[RELEASE] Visonic Powermax Alarm

Yes, I’ll try that. I’m using it on a daily basis so if MQTT halts for some reason I will notice. Thank you.

Looking good - running fine for 12 hrs

Less disconnections aswell as not crashing? Hopefully so!

None so far - 15 hrs

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Here are two shots of the board. One without a flash and one with a flash.

Thank you again.

@Peter2 That must indeed be a very very old model as it has some quite weird features that certainly aren’t common on Powermax plus models. I can’t guarantee it will work but will say you have a few options:

  1. I have done some testing of a new RS232 adapter that might make board connection very simple, one small adapter straight onto the pins that you can see under the power cable, and connecting straight onto the Wemos. This would be super simple and I reckon has a 50:50 chance of working.

  2. You can also buy a new panel and not replace the zone sensors. A new panel has a good chance of being compatible with old sensors and might cost less than 50 GBP or 70 USD, especially if you have a look on eBay where there are plenty floating around. It would require some tinkering to get all set up but does offer you another option to getting it running without totally changing your system (the above kit would almost certainly be compatible with the new panel unless it was also super super old). That’s my impression anyway!

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