[Release] WatchDog Timer

Hi, This is other work around to schedule events fail.

The problem: schedule events fail without notice and when is restored the schedule could not start until the smartapp is refreshed or launched again

Solution: To use some events to verify if timer is working, if not, relaunch the timer.

This is not accurate, because depends of the events in your system. In my case, the change temperature works fine, its frequently enough to verify if timer works.

You can use some events to verify the timer:



Cool Idea but how sad is it that we need this smart app ?

Good problem solving though !!!


awesome app! works like a charm!

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hi @takissd, I´m glad the smartapp works form more people

I’ve tried installing this app a couple of times, and every time I get an error that says “Failed to save page: mainPage”. This happens when I press “Done” after selecting my devices. I’m on iOS.

EDIT: Nevermind… I traced the problem to my garage door device type. Gonna go chase that down…

For the last several days Watchdog is failing to update my Weather Tile. I am not sure this is a problem with Watchdog itself or it is Smarthing’s Times Event failures again. I thought Watchdog was supposed to detect Timed Event failures and refresh when it detects it. I even have additional triggers setup but they too fail to get things going again. Any ideas?

Hi @ule. Thanks for this great SmartApp. This App saved me from going MAD :rage: during the ST instability issues in the last couple of months :wink:

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Hi @ule , still loving the app, one question, is there anyway i can disable the word watchdog every time the app refreshes a device in the “recently” tab?

Hi @takissd, The log is generated by the smartthing system when some app launch an device event, it’s no possible to remove it.

ok thats what i was thinking, thanks!