[RELEASE] Visonic Powermax Alarm

As with you, most of my actions are also automated so I dont use the app too much (thankfully given how painful it is to use). Its super annoying not to have easy access to history, but it is accessible. The alarm panel status is the biggest gap, alongside the installation steps. To that end:

  1. I have released some new firmware and a device handler that works a bit better with installation, in other words it is now possible to do the full installation from the Wemos webpage (you dont need ST to create child devices). This at least means the important setup step is now possible (in case people have to reinstall for some reason).
  2. Controlling the alarm status is kind of possible by using the off/siren/strobe buttons, but super annoying given it randomly doesnt respond and half the time it doesnt store the actual alarm status correctly. Using a virtual button device is a good temporary workaround, and that virtual button can be tied to the alarm panel device through Webcore or something similar.

Unfortunately creating buttons on the device handler interface itself (which is probably the main thing required by this integration since then there could be 3/4 trigger buttons for each main alarm state) is STILL not possible as there is a bug in the ST CLI tool. I cant quite believe the Classic app is being shut down while it is not possible to develop much in the new app, however that’s a decision for Samsung I guess. As soon as this bug is fixed I will aim to release another update to the ST Device Handler which will include the following:

  1. A text box showing the current alarm state
  2. 3 buttons to Disarm/ArmAway/ArmHome the alarm
  3. A text box which shows the action of the latest message (e.g. disarmed by panel 1 at 13:03 on 22/10)
  4. A text box to show any problem messages (e.g. low battery).

I think that is all that is needed, and in fairness I could do actions 1/3/4 now, its just a PITA to have to submit information to the ST CLI tool and then have to repeat the whole process again once they fix the button creation bug.


Thanks for all of your help CJ.

+1 thanks for your continued support and development despite Samsung making things so much worse in the new ST. We really appreciate your dedication to this!

Q: for some reason recently I am not seeing any indication of alarms when these trigger in the smartthings app.
I attached the alarm status output and screenshot of the app when the alarm was triggered

Those status fields show armed away status rather than Alarm… Are you talking about the Wemos not showing alarm status or Smartthings?

Both. But what I am really interested in is seeing the alarm signal in Smartthings.

Strange, it’s super reliable for me, especially the Wemos, shows ‘delay alarm’ and then ‘confirm alarm’ when triggered (due to the internal alarm being triggered before external sirens).

Do you know when you last updated the device handler? If you do update then you need to update device firmware at the same time, and then it also includes the ability to create zones from the Wemos (to help with installation once classic app dies)

I updated both a week ago, I can see the option to register child devices in my wemos.
I’ll monitor again in the next few days and will let you know if I still see this.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the update. It works nicely in my system.

Maybe this was discussed previously. Is it possible to implement date / time setup using ntp of the Powermax panel?

I have read that Vera has this functionality, but they say that it should be implemented in programing mode.


  • is it possible to check panel date / time and compare it with ntp info, for example, once a month?

  • if it is wrong, is it possible to change to programing mode and set the correct time and date in the panel?

I don’t know if your code has methods to get date and time data from panel and to change to programing mode.

Thank in advance!

I looked into doing this a while ago but I couldn’t work out what the benefits of seeing the clock were. What is the advantage of setting the Powermax clock?

Hi Chris,

The panel reports to the user the problems using its internal date and time in the LCD, and also, if you put the wemos in packet relay mode, the internal panel status messages (200 messages can be stored if I remember OK) are reported to the visonic programing software with these time stamps.

I know, it isn’t too much, but sometimes, to debug or to check the messages history is useful.

Best regards,


I think I would rather spend the time building a bit of a history panel in the Wemos webpage (which could have date/time tagged against each event), rather than loading the time into the Powermax and relying on that. Would that meet your requirements? I think it would be more useful for me.

That said, in theory the ST app should show the history of alarm state changes…?


I have a visonic + alarm on which I connect a wemos d1 r2 (esp-link) and an arduino nano assembly as explained in some tutorials.
The esp-link receives the alarm data well but I do not understand when to do the manual enrollment.
I have been blocking for several days could you help me please ?


Afraid I dont know anything about the esp-link firmware, but you can normally enrol at any time through the installer menu.

@aelorenzo - I have just uploaded an updated firmware with some event logging in it. I record the latest 20 events and you can access them from the /eventhistory page on the ESP. Does that meet your requirements?
I could potentially now add the set date/time function on the Powermax panel, but Im still not totally clear what the benefit is, currently its quite useful to see the date/time of various different events but I think that is the main benefit…

EDIT: I found an easy way to add it in through the library, so please can you give it a test to see if it sets the date/time correctly now?

I live in France and I have a powermaxpro V5.0.09. I studied the Vera Lite solution with the powermax plugin, but I’m more interested in your solution, I’m not a computer scientist at all, I would need a plug and play solution. I saw that you propose to buy your solution. could you help me to install it ? Thanks

This integration is fairly easy to set up with some step by step instructions, but what exactly do you want to be able to control? That probably determines the best integration for you

Hello thank you for your return. I just want to be able to arm and disarm the alarm of my iphone and know if possible the status of the detectors (date/time intrusion, battery level). I need a minimum of security on the access because I will connect my alarm to my Freebox to access it from outside.

I don’t think there are any totally standalone integrations out there sadly, you would need to use another platform to talk to your phone (e.g. Smartthings or Hubitat with this integration, just as needing Vera or HA for their own integrations). You don’t need to be technical to set up the first two options, just follow a set of steps in the first post, but trying to do things securely online with just an ESP is probably not the best idea.

If you just wanted arm/disarm and notification that the alarm is going off, I’d suggest hooking up the phone line to the Alarm, since that is the easiest solution if you don’t want to use it for anything else (e.g. home automation using the sensors or phone location to auto arm…etc)

indeed, I’m waiting for the delivery of a GSM-350 to be able to control my powermax via SMS . You are right about the ESP, in fact I have a Jeedom box for home automation (replacing a Zibase whose server has not been taken over by Ziblue). I do not know if you know Jeedom, this French company that has, in particular, developed an open source software, but the jeedom plugin is not compatible with the old powermaxpro. I am looking for an alternative solution but if it is too complicated, I will stay on SMS

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