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[RELEASE] Visonic Powermax Alarm

(cjcharles) #388

Have just replied to your message, very short on time atm but have suggested one option to check things over quickly, it sounds like you are 99% there since the Wemos has full control of the alarm, its just the ST link that isnt working.

@Pbathuk - Thanks for those, I’ll take a look over them and see if I can spot the error! Have also made a few updates to the library in terms of buffer sizes so will upload a new firmware within the next couple of days hopefully (just want to test it on my own Powermax first to confirm it doesnt have any bugs)

(cjcharles) #389

Hi everybody,

Ive now updated the firmware on my github to increase some buffer sizes for Powermaster compatability, and Ive merged @passy 's changes for MQTT strings.

(Ive also uploaded the current latest pmax library so you can use the updated library if needed, rather than guessing what various fields are).

There are likely to be some more changes over the next few weeks while I play with MQTT bugs a bit more, and I’m going to keep on trying to experiment with Powermaster to see what is missing now that I have increased buffer sizes.

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(Phil) #390

Brilliant thanks.
I’ve just updated and this morning, before the update, my wife accidentally set the alarm off, which to be honest is the first time we have done it since having this setup added…
What I noticed was that in the log is said the zone numbers that tripped:

Zone 2 is our hallway which I have a 30 second delay for home mode (so you can get to the alarm box)
Zone 6 is our kitchen, which is set to perimeter mode, which looks like it fired straight away.

So apart from the crash on going to status page, it all seems to be working.
Could you let me know where abouts in the DTH I can edit the zone names and fix them? That will then mean I will get useful info in the logs. :slight_smile:



Flashed the new version and I’m afraid it doesn’t work at all with MQTT. No status published and doesn’t react to published commands.

-edit- I had to re-enter all the settings by first blanking them out, saving and entering/saving them again. Now it works.

(cjcharles) #393

Strange that it would do that, but glad it’s working. Fingers crossed it doesn’t randomly stop after a few days…

(cjcharles) #394

If they’re coming through there then that is good. Do you also see zone events in there? Perhaps they will only appear in live logging in the ide.

Based on that I will make a change to child creation so it creates with zone xx names (rather than requiring an actual name), then you can rename the children devices (that’s way easier than trying to rename the tiles in the alarm device).


Hi, complete n00b here, I’ve only just bought a ST hub and was looking at the options to replace my powermax complete with something using ST sensors. But then I saw this.
So i’ve read through everything and i think this sounds awesome. Is there any drawback to doing this? I’m assuming the powermax will continue in the same way as it used to but with the benefit of having everything work via ST to be able to see status of sensors etc and be able to arm and disarm via the smart thing app (and presumbly by extension… IFTTT etc)

so if i buy the wemos via your webpage (just wemos?) and i’m not entirely sure what the alarm/relay aspect addition is … is that so that I can enable/disable the siren at will using other ST routines/IFTTT stuff? regardless of the armed state of the alarm system or the state of any of the sensors?

Thanks in advance. really getting excited now with all the possibilities of smart things :slight_smile:

(cjcharles) #396

@thefunkygibbon Pretty much you got it all! Triggering the alarm by another non-Visonic sensor that is connected to SmartThings is what the relay module enables.


@cjcharles great stuff. one last thing before I go ahead and buy the bits from you… does the siren part (or the main part) involve having to solder anything or is it just pin connectors and suchlike

(cjcharles) #398

The relay for triggering alarms is just connected to screw terminals inside the alarm, no soldering needed, just check you aren’t already using the wired zones for an actual alarm zone.


pretty sure i won’t be… i installed the alarm myself and didn’t need to do any faffing around with the internals. (y) thanks … I’ve just placed the order.

(cjcharles) #400

Im not sure how tech savvy you are but can you give this firmware a go please since it should significantly improve the handling of data when enrolling isnt possible. Its a debug build so I havent done much testing of it, but it still works well for me so hopefully all ok.

To test this properly, you would need to upgrade the firmware, then trigger a zone and see if you can see zone status in SmartThings IDE. If you can then you will need to trigger all zones in order for the Wemos to know they exist. Then you can follow the normal instructions with regards to pressing getzonenames in order to pull information into ST. Finally you can name the children devices which it creates to anything you like.

(Phil) #401

Hey, I’ll have a look at this in the morning, when you say trigger a zone do you mean cause it to alarm from that sensor or to open / close a sensor?
Cheers for all your help on this :slight_smile:

(cjcharles) #402

Just open or close or motion for the zone will allow the Wemos to see it. No need for alarm state changes.

