work, see several posts up, it was mentioned that it does not appear to work with the latest ST outlet but may do with the previous version. The only way to force it is to initiate the pairing whilst being as close to the ‘other’ powered zigbee device. I was about 2 foot from the bulb and all sensors paired to it first time rather than the hub. Do not turn the hub off, you will not be able to pair at all. The outlet has to be paired to the hub of course and I would turn the outlet off/on a few ties from the app to make sure there is a good connection before going to “Add a Thing”. A good test after is to turn the ‘bulb/outlet’ off at the mains after pairing. The sensor will no longer respond in the app but do not leave it turned off for too long as you do not want the sensors jumping to the hub.

Give the ST outlet a try and let us know how you get on. You should know just after an hour of it stays connected even though you may NOT see the checkin for several hours against the Sensor (it does appear eventfully though)

Another thing that forces the sensors to use another routers/repeater is to turn off the hub for an hour.
When the sensors check in, or when open/close they’ll try to find another route, which will be the closest one.

At your own risk though. With recent developments it might be the case that sensors will drop off.

Thanks! @Terk I hadn’t come across that one yet. I will give it a go.

I created a new post for the Xiaomi Aqara button to make it easier for people to find and I added the DTH to the repository for those who prefer to add DTH that way.


Do we have a list of things that can be used as a router/repeater so that I can get my aqara sensors up and running? Tia

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Think it is just trial and error tbh Frazer. Any hard wired zigbee device has a good chance of working although some may perform better than others of course.

So far the below have been proven to work and at least for me still going strong even after moving a sensor to it’s proper location. Receiving battery and checkin info in the app for all 11 sensors I have added back on for now. Have an outlet on order which I will hope will take over the work of the bulb so the bulb can be put to better use.

Xiaomi Outlet - (tested by @RInkelk)
OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Classic A60 RGBW - (tested by me)