[RELEASE] Visonic Powermax Alarm

Sorry I am not a smartthings developer myself so haven’t looked into it… I can only guess there’s an API with some interoperability between old and new. Maybe anyone else here has experience with how to migrate more features to the new app?

Sure, but if you have another device that you use and works well with custom code then please let me know. It’s much easier to go from a template or example when there are no docs.

Not sure if that’s what you mean - by I have a Sensibo (smart air-con controller) that has a community based device handler and seems to have all sorts of advanced custom options in both old and new app:

DH: https://github.com/EricG66/SmartThingsPublic/tree/MSA-635-1/devicetypes/ericg66/sensibopod.src

Hope this helps!



Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like in the new app please? The page only shows how it looks in the old app…

Thermostats do have some nice features in the new app for sure, and they are built in by default if you identify the device as a thermostat. But I’m curious about the custom bits that are showing. Can pm me then maybe please as it’s totally off topic.


I have set up a dedicated instance of HA with only the alarm panel and the mqtt sniffer tracking it. Will report.

Has anyone tried to remove the 868 module, and used it on another device like a Arduino or so? :slight_smile: I know it’s quite off-topic, however, almost every discussion about the Powermax, points to this thread - so, i’ll try and ask here.

That’s an interesting question! Neither I nor anybody else here has done that afaik.

How come you want to remove it? To interface directly with the sensors while making use of the encryption that Visonic has implemented? I expect you would need a good logic analyser to back calculate what comms happens between the main CPU and the wireless board…

Yes, sort of :slight_smile: First of all, i got the Powermax from a family-member. She remember the PIN for the normal things, but not the “Installer”-pin.

I’ve setup my WeMos and so, but, the devices for the Powermax, are not anynear close to “match” our apartment. Therefore, i need to change zones and so…

The Powermax (at least the one i got), is not anything close to new anymore, and i would like to use the devices for RFLink, instead of having the Powermax running.

You can take a look at my question right here:

The 868 modules are quite expensive, so that why i thought to hook it up to my Arduino (and RFLink), which are already working as it should :slight_smile:

But you can just do a factory reset and put the installer code back to the default 5555, or 1111, or occasionally 9999… Plus a remote commander module would allow you to hide the control panel out of the way, and have a much more subtle keypad device near the door. But I’ll drop convincing you now!

I’ll have a read of your post anyway as I’m curious! Though not sure debugging the protocol will be easy by any stretch of the imagination!

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