[RELEASE] Visonic Powermax Alarm


(cjcharles) #388

Have just replied to your message, very short on time atm but have suggested one option to check things over quickly, it sounds like you are 99% there since the Wemos has full control of the alarm, its just the ST link that isnt working.

@Pbathuk - Thanks for those, I’ll take a look over them and see if I can spot the error! Have also made a few updates to the library in terms of buffer sizes so will upload a new firmware within the next couple of days hopefully (just want to test it on my own Powermax first to confirm it doesnt have any bugs)

(cjcharles) #389

Hi everybody,

Ive now updated the firmware on my github to increase some buffer sizes for Powermaster compatability, and Ive merged @passy 's changes for MQTT strings.

(Ive also uploaded the current latest pmax library so you can use the updated library if needed, rather than guessing what various fields are).

There are likely to be some more changes over the next few weeks while I play with MQTT bugs a bit more, and I’m going to keep on trying to experiment with Powermaster to see what is missing now that I have increased buffer sizes.

(Phil) #390

Brilliant thanks.
I’ve just updated and this morning, before the update, my wife accidentally set the alarm off, which to be honest is the first time we have done it since having this setup added…
What I noticed was that in the log is said the zone numbers that tripped:

Zone 2 is our hallway which I have a 30 second delay for home mode (so you can get to the alarm box)
Zone 6 is our kitchen, which is set to perimeter mode, which looks like it fired straight away.

So apart from the crash on going to status page, it all seems to be working.
Could you let me know where abouts in the DTH I can edit the zone names and fix them? That will then mean I will get useful info in the logs. :slight_smile:



Flashed the new version and I’m afraid it doesn’t work at all with MQTT. No status published and doesn’t react to published commands.

-edit- I had to re-enter all the settings by first blanking them out, saving and entering/saving them again. Now it works.

(cjcharles) #393

Strange that it would do that, but glad it’s working. Fingers crossed it doesn’t randomly stop after a few days…

(cjcharles) #394

If they’re coming through there then that is good. Do you also see zone events in there? Perhaps they will only appear in live logging in the ide.

Based on that I will make a change to child creation so it creates with zone xx names (rather than requiring an actual name), then you can rename the children devices (that’s way easier than trying to rename the tiles in the alarm device).