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[RELEASE] Visonic Powermax Alarm


Been running for 12 hours now, no MQTT issues so far.

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Same for me, MQTT is stable so far with the latest debug firmware.

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(Harry) #431

Hi cjcharles, I have bee trying to make my PowerMax Plus work but no luck, I’m using NodeMCU (CH340) and I’m also using Arduino Uno in between PM+ and NodeMCU. It seems like there is no communication between PM+ and NodeMCU. If I go in Installer Setting -> Define PowerLink and then Install, I get ‘Line Failure’ error. and after hitting ‘Away’ on keypad to go back to home screen on LCD, I start getting message on LCD ‘ICT - TEST’, it doesn’t go away untill I disconnect one of the wire from RX or TX on NodeMCU or Arduino Uno. Could you please help me with this?
(Oh… also I’m using standard USB power to run NodeMCU and Arduino Uno)


(Adavison007) #432

Hi, I hope you can help… I have a vision Powermax with powerlink1 external addtion. I want to get this into Apple HomeKit, I already run this plugin to allow Smartthings devices to appear into HomeKit… so as. I can’t find a way of getting Visonic directly into HomeKit I wanted to use your method to get it to smart things, then use my existing link from Smartthings things to HomeKit… Question… does your code work directly with powe link? or do I need this module you mention… if I use the module do I need to remove the power link as it may use the same connection to powermax? Can I buy the module from you pre coded so I don’t need to do any firmware coding, just the code into Smarthingsd IDE? sorry if this is a bit confusing, I’m not a coder, but am techie enough to manage to get most things integrated into HomeKit one way or other by playing… look forward to comments, suggestions or if I can buy a solution from you.