[Release] Weather Station Tile 2.0



I guess this explains why my pws data quit updating in ST around the new years. Now to figure out another option…

(JM Binette) #530

Any suggestion for a replacement that works with Canadian Zip codes ?

Weather not updating since New Year …


I removed and the readded about 10 days ago, and switched to using a zip code instead of a specific pws and so far it updates fine.

(Sunil Patel) #532

Hi I wanted to find out how to add the weather to my sharptools? Could you help?

(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #533

I don’t think this driver was updated as required for the shutdown of the Weather Underground APIs. The built-in SmartThings SmartWeather Station was updated though.

Have you used the SmartThings IDE before? You can add the SmartWeather Station from the IDE:

  1. Login to the IDE:
  2. Go to the Devices tab
  3. Click New Device button in top right corner
  4. Choose whatever you want for name and network id. Change the type to SmartWeather Station Tile. Choose your location. Leave everything else alone.
  5. Click Create.

When you’re done, be sure to authorize the newly created device from your SharpTools.io user page and then you be able to add it to your dashboard. :grinning:

(G) #534

Stopped updating for me yesterday :cry:

(www.smartukhome.co.uk) #535

Me too :sob:

(G) #536

That trick not working with Canadian Postal code :frowning:


Currently working in montana. Did you try different towns to see if it working with other areas?

(G) #538

Yes, tried even US postal code near by.

(G) #539

Just now tried Montana code 59001 just out of curiosity, and still would not update

CORRECTION #1 it just updated :joy: so lucky you in Montana :+1:
CORRECTION #2 Now changed back to my Ontario postal code and it updated Thanks!

Scratch all the above 12 hours later not updating again :cry:

(Rui) #540

Mine also stopped working. Does anyone know an alternative to this weather station?

(G) #541

Sadly stopped working again, it updated once and then it stopped updating

(Sam) #542

I switched over to the built in ‘SmartWeather Station Tile’ Device Handler and it has been working correctly.

(Rui) #543

did the same and it working. tks


Sadly mine kicked the bucket too yesterday. Switched over to the regular SmartWeather Station Tile and it is working. . . but the lux data seems to be very different. This time around I am only doing a zip code vs before I was doing someone nearby’s weather station. Is that the difference? Any suggestion for getting higher quality lux data virtually? Doesn’t have to be all that accurate, but would like something to address heavy cloud cover. Right now just seems it is doing it by time of day which isn’t very helpful.


ha ha mine just stopped updating as well.

(G) #546

Yeah, same problem here, also had to remove my postal code all together to get updates. Not sure why.

(G) #547

Sorry to hear that :frowning:

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #548

Several folks above have mentioned that changing your driver to the built in Smart Weather Tile gets it working again… I did it last night and mine is reporting just fine.