[RELEASE] Visonic Powermax Alarm

Hi Chris, thanks for your reply and I am trying to find out how to check when status is pending? I tried to do IF Visonic Alarm’s $status changes to “pending” but this doesn’t seems to be true when I changes alarm to ArmHome and/or ArmAway.
I even tried to do IF Visonic Alarm’s $status changes, but also this never seems to be true.
Anymore guidance you provide?

thanks again

If you look at the heading of the device handler you will see the different status options for each of the fields, and the ‘changing’ state is what I meant, rather than ‘pending’. You will probably want the armhome or armaway fields changing to ‘changing’ but note this is only possible when you have used ST to change alarm status (if you have done it on the alarm panel itself then there are no triggers reveived).

Have copied a small section of the code below for ease of access but hopefully this makes sense:

tiles (scale: 2)
	multiAttributeTile(name:"AlarmStatus", type: "generic", width: 6, height: 3, decoration:"flat")
		tileAttribute ("device.status", key: "PRIMARY_CONTROL")
			attributeState "disarmed", label:'${name}', icon: "st.security.alarm.off", backgroundColor: "#505050"
			attributeState "home", label:'${name}', icon: "st.Home.home4", backgroundColor: "#00BEAC"
			attributeState "away", label:'${name}', icon: "st.security.alarm.on", backgroundColor: "#008CC1"
			attributeState "alarm", label:'${name}', icon: "st.security.alarm.on", backgroundColor: "#d44556"
		tileAttribute("device.events", key: "SECONDARY_CONTROL", wordWrap: true)
			attributeState("default", label:'${currentValue}')
	standardTile("VArmAway", "armaway", height: 2, width:2, decoration:"flat", inactiveLabel: false)
		state "inactive", label:"Away", action:"AlarmArmAway", backgroundColor:"#D8D8D8"
		state "changing", label:"Arming Away", action:"", backgroundColor:"#FF9900"
		state "active", label:"Armed Away", action:"", backgroundColor:"#00CC00"
	standardTile("VArmHome", "armhome", height: 2, width: 2, decoration:"flat", inactiveLabel: false)
		state "inactive", label:"Home", action:"AlarmArmHome", backgroundColor:"#D8D8D8"
		state "changing", label:"Arming Home", action:"", backgroundColor:"#FF9900"
		state "active", label:"Armed Home", action:"", backgroundColor:"#00CC00"
	standardTile("VDisarm", "disarm", height: 2, width: 2, decoration:"flat", inactiveLabel: false)
		state "inactive", label:"Disarm", action:"AlarmDisarm", backgroundColor:"#D8D8D8"
		state "changing", label:"Disarming", action:"", backgroundColor:"#FF9900"
		state "active", label:"Disarmed", action:"", backgroundColor:"#00CC00"

@mykep Can I ask you to update the firmware once more please? Now that I got it working without the MQTT crashes I have now updated all libraries and boards to include a few extra fixes (and one small WiFi security fix I want to include - relating to the connection setup phase)

Hi @cjcharles many thanks for this project. does this work with a Powermaster 30? I am after the ability to use my sensors to control other smarthome devices. Many thanks!

Im afraid that Powermaster doesnt report zone events to the panel unless the alarm is armed, hence whilst you get use out of panel control and alarm reporting, the usage of sensors for triggering actions is not possible on Powermaster. That is how I understand it anyway from reading online posts.

@cjcharles thanks for your reply. Would this be the same if I have you got “DISARM Activity” set to yes for each PIR sensor on the control panel?

Curious, not found that setting as Ive only ever been able to test with a Norwegian model (which I have as a discarded model just to confirm that the integration is working) - and I couldnt read any of the settings! Certainly looks positive.
The integration supports all notifications that the alarm sends to Wemos, if the alarm can be configured to send more then yes. The only thing with Powermaster is you have to leave it in Listen mode only, since nobody has worked out the encryption of pairing with a Powermaster yet (Powerlink3 style device I believe), this means you don’t get zone names as the main downside.

@cjcharles thanks for the info, interesting… I know that feature is only available on panels in certain regions. Possibly only on panel firmware >19. Hmmm I actually own a visonic server that runs powermanage this is what the ‘Visonic-go’ app connects to. In the server is a virtual keypad screen, once connected to the panel this shows what zone is violated etc wondering if there would be a way for this log to trigger a motion event or intercept the signal sent to the server. unfortunately I would not have the knowledge to put this in to action or code it!

Curious, and how does Powermanage connect to the alarm? Presumably it is similar to Powerlink? Are you licensing the software on your own hardware? Or do you have to use their hardware? It looks expensive if it can handle 100,000 alarms connecting to it!!!

Either way the log of events there certainly looks like it is collecting them from the same process as this integration would, so Im hopeful and optimistic it would work smoothly.

Unfortunately it still uses the powerlink3 or GSM to connect to Powermanage. Yes the licence and hardware was provided by visonic. It definitely was not cheap!

Could you confirm what ‘leave it in Listen mode only’ means?

Going to have a try with the PowerMaster 30 fingers crossed it will work. Do you still sell the Wemos and arduino integration on your web shop?

many thanks!

If i want to go with option 1, what do I need to do?

Will do - I have been away for a week - will try this weekend.

@David_Tripp - Yes I do, I suggest you try without the Arduino for now, and if you cant get it working I’ll post one out to you separately for no extra cost, as I dont think you will need it, but not 100% confident.

@Peter2 - You’re welcome to either set up the kit yourself and flash it with the firmware on my github page, or visit my shop in the top link and you can buy a kit there. You will definitely need to sort the Arduino addon though.

@mykep - Thanks! I expect it will be totally fine, but just want to be 100%

Brilliant. Many thanks for that. Could you confirm what you meant by ‘leave it in listen only mode’

I am ready to buy whatever it takes from your shop; I am just not sure what to do with it - how to hook it up.

Instructions for hardware setup and configuration of software is all in GitHub. You’ll find listen only mode when in the settings menu.

Brilliant. Thanks for your help will get one ordered now. :slight_smile:

In my case, I do not see pins anywhere on the board (except for two near the batteries). Also, as I said above, the instructions say: search for ‘Enroll Powerlink’. I do not have such an option. I see enroll WL device or enroll keyfob, that’s it.

There are some rs232 pins under the power cable though, but you’re right that I have no idea if they will work. Some models work without pressing the enroll option, but typically they are later models as they have an auto enroll feature like Powermax complete. I’m afraid I don’t know as Visonic make a very complicated range of products!
E.g. the panel below would hopefully allow you to upgrade your whole installation for £72 with current discount. eBay item 254401788239

Hi, I have run a few tests over the last week. Eventually the mqtt stops working. It stops sending when sensors are triggered and stops responding to incoming mqtt messages. I am working from home all week so will try to characterise further. When I hard reset it returns to normal operation.

At all times the web UI continues to operate.

During the testing period it was not armed at all.

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