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[Release] Weather Station Tile 2.0


(Jason) #345

@takissd did you ever have a chance to look into this?

(Vikash Patel) #346

Hi guys. Just managed to get this working. Looks good so far.
How reliable is this app providing updates daily?


This app is reliable. However, it does not update itself automatically. You will either need to refresh it every time you open it in the ST app or install a community app like Polster or use a WebCore rule to refresh it every 15, 20, 25, 30 or what ever refresh rate you want…Just don’t pole it too frequently as it will slow down your home network.

(Bob) #348

Mine updates every 15 minutes.
Here is the refresh part.


Right. It never used to but was updated a while back I believe.

Pollster no longer needed on this.

(Takis) #350

hello, just got back will look into it, sorry

(Fernando Fuentes) #351

Is there a way to change the poll interval?

I am trying to get the current temperatures a bit faster.


(Brian) #352

Note: the source may not update faster anyways. Use webcore IMO if your source does update more,

(Jason) #353

ok, let me know.

(Jason) #354

Any updates on this?

(Brandon) #355

This. Just refreshing every minute guarantees nothing. I think anyone that thinks they need updates faster than 15min for outdoor temperature need to seriously think about that being necessary. I tend to think this is actually the “I want it now all the time” culture at play instead of actual logic.

Short of a big cold front coming through, exterior temperatures don’t change much in 15 minutes and even when they do, there is delay in the 3 levels of services being used to attain this information.

If you have an actual use case where timing up to the minute matters, you need to buy and install your own weather station at your home and not rely on a web API.


I agree on that:
If you want an uptodate Weather report, than get this: (I believe it works with SmartThings.)


Acurite does not work directly with smartthings, unless something has changed.

(Fernando Fuentes) #358

I dont see where I mention I was going to update every minute??? Do not asume please.
I do have a case for more frequent updates than 30Min… You obviously do not live on a micro climate area…
I own a Davis Weather Station which uploads to WU. I have a piston the grabs data and executes a set of rules base on weather temperatures.
At any rate I need it to be at least 10Min in frequency and I was able to archive what I need it using a piston…

To each its own… If have a SmartApp… I will leverage that before I go out and write a piston…

@lmosenko Leave the toys for the kids… I am way ahead of you…

(Brandon) #359

@ffuentes I don’t think you’re following what I’m saying. You should read this:

I also didn’t say the app currently does 30 minutes. It’s well documented that it auto-updates every 15 minutes.

My point is that your source of data isn’t updating frequently. So if you poll the data every 1 minute, but the source data only changes every 15minutes, you still only get 15 min updates and get 14 useless polls. If you want to change 1 to 10 to try and disagree with me, fine, that doesn’t change my premise whatsoever though.

Also, even if you live in a micro climate, which are rare, all that means by definition is that your weather is different than areas surrounding it, it doesn’t mean weather changes more frequently.

It seems like you are going to disagree no matter what, but feel free to make a piston to add additional interval checks, it will update more, but your actual data won’t. If you have a piston that has a trigger for the poll action or something, then your piston configuration choice is poor.

I will state once more, if you need more granular weather updates that are real, your only option is to buy a local weather station. These aren’t that expensive and not a big deal, but polling a 3rd party service for free isn’t going to give you any better granularity than 15 minutes in practice. Changing a number in the code won’t change that.

(Fernando Fuentes) #360

@bmmiller, lol, Why would I disagree no matter what? WU Allow data up-loaders access to their data as frequent as one second. I understand what you mean about weather change and time. I am not disagreeing there… I have my requiremnt for my needs is all… We cant go around dictating peoples needs base on what you think you know about ones requirement, is all… I mean no harm nor I am trying to start something! :smiley:

Check out my weather site when you get a chance :slight_smile:

The small increments in temperature change u see are used for data collection and than analyzed and compared for my small crops… Than used for actions on my sprinkler system and other things such as shades and blinds…

As I said in my previous post, I already have a “real” weather station and I am polling my own data via WU :smiley:

(Brandon) #361

Well, then you are the 0.01%. Apps aren’t generally made for you :wink:

Your use case sounds like it is primarily outside of the ST ecosystem though as there is no ability for analysis of data built in to SmartThings. That isn’t exactly what I’m talking about. My points are generally geared towards automation and SmartThings.

For more robust HA systems, second based temperature is useful for things like PID loops, fan and valve control, but that’s outside the scope of SmartThings.

That’s cool and all but my point is still valid. The app isn’t able to hit your specific unit unless it happens upon it by luck and zipcode. And then, WU has no way of knowing that call is coming from ‘you’ to give you your special access.

If you need this same access to your station, you need a SmartApp that takes your WU credentials and is further configurable.

(Fernando Fuentes) #362

Ouch… I think I am confusing you… Sorry! The data analysis program and database is done by me with another script that I wrote I just wanted the app to poll a bit faster for other piston executions is all. I am good now though! Thanks again!

(Brandon) #363

I’m not confused. My point is still valid. Even every 10 minutes, from within SmartThings, you aren’t going to see a difference in reports. You can’t dictate that the SmartThings call to WU utilizes your personal API call to your personal local station.

What you need is an entirely different app that allows you to authenticate to WU, etc.

(Fernando Fuentes) #364

Wrong but I am going to drop it right there because you obviously do not know what you are talking about as far as data sourcing from wu… No credentials need it to get my own data… Again thanks!

Edit: and yes I saw your last reply.
For the 100th times, Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: