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[Release] Weather Station Tile 2.0

(G) #549

Yes, but you can’t pick your weather station so the data is not nearly as good

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #550

Better than no data, at least is semi local.

(G) #551

Didn’t say that…

(DanG) #552

Because we cannot choose the station to pull data from we are at the mercy of whatever station is located closest to the center of the zipcode inputted. WU has many reporting stations but many are either low quality stations or improperly installed. The station my data comes from is clearly installed incorrectly. Depending on if the sun is shining the reporting station’s temperature can be off nearly 20 degrees. Many station barometers were never calibrated and are wildly off. Also can’t use it anymore for luminescence. Garbage in, garbage out.

(Jack) #553

For the Zip I put in my personal weather station ID, but it doesn’t seem to work… Should it?


Am I doing this wrong? (I did update the various units)

(DanG) #554

To the best of my knowledge Weather Station Tile 2.0 is dead. Only option is the reduced function of “SmartWeather Station Tile” which uses a different API and doesn’t accept the PWS:xxxxx format.
This probably has nothing to do with SmartThings but more to do with IBM who owns WU. Maybe at some point things will change.


Weather Station Tile 2.0 could be alive!

At least for PWS owners.

Because I have a PWS pushing updates to wunderground I still have access to the API.

@takissd Any pointers to where I might specify the API key in the smartapp?


(Fernando Fuentes) #556

I dont think the app itself accepts the api key. and if it does it has to be written to make api calls for the new api from wu.

(G) #558

Yesterday the built in Smart weather Tile stopped updating as well :frowning:
Am I the only one?

(ilker Aktuna) #559

This tile does not update anymore.
I see the following error on IDE log:

2c321fe7-3a81-4e5c-9100-71d42879964 12:25:00 PM: warn No response from Weather Underground API

2c321fe7-3a81-4e5c-9100-71d42879964 12:25:00 PM: debug WUSTATION: Executing ‘poll’, location: 0Home

(Rob) #560

I did notice that illuminance did not update yesterday. None of my lights turned on because they thought it was still light outside. The other weather appears to be updating today, but there’s no way to know if illuminance is updating until it gets dark later.

(G) #561

Doesn’t update for me at all, last update date/hour stuck on yesterday even if I do manual update

(Marc T) #562

This is working:

Just use no pws or specific zip code.

(Adrian) #563

Stopped updating for me for 3 months… just deleted it. Any other updates or alternative?