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[Release] Weather Station Tile 2.0


(Brandon) #365

Just read the last post. You can’t tell ST which station to get data from.

(Alwas) #366

I think @ffuentes won that exchange by a clear margin, and showed a great amount of patience!


Hi @ffuentes,

FYI, Acurite is not a toy. It is used by the community members of the Weather Underground weather reporting. And on top of that it integrates with SmartThings for Realtime localized weather reporting.

If its a Toy…Than it is a Toy for real man who try to help others and not mice who get snippy with others.

(Brandon) #368

There is no “winning.” Just a discussion. He is explaining a use case outside of SmartThings as a reason/example for this SmartApp to allow greater granularity. It really has no business being used as an example and doesn’t apply. He obviously brought it up because he is proud of his project but it doesn’t belong in this conversation. I stand by my original claim that there is no reason for greater than 15 min granularity on an app that is pulling data that doesn’t get updated frequently. This was never actually responded to. The only comment made was that he has a piston that requires 10 mins of granularity but that still doesn’t resolve the fact that he won’t get it.

Everyone is free to make a piston that polls to your hearts content. My point is that you won’t see any real world difference by doing so. I just don’t like misinformation being spread that only ends up confusing others that read this thread.

I wouldn’t read too much into it.

(Fernando Fuentes) #369

@bmmiller I am sorry to go out on this one but you are really are full of your self to say such thing. You just fail to understand what ONE person is trying to do, Be honest with your self… If you dont understand what I am trying to do don’t go and bash me and say I am miss informing BECAUSE I AM NOT! I am trying to do something for MY SELF! SO PLEASE let me be and stop.

Welcome to the internet where we are free to do and learn…

@lmosenko I am hobbyist and I guess I brought a bit of spoil from the weather forums I hang around… My apologies… :blush::blush::blush::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You see Acurite is your mass market, low budge weather system… I have several Davis Systems and and now jumping in to the MK Market… Hence the comment of a “toy” :smiley:

By all means if it works for you and you had experience with it than hey it works :smile:
But by my experience Acurite could not survive not even a hail storm :open_mouth:

I am now dropping this thread and putting it on ignore because clearly its @bmmiller who:


To all good luck and a good day! :smiley:


No worries about the comment. I fell off the wrong side of my bed this morning. Ouch.

(Brandon) #371

You’re missing my point. I’m not saying you don’t have a valid reason. I’m saying the technology doesn’t allow it to happen in this app. That’s all. I don’t need to understand your use case to unequivabiliy know that what you want this app to do won’t help you. You simply want a different app to exist. It’s okay. There’s nothing to be offended about and I’m not telling you that your reason is “bad”. You’re taking it too personal.

(Dave) #372

Are the valid values for these fields posted anywhere:

  • weather
  • weatherIcon
  • alert

Currently, I have to wait for those conditions to change, and then look through the “Recently” logs to find valid values.

(Dave) #373

Is it still the case that LUX is a calculated value, and not actually measured? I am trying to confirm if this has been updated to be measured or not.

If it is not a measured value, is there a source available that provides a measured value based on location (zip code, etc), or is the only way to get a real measure value by installing some device at my house? (If so, device recommendations???)

Thanks so much for any direction or recommendations on this…

(Lee Florack) #374

I use a Zooz 4 in 1 sensor. It works well and is more accurate than the weather tile for lux readings. It’s fairly inexpensive too. A couple of caveats:

  • it seems to use batteries (2x AAA’s) fairly quickly. I think I saw that there may be an updated version coming out soon (now?j that I think is better about battery usage. I modified mine by soldering the leads from a plug-in power supply. No more battery issues.
  • the the lux value scale isn’t anything like the weather tile. Max for this sensor is 80. This really isn’t an issue. Just something to be aware of. It also will use a percent scale too.

I’m sure there are other sensors that people have had success with. YMMV.

(Takis) #375

Hello Dave, this is a calculated value. As a matter of fact, i have not really changed the code myself, its what they originally had in there. Like others mention, i would just get a sensor that does a LUX calculation. I cannot recommend anything though cause i have not one, or was ever interested in one. I do have a home made Raspberry PI weather station that reports it, but i dont really use it.

(Bob) #376

I use the Fibaro sensor for Lux measurements.
Phillips Hue also do one.
There are others but those are the two I have and use.

(DanG) #377

If you set the weather tile to a PWS (Personal Weather Station) that is posting solar data you can use can use that instead of lux. The values are not the same as Lux but it is still usable in place of it. Using a zipcode is not a guarantee that the station that comes back reports solar. You need to use Wundermap to look at each station close to you to see if they are uploading that inf0. When you find it instead of the zipcode enter PWS:{stationId}
I have my own station using a Davis Pro2 with the solar add on and it works perfectly.

(Bicycle Wang) #378

Thanks for the code. I wonder which variable I need to use to determine if it is raining or not. I want to use that to send an alert if the window is open.

(Brian) #379

It’s “weather” on the one I use.


This is a work in progress but maybe it will give you something to work with


Is there a way to get a daily forcast string with a summary of various info, like current temp, predicted high, rain chance etc. also can you code in windchill and heat index? I am not sure on how to edit your device handler and don’t want to mess up the great work u have done.

From the weather underground api page it looks like some of this is available?


If you need an audio weather reminder, you can use RemindR comminuty app. It can play over VLCThing too.

( - Make your home your butler!) #383

@takissd you may want to consider renaming the Device Handler to “Enhanced Weather Station Tile” instead of the “Weather Station Tile 2.0”

This is in keeping with naming recommendation from ST to allow it to be compatible with SmartApps (do not use numbers for non alphabet letters in names of device handlers)

(Marty ) #384

I installed the DH and the device. Everything looks like it should work but nothing propagates in the fields. Doesn’t matter what zip code I use. Added and deleted multiple times. Any ideas on how to get the information.