[Release] Weather Station Tile 2.0

Same here. Stopped updating.

Weather underground has been down all day.

I have to manually refresh to get the tile to update.

Reports started back up about 8 hours ago. I didn’t think wunderground was down because my station was reporting normally. Must have been some other part of the service. All is working again.

Mine still doesnt refresh automatically. I have it set to every 30 minutes:

def installed() {
	runPeriodically(1800, poll)

Edit: Ive noticed the tile updating every 12 hours even with the code above. This wont work for my other smartapps since I need a updated Lux readings. I also tried “runEvery10Minutes(poll)” and it doesnt work. So I reverted back to the stock Weather Station Tile device handler and Im using the SmartWeather Station Tile Updater by @RBoy. I dont know if this has to do with this “Ticker” update I read about, but something is going on in the backend.

What is


I’ve never seen this API defined anywhere.

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I couldn’t find it either when I was digging into this a couple months ago. Do the runEvery5Minutes(), runEvery1Hour(), etc… work in device handlers?

Mine looks like this, have I done something wrong?

you probably havent set your zipcode in the settings tab. Try to set a zipcode, click on the gear on the top right side and also since you are at this menu set the rest of the options as well. I know it works on android for sure, let us know, good luck!

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That’s not it

Try removing the zip code altogether. I’m in the UK and it’s not set, it uses the hub coordinates.

I’m UK too and mine isnt working with or without post code

i know you probably have tried this already, but did you try removing spaces, or deleting the app and reinstalling? Just for fun try a US zipcode like 92131 to see if that works. Then if it does replace it with yours again . I have not tried UK zip codes, i know others in here did and worked.

It doesnt work with uk postcode for me either , should i be able to use pws:IUNITEDK235 in replacement of a zipcode like with the offical smartsense weather station because thats not working either :frowning:

I reinstalled and didn’t put in any postcode and it started working but yea would be great to be able to use pws:IUNITEDK235 instead of just guessing by hub location

I would recommend to contact ST support. It may be an error on their part.

I left it blank and it just used my hub location. When I entered the p/code, nothing ever appeared

Is there any way to manually choose which Weather Underground station it reports from instead of by zip code? The station it defaults to using my zip code is reporting the wrong temperature and I want to choose another station nearby that is correct.

In the zip code field you preface the station name with PWS:{name of station}

Thank you!