[Release] Weather Station Tile 2.0

THANK YOU! I was trying to use CoRE to turn on my outside lights if it’s raining based on the Weather Station Tile however when I tried to go through CoRE it wasn’t allowing me to use it. I renamed it in the Device Handler area and it works now.


is there anyway to pull in data from nest thermostats into this also for indoor temps?

You can add that device as a temp sensor in ActionTiles.

@takissd is this smartapp down now ?
I’ve added your github but there’s nothing showing there and the code from your smartapp fails to install :frowning:
Forget all that just realised it’s a device handler not a smartapp.

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I just made the same “mistake” lol!

@takissd Question!

I just installed it… works flawlessly… EXCEPT… It says I’m in a place I’m not… Although I’ll admit it’s nearby… about 3 miles… but with a totally different weather than in my place!..

I’m in Spain… so I guess the zip code usage is non applicable in my case?

Hum… I must be blind… :pensive: can’t see it…

Lol he doesn’t mean there’s a setting called preferred .
It means set them to your preferred choice as in Celsius or Fahrenheit :slight_smile:
Btw I don’t get the same times as you I don’t see my location time at all :frowning:

Precisely! That’s the setting I can’t see… :frowning:

This isn’t working for me, nothing is getting populated, looking at Live Logging it says…

12:00:05: warn No response from Weather Underground API
12:00:05: debug WUSTATION: Executing ‘poll’, location: Home

Is there a fix for this scenario?

Ok, i deleted my Zip Code, and everything populated, seems to of helped. Is it using the coordinates of the ST Hub? If so i guess i can leave it like is.

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Do you mean when you click the cog for the settings you don’t see any or just them?
That’s strange if there’s nothing I installed this about a hour ago and they’re there for me.

Here’s what I see in the settings cog:

Something’s gone wrong with your installation by the look of it.
Mines got about 10 different options to choose from.
Delete your device and create a new one see if they helps.
If not there must be a problem with your device handler.
So I would delete that and start again

I made the same mistake, I had selected SmartWeather Station Tile,. You need to select SmartWeather Station Tile 2.0 as Device Type (should be at bottom of list),

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Doh! My bad! Installed and working perfectly!

Thanks guys!

Now if only I could put a screen (no need for touchscreen) on the wall with just this page… that would rock!

You must be really into your weather by wanting that lol
Maybe get a cheap tablet and install the SmartThings app and go full screen but set zoom level to crop areas.

Not me, my kid! LOL! Everyday she asks google to tell her the weather for the next day! LOL!

I thought about a tablet but thought that it was a little overkill for this task alone…

Yeah it probably is overkill but with black Friday coming you’d probably get one cheaper than you would to get a screen setup as you’d need to hook the screen up to something like a Raspberry pi etc

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Great! Thanks for the tip!!

Off topic: What screen tech should I look for? Any tablet will do?