[Release] Weather Station Tile 2.0

This is awesome! Thanks!

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Anyone got it working with a zipcode from Canada (6 digits : 3 numbers, 3 letters) ? From what I see, it doesnt update.

Edit : Took a while, but it’s working. Huge thanks for this!

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This looks outstanding. I love having the humidity and pressure. I often hike and use a Suunto watch, having the details present is helpful for recalibration.

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Really appreciate the details on this tile. Is there a way to auto refresh or refresh upon opening?

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we all use some kind of a smart app to refresh every whatever interval. I personally use Watchdog timer, others use pollster and Rule Machine. The device itself has been added the capability to be refreshed from another trigger.

I love the look and info on this weather tile. I was trying to get it to auto update so I was using an app from Dan that refreshes the tile when a temperature sensor reports. When look for this device in the app it does not show up as a weather device. Is there something simple I’m missing?

Weather Updater

When coping the code make sure it’s UTF-8, I had the same issue, it was saving to a text file/copying as Latin-1 but when I changed the file to UTF-8 the symbol showed up properly.

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Oh slick…thanks

Add capability “Refresh” to the device type should solve your problem I would guess. It only has polling now.

I installed this device (Weather) on 4/9/16 and up until now, it has been refreshing and updating on its on about every 10 minutes or so. The only thing I have done was to use it as a illuminance condition in a Rule Machine rule and add it to the SmartTiles app dashboard (not used much thus far). This morning, when my lights did not come on from my Rule Machine rule, I checked the condition and noticed the illuminance was false. So I checked my Weather Station Tile 2.0 device and noticed that it showed sunny even though it was dark outside and finally I saw the last update time was yesterday.

I checked the logs through the IDE and I noticed that a poll command was set pretty regularly which caused various data points to be updated which is what I have been seeing up until today. Where I’m lost is how was it updating then? I’ve read that people have been using WatchDog and Pollster which I may have to look into, but I’m wondering if this was normal for updates to happen or do I have to use something else to force the update. I’m still new here, and have read about the ST issues (hopefully getting better), so I’m not sure if I was lucky and this was not supposed to be updating like this.

After setting up the device and going to the settings via the gear icon, what does the last option “Weather” do? I selected my zip, speed, etc, but on Weather, I only see “No devices to connect”

where do you see no devices to connect? according to your previous post you were able to connect before but could not update frequently?

When you go to the settings for the app. You input zip and other stuff and the last one days “Weather…” but it’s greyed out for me. That’s where it says “No devices to connect”

I just finished install pollster and it seems like the app is updating. But I’m still curious as to what the last settings option is.

I see what you are saying. Glad that pollster updates the weather.
So the last option was added for future compatibility with smart tiles and the weather station app (device.smartweatherStationTile). Its really nothing functional right now…

Thanks @takissd for clearing that up for me. When I could not get RM to work I thought that was the reason. However pollster seems to be doing the job just fine.

I was able to use this app to monitor my PWS! I have the ObserverIP unit powered by the USB port on the SmartThings hub. I have it auto refreshing every 5 minutes. I was wondering if it is not able to get data within a set amount of time (lets say 20 minutes), is there a way for to tell the SmartThings hub to power cycle the USB port or reboot automatically?

not by using this Weather Station Tile 2.0. You could probably write a smartapp with a timer and if it sees no activity at lets say 20 mins, it would tell a connected socket or wemo or whatever to toggle and reset it…

This is GREAT!!! Thanks so much.

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I was just wondering which code from WST2 I can use to make the smart app. All I have now is pseudocode:

  1. Poll my PWS
  2. If latest data is greater than 20 minutes, reboot hub


I installed this DTH earlier this week and so far, I love the data. My only issue so far is the LUX, It’s not updating and usually shows as 1000. Today it did update to 2500 and right now it’s mostly sunny out, should be closer to 10000 as I recall

Zipcode 92081 or my wunderground station id pws:KE6WOE
I’ve tried both and neither seem to update

What am I missing?