[Release] Weather Station Tile 2.0


(Ben Dixon) #467

Will this device still function now that weather underground has moved to a paid API platform?

What are most doing\using to pull in localized outdoor temperature?

(Max Tay) #468

Can it be modified for use on weather outside of US?

(Yyjjxxmm) #469

Hi: Can you share your code for the precipTodayMM? I am in need such a modification to control the lawn sprinkler system.


(Simon) #470

My forked version is here: https://github.com/sipuncher/MySmartThings/blob/master/devicetypes/takis/smartweather-station-tile-2-0.src/smartweather-station-tile-2-0.groovy.

The weather data already had the precipitation in metric form so I only had to capture it and expose it via attributes.

(Yyjjxxmm) #471

Many thanks, it will save my big water bill this summer.

(Simon) #472

…unless you’re in the UK where it’s not rained for months!


I’m using channel 13’s weather alert … i’m in Vegas too … Very cool! i went to Fox 5 and found the link for Current Radar! Awesome sauce! thanks!!

(Phil Pugh) #474

I have just tried to add this and I see the following when trying to create the smartapp:

No signature of method: script_app_metadata_fbc2e80b_c9cf_4c91_8df0_a1081a0d3832.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script_app_metadata_fbc2e80b_c9cf_4c91_8df0_a1081a0d3832$_run_closure1) values: [script_app_metadata_fbc2e80b_c9cf_4c91_8df0_a1081a0d3832$_run_closure1@29213fac] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)


Did you copy the RAW code from the GitHub?

(Takis) #476

also this is a device handle not a smartapp (just in case)

(SimonS) #477

I had this problem today. I was using Firefox and went into incognito mode and it worked.

(SimonS) #478

Anyone knows what are all possible strings for the “weather” attribute? So far I’ve only seen
“Clear” and “Partly Cloudy”.

Found them in the DTH:
chanceflurries", icon:“st.custom.wu1.chanceflurries”, label: “”
state “chancerain”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.chancerain”, label: “”
state “chancesleet”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.chancesleet”, label: “”
state “chancesnow”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.chancesnow”, label: “”
state “chancetstorms”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.chancetstorms”, label: “”
state “clear”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.clear”, label: “”
state “cloudy”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.cloudy”, label: “”
state “flurries”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.flurries”, label: “”
state “fog”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.fog”, label: “”
state “hazy”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.hazy”, label: “”
state “mostlycloudy”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.mostlycloudy”, label: “”
state “mostlysunny”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.mostlysunny”, label: “”
state “partlycloudy”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.partlycloudy”, label: “”
state “partlysunny”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.partlysunny”, label: “”
state “rain”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.rain”, label: “”
state “sleet”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.sleet”, label: “”
state “snow”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.snow”, label: “”
state “sunny”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.sunny”, label: “”
state “tstorms”, icon:“st.custom.wu1.tstorms”, label: “”
cloudy", icon:“st.custom.wu1.cloudy”,
partly cloudy

(Jeff Jolley) #479

Any chance you could give me some direction as to what parts of the code I would have to modify in order to calculate the lux so I can test this?

(DanG) #480

If the station you are pulling data from is uploading solar data all you need is to populate a variable with the contents of ‘solarradiation’ I never bothered to use Lux because it is a made up number.


Is it possible to define coRe piston that will be triggered according to rain probability ?
The final idea is to close my Window Shutter if Rain Probability is above 50%.

Can this possible with Weather Station and coRe ? In Which Capability is rain probability is located ?

(Tudorel Iancu) #482

Hi guys just wanted to let you know It works in other parts of the world
just modify line 227 like this
def now = new Date().format(‘HH:mm:ss dd.mm.yyyy’) so the script does not try to rezolve zip code
and use pws:[station id] to set location


I had this tile working for months but it stopped updating. I just tried to add it again as a new device but I see no data at all using either zip code or pws:stationid. It just never updates.

What do I need to do to get it to update from weather underground?

(DanG) #484

I have been using this tile since it first came out. I run my own station (PWS) and pull data from it.
What I have noticed over the past month is the data coming from wundergound’s API is sometimes delayed from 10 minutes up to hour. As far as I can tell it is not the tile itself but the data its being given. In the past week the data update is better than it was but still suffers from delays. If wunderground does mothball their API I hope this tile could be made to use data from another provider.


Figured out my issue. I never look at the weatherstation sensor and assumed it was solar powered. It isn’t completely, it has rechargeable batteries that are charged from the little solar panel and mine were exhausted.

After replacing the batteries I still couldn’t get any data from weather underground for 24h or so, which was confusing, but eventually they added the PWS back and I could use it from smartthings again.

(Lorne Cohen) #486

According to the logs, the tile refreshes every hour.

Is it possible to change it to every 30 minutes, or so

I am using it primarily from the Lux sensor so if the timing is off, I could have a long delay in a Webcore piston firing