[RELEASE] Visonic Powermax Alarm

Hi, I tried searching through the posts here and couldn’t find an answer to this but it’s possible I missed something.
I have a Powermax Express board and am trying to wire the Wemos board, but the pin locations mentioned in the instructions above are in use by a cable connecting and ethernet card. There are also pins for a cellular card that is not in use. Is it possible to use that, if so where should I connect the Tx/Rx cables? Or, is there a way to “double up” and use the slot that is already in use for ethernet? Or any other options?

Thanks for all your time and dedication to this project!

I believe some people have had success with using two smart connections (i.e. Powerlink and a DIY platform) but Im not sure of the details myself and you might be better looking on the HomeAssistant forums for what is possible.

That said my usual recommendation is to remove the Powerlink and by selling it you can normally make a profit v.s. DIY solution (this). What features are you specifically after that are missing?

@cjcharles Thanks for your reply! My main interest is to be able to integrate my Visonic alarm system with the rest of my home devices, i.e. to arm/disarm it from from Google Home, make custom integrations with other 3rd party devices via SmartThings, etc… I currently arm/disarm my system through the Visonic-Go app which I assume uses the ethernet connection from the Powerlink. I purchased your Wemos board from your site also. Is there any downside to completely disconnect the Powerlink module and instead just use the Wemos board? I assume that I would lose connection to the app, but would imagine that all the functionality it provides (and more!) can be achieved by using your DIY platform.

It’s been a long time since I used a Powerlink (and before Visonic Go existed) so maybe it would be worth posting some of the things you use it for?

With my current setup (which is admittedly on Hubitat rather than smartthings, but it only takes 5 mins to transfer if you have a Hubitat hub and is the same wemos hardware) I get full control of the alarm and can see zone and alarm status, with notifications where desired. I’m not totally sure what else there is of use, but I have considered adding email alerts directly to the wemos since that way there is a bit more resilience in case ST goes down.