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[Release] Weather Station Tile 2.0


(Lee Florack) #507

The Monoprice sensor updates periodically - I think either every so many minutes or whenever a change delta is met. Motion activation is definitely not needed. I have mine in my den and it’s pointed away from the Window. The lights in the den don’t seem to adversely affect the readings but I’m not pointing at any of them.


Haven’t tried it myself but I assumed since the AccuWeather smartapp created a device in the things list it could be added to webcore.

(Rob) #509

Oh, right. It can. Illuminance is not provided, though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(Robert K) #511

How about weather data… in the weather station tile? I’m interested in how to get my AcuRite weather station data again after WU API goes down. Any good alternatives identified? I’m also publishing weather data for Rachio sprinklers from WU that is essential for watering amounts / effectiveness of a smart watering system.

(Jeff) #512

So when WU API goes down here in a couple weeks, does that mean I will no longer be able to connect to my neighbor’s PWS ID with the Weather Station Tile 2.0 (or the native weather station)?

(Barry) #513

I don’t think that the API is being shut down. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that it is the personal access keys that are being invalidated.

But SmartThings has a paid license to use WU, and they (currently) make it possible for their users to access WU via their API key. And SmartThings haven’t said that they aren’t going to use WU anymore - at least not that I have seen.

Since SmartThings uses WU to get local-accurate Sunrise/Sunset data, and probably a few other prices of data, I guess the questions are:

  • is SmartThings abandoning WU altogether?
  • if so, will our Sunrise/Sunset data still be provided?

IMHO, so long as you aren’t calling WU APIs using your own API key, you are probably going to be fine - at least until ST abandons WU.

(Glen King) #514

Dunno what ST is doing with it, but it’s been struggling for awhile.
My pistons are running better with the accuweather data.


Complete newb to Smartthings and looking to create a weather tile. Is there a “how to” anywhere on how to add this to my Smartthings IDE? I’m feeling pretty dumb at the moment, as the first post seems to simply say “log into Smartthings IDE, into Device Handlers, add my repo”. But I can’t figure out how to “add a repo” at all in Device Handlers. What to put into Namespace, Capabilities, Custom, etc. etc.

Hoping there is a Dummies guide somewhere, as I am utterly lost here.

(Nigel Williams) #516

So what is going to happen to this Device Handler when WU stops?
Is anyone looking to update this excellent device?

(Neil Oakley) #517

I hope so, and hopefully I can still look up a specific weather station rather than just a general zip code.

(Barry) #518

For those PWS owners using MeteoBridge (or Ambient Weather’s WeatherBridge) to send their data to the various weather stations, I have created a Weather Station DTH that gets its data directly from the (local) MeteoBridge device via ST hubAction so that all the data interaction is local. It does (optionally) use Weather Underground and/or DarkSky data to augment the local data (mostly for weather forecast info).

If you’re interested, you can find more info about it here:

And MeteoBridge can be found at

(Erik Lundby) #520

This is what is posted on the api:

(Barry) #521

Thanks - I stand corrected.

They did decide to delay the shutdown until Feb 15th.

In the mean time, SmartThings has broken the getSunriseAndSunset call because the new API only supports US Zip codes, and not Canadian Postal codes. There will be other issues, I am sure.

FWIW - I am in the process of updating everything I have created to use the new API (where possible) and Dark Sky (where not).

(Jon) #522

Followed your instruction today. My tile on the dashboard displays “checking status” all the tome with a slide button that does not work. When i click on the tile it display “connected” and the information in a list for Illuminance, Humidity, Temperature and Hub name.
Basically it looks nothing like your screen shots. Any idea what i did wrong?


I can’t see the screenshots, but if he was using the Classic app, and you’re using the new app, that would explain why - and why you see the message “checking status” perhaps?

(Jon) #524

I’m using the newest smartthings app

(Jon) #525


Ok, so it finally connected but all the other info that the Classic app sees just isn’t there yet on the new app. I can only assume it will one day.

(Barry) #527

Yes, most of what we weather nuts see as interesting out of our Weather Stations isn’t yet defined as “capabilities” or “attributes” for the new world of Samsung Connect.

And even if we do manage to extend the attributes of a Weather Station (nto to mention a Thermostat), the UI of Samsung Connect doesn’t appear to be very flexible about how it displays things…but then, we have yet to see “the Rest of the API,” so we don’t really know what we’ll be able to do…

Fortunately we can still use SmartThings Classic for the complex devices (for now, anyway)…

(Jon) #528

opened up Classic and after a fresh install all worked perfectly. Guess i’ll be using Classic for the foreseeable future.