[Release] Weather Station Tile 2.0

I believe Fire Hd ones work well if your willing to fiddle about as the Amazon ones will be the cheapest but they’re not fully android.

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Always ready! I believe we can install Gapps without much hassle in the Fires… right?

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Yeah I’ve read loads of people saying they’ve done it no problems although I’ve never tried it.


Or you could just scrap that and view your 7 day forecast and radar Doppler and other related weather components in one consolidated place instead of the ugly little tile :slight_smile:

Thinking your kid might like the pictures and the motion from the Doppler.


Huh? How’d you get that? That rocks! Big time! :scream:


:grin: A little ActionTiles to brighten up your day.

By using this, I hardly ever go into the ST Mobile app. Most of my devices are on panels (Main, Nest Cameras, Lighting which I’m still working in, and Music). You can see my whole setup here:

So this is a custom app that runs outside of SmartThings and is browser based, different than the way that the custom Smart Apps run inside of the ST Mobile app.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to get started and nothing for you to install. Once you create your account, you login to the ActionTiles website, authorize the ST devices you want to be able to add, and then you begin building your panels.

I believe you get a free 2 week trial (extended for special circumstances) and then for a permanent license it’s $28.99.which for me and my use case and having tablets on the wall that wake up when I walk by or giving access to friends to play, and not have to use the ST Mobile app, it’s well worth it.

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yikes! Need that! :smiley:

So @tgauchat (Terry) is one of the founders and will be more than happy to get you started and point you in the right direction to get you going. FYI: the official thread for ActionTiles in ST is:

They also have their own support / forum as well:


You can even setup a panel just for your kid that doesn’t access all the other devices and just has all the weather stuff to play with :joy:


I assume this doesn’t work with Canadian postal codes? ive tried and its showing nothing

That’s probably because there’s only one forecast in Canada… Cold!

Sorry couldn’t resist, try setting it to a specific weather station, use “pws:STATION ID” instead of a zipcode

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it actually started working after i reset the app altogether

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If you look on weather underground’s Wundermaps you can find the closest station near you. Click on the temperature image and it will pop up a window. In that window get the Station ID. Instead of putting in a zipcode type;

pws:{Station ID}

Tip: If you look around you may find a station reporting solar near you. If so that is also reported in the tile as ‘Solar Radiation’

@an39511 I have got the closet Station Id. How do i get this added to my action tiles ? Can you let me know the exact URL to be added into the action tiles?

Thanks in advance,

You simply add the Weather Station device on a panel within Action Tiles. You don’t need a url. You can add 3 different things for Weather Station (Temp, Humidity, Illuminance) and display them in 3 separate tiles as shown below. It’s reading from the settings in your ST Weather Station device.

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Thank you. I was able to add it.

Now if you want to show pretty pictures of the weather like shown in some of my panels way up there, that’s a different animal where you would create a Media Tile pointed to a url (Doppler, 7 day forecast, etc). You can goto the ActionTiles form and search for how to set some of that stuff up or search through the AT thread out here and find examples of how to do.

Ok sure. I will check out the actiontiles forum. Appreciate your help.

No matter what I put into the zipcode spot I get:

No response from Weather Underground API

I’ve tried entering nothing, my US zipcode, and my PWS ID. Any ideas?

Their site is having problems today.

Weather Underground’s API is struggling. It’s impacting ST as well.