[Release] Weather Station Tile 2.0

Figured out my issue. I never look at the weatherstation sensor and assumed it was solar powered. It isn’t completely, it has rechargeable batteries that are charged from the little solar panel and mine were exhausted.

After replacing the batteries I still couldn’t get any data from weather underground for 24h or so, which was confusing, but eventually they added the PWS back and I could use it from smartthings again.

According to the logs, the tile refreshes every hour.

Is it possible to change it to every 30 minutes, or so

I am using it primarily from the Lux sensor so if the timing is off, I could have a long delay in a Webcore piston firing

If you are already using webCore you could always write a piston to poll the weather tile at whatever time interval you want. I’ve been doing this for over a year without any problem.


Thank you for that. Would I just create a piston to check the variable every X minutes just to force the refresh ?

something as simple as

while every 30 minutes
check $weather


Actually I have a piston that does almost exactly that. Every hour at 15 mins past the hour with the Weather tile do refresh. Been working for over a year now.

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There is also a community app called Pollster which can refresh any device including the weather app.
You can set the refresh for any amount of time with out writing a Piston in WebCore. I use it and it works just fine. WebCore is good for more complex situations.

I don’t know, you would have to try it. Here is the piston that I have been using for a long time now. It polls every five minutes and stores results into variables that I use in other pistons. Just so you know, LUX on the weather tile 2.0 is calculated. The only way I found to get real data is using solar radiation. And for that you need to have the weather tile polling a station that provides it.

Thank you for that

I found a simple way to refresh it via webcore and it seems to be working.

I understand the weather is calculated, as I don’t really need ‘exact’ measurements. Just enough to know it is dark enough in the house to turn the lights on

Is there a way to change from 24 hour clock to 12 hour? Thanks.

thansk for the contribution.

what would the device Network Id be?

it can be anything, just fill it

Thanks for the help got it working by copying an Id from another device.

It can be anything UNIQUE. You shouldn’t copy a network ID as you will likely start having trouble with this device AND the device you copied the ID from… :slight_smile:

You’ll probably want to edit that.

Oh ok . So they need to be unique . Cool thanks.

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So what is everyone going to be using when the Weather Underground shuts down access for individuals at the end of the year?

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We can all go out and get our own weather stations. The price is not too bad.
Acurite or another brand.

I have a station in my back yard but I don’t know of another way to interface it to SmartThings outside using wunderground. Is there another way that I am not aware of?

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I’m at a loss. In preparation to losing access to the Wunderground API, I’ve been fiddling around in webCoRE trying to simulate whether it’s dark outside to trigger lights and I’m not having good luck. I’ve looked at using uvIndex and cloudCover, but the best thing to use is lux. The hunt is on for another API that provides lux or solar radiation…

I used to use WU information for LUX levels but found them to be wildly inaccurate. So, I’ve set up a Monoprice 4 in 1 Motion, Humidity, Illuminance and Temperature Sensor for LUX levels to control lights throughout the house and so that I know the internal temperature and humidity readings in the room where the sensor is (I don’t use motion functionality on that sensor).

Therefore, I’m mostly interested in weather information to replace the WU information for display in Action Tiles. But, I’d also like to use a WU replacement for other weather related information in webCoRE pistons, etc.

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What about the native integration with AccuWeather?