(Phil) #403

Hey, so I managed to upload the new firmware, opened the ide live logging and opened / closed doors etc, the sensors on the powermaster 30 only detect motion when the alarm is set / shortly after… I guess to save battery, looking at the logs I was walking past the sensors but nothing, so forced the alarm to arm and then walked around (neighbors will love me) it caused the alarm to go off but you can see the other sensors, so I have 2 contact and 4 PIR type.
When I then did the get zone names it crashed the wemo again (uptime reset and did nothing).

Image of log attached as was through a virtual desktop to keep it open

Let me know if you think I need to test something else?

(cjcharles) #404

Cool that’s really useful thank you.

I can tweak the code to fix the crash as I think I can see why that happens now.

As for not detecting motion/activity while disarmed that’s a big PITA and I didn’t realise it was so bad, thought it just stopped detecting after a while, similar to the Powermax. I’m guessing that makes it far less useful for most people…

(Phil) #405

Yeah, perhaps there is a setting to keep the sensors active, luckily my use case is using other devices to augment the alarm, so it won’t really bother me, however would have been nice to know where people are in the house using the sensors.

(Phil) #406

Looks like it does detect movement… Not sure why it’s not being shown on the display… Perhaps I’ve set it up wrong (the alarm), will have to have a look at the install menu


just received, with thanks.
I’ve just taken apart my Powermax complete and it doesnt seem to look anything like the RS232 connection you mentioned in your guide. I have a “dual rs232” connection.

also, regarding the siren part of things… your documentation shows a dual relay module, and i have been sent one that has just the one on it… there seems to be no connections on it for the D7/D6 to connect to from the wemos … have you got any wiring diagrams for this please??

:edit: ok i seem to have worked out the wemos board dealio. i saw someone elses photo in this thread and he had it plugged into the “IP” section. so that seems to be working.
one thing i have noticed is that now the voice notifications of the doors opening in my house are no longer working. is this something which is known to stop once you have it connected up to this system?

edit 2: now i’m looking at the relay board.
I’m assuming I should be using just D7 Or D6 and just one of the 5 or 3.3V connections. only thing is, I’m not sure which is which pin and which voltage to use (if that is the correct assumption!)

edit 3: i’ve got it setup in smartthings, i can arm and disarm… but its not populating the sensor names at all. it is telling me that they are being opened etc though. as such ( i guess) i’m not seeing them as seperate smartthings devices either. fyi i didnt change anything in the handler, i have 6 sensors so i have deleted the last two from your list (didn’t import when there were default 8 either)

here is a snippet from my

{“zoneName”:“Living room”,
“sensorMake”:“Visonic PIR”,
“sensorMake”:“Visonic Door/Window Contact”,

appreciate any help on this.

edit 4: how would one go about getting alerts etc for when the alarm is actually activated? I don’t see there ability to use the alarm in any routines (ie if everyone leaves house automatically set alarm. Or if alarm is activated start recording of cameras around the house)

edit 5: sorry i’m making this post bigger and bigger - fwiw i see in the handler logs that the devices “panelzone2” etc are being active and inactive. is that the normal name for them? I am kinda thinking that maybe it is something to do with the names which is causing this??
Also, I’m using this in Smartthings Classic app… the newer ST app doesnt seem to display anything at all for the alarm device!

edit 6:
ok so i’m getting a bit more hang of this IDE (first time really using it) and when i select “create zone devices” i see this in the live logs

groovy.json.JsonException: Unable to determine the current character, it is not a string, number, array, or object

The current character read is ‘]’ with an int value of 93
Unable to determine the current character, it is not a string, number, array, or object
line number 21
index number 431
^ @line 395 (parse)

some other lines from the logs when doing a “config” button press

10:46:31 AM: debug {zone_id=3, zone_name=Living room, zone_status=No Motion}
10:46:21 AM: debug {zone_id=3, zone_name=Living room, zone_status=Violated (Motion)}
10:46:07 AM: debug {ip_for_st=, port_for_st=39500, update_config=success}


oh bums, I have installed this firmware as it seemed to be the same problem as me…and now it doesn’t seem to pick anything up in the WEMOS status. I’ve rebooted wemos and the alarm and also waited 10+ mins.

just get

with no zones mentioned.

also i’ve tried to update to the firmware which you posted a few days ago on here, but same thing is happening. any ideas?

edit: ok I randomly managed to get it working and I “think” i’m running on the firmware you posted last october to sort that guys issue.
I can now see the device names correctly. And have the child devices created ok.

Still unsure how to alert upon alarm activation though.