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[RELEASE] Visonic Powermax Alarm


(Antonio) #327

Hi Chris,

I paused testing some weeks, and I am back now.

Everything was power off during these days, except the panel. I tried to bind a new sensor but the panel audio messages were broken and wrong, mixed and sometimes failes to start. I decided to power off the panel. As soon as I power on the panel I noticed something strange, “voice speeches” from the panel are broken again and mixed, it looks like the panel is corrupted. I switched off all power and backup batteries. When I plug everything again, the panel starts with a text “ICT - TEST” all the time, looping. After random tries, it stops and panel is ready, but wemos is not able to log in even with the master installer code. “Access denied”. “Voice speeches” from the panel are broken, but all the functions looks like working OK.


[6][serialHandler @ 34] — new packet 10:50:42 ----
[6][PowerMaxAlarm::handlePacket @ 1786] Command found: ‘Acknowledgement’
[6][serialHandler @ 34] — new packet 10:50:53 ----
[6][PowerMaxAlarm::handlePacket @ 1786] Command found: ‘Acknowledgement 2’
[6][serialHandler @ 34] — new packet 10:50:53 ----
[6][PowerMaxAlarm::handlePacket @ 1786] Command found: ‘Access denied’
[6][PowerMaxAlarm::OnAccessDenied @ 1288] Access denied

COMMS are OK, but I think that the panel memory is corrupted someway…

I have tried all the reset methods available (DEF jumper, RES jumper, panel options…). No way.

Same “ICT - TEST” messages and WEMOS with access denied logs.

Could you help with a reliable hardreset for the powermax+? Is there anyway to reset firmare / memory?

Thank you and have a nice weekend!


(Bart Bogaerts) #328

Hi Chris,

I am trying to send and receive messages via MQTT, but for some reason I can’t get a connection established with the board.
I set system to use MQTT and set a MQTT username and password. I am trying to connect via MyMQTT application on my Android phone to test connectivity (I would like to integrate it into Domoticz later)
In MyMQTT I specify the IP address of the ESP8266, but I am not 100% sure what port it using. I see in one of your posts above you can specify this on the settings page but I can’t find this anywhere.
If you have anymore information on how to use the program via MQTT it will be appreciated.

(cjcharles) #329

Hi all, sorry I’ve been off grid. Was my wedding this weekend so been a bit hectic!

As for audio problems on the Powermax plus, that’s strange, maybe send me a message about it and we can discuss, just trying to keep this thread clear of something during diagnosis!

The mqtt server and port are specified in the settings page, as the HA server and port. (Ha = home automation in this situation). Make sure you are using the latest firmware on the Wemos (I updated a couple of weeks ago).

(Bart Bogaerts) #330

Hi Chris,

I purchased a smartthings hub and did set-up the Wemos connections. This is all working fine with my Powermax Pro alarm. I can arm/disarm the alarm with no problems! I have also installed the 2 way relay board via option 1 (I think. I only have connection from the board to zone 29). Again this seems to be working fine when I trigger the alarm from Core (custom.AlarmTrigger). When the Alarm is armed the Alarm will go off. But when I trigger the alarm from Core when the alarm is not armed, I am only getting messages via phone about a tamper alarm. But the Siren doesn’t start. I have configured the zone 29 as a 24 Hours Audible.
Any ideas what I am missing? Do I need to wire the 2 way relay board via the other method, with also 1 connection to zone 30? If yes, do I also need to enroll zone30?
Bart Bogaerts

(cjcharles) #331

Hi @Bart_Bogaerts
Glad its almost all working smoothly! There are two things I would request/suggest:

  1. A quick fix might be to set the zone as a fire zone. That way it will report a fire alarm rather than burglar alarm, but should trigger the siren. I know its not technically correct, but unless you are using fire detectors then it is probably still a good solution.
  2. If you could trigger the alarm while disarmed, please can you send me the contents of IP_OF_WEMOS/status and that way I can check if the SmartThings device type handler is missing a definition. Possibly I havent set it to treat 24h Audible as an alarm condition. I have no idea why the alarm isnt sounding in this situation, it certainly looks like it should according to the specs… Perhaps there is another setting that needs to be changed in the installer settings.

In addition to this (or perhaps this is the best fix), you should check how you have wired the relay module to the zone pin (I think you may be missing a resistor or it might be in the wrong place) - hence the relay trigger is causing a tamper event rather than an alarm event. These are the resistances you should aim for between GND and Zone pin:
2.2k - Normal no event
4.4k - Alarm event
Infinite resistance - Tamper event

(Bart Bogaerts) #332

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your quick reply. When I change the zone to fire, I noticed in the recently tab of the Visonic alarm device that there was a tamper alarm sent, but also immediately a tamper restore is sent.
So I suppose I don’t have the relay module wired properly, but as far as I can tell it is exactly what is on the picture on GitiHub: and then the top picture.
I am afraid I don’t understand the wiring you describe above. Is that shown on the bottom part of the picture? If not do you have an updated picture?

(cjcharles) #333

Maybe take a photo of your connection? That way I can check you’ve got the pins on the relay connected correctly. That diagram on my Github still looks good to me… Perhaps your resistor in parallel with the relay is broken or not connected properly?

(cjcharles) #334

All sorted, just needed to change D6 to D7 in the settings page of the app. This was already tried, but due to SmartThings caching the settings, it can take a few hours before the change is actually applied! Hope that helps somebody else! (have updated Github with more detailed instructions)

(Phil) #335

I’m really struggling to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I brought the pre built wemo & deek, all received and setup following the instructions.

If I turn it on I get the dashboard screen, but status shows not ready. I have attached photos of my setup but for info I have the powermaster 30
I am connecting the same was as a previous poster (no deek), however have tried with and without the deek.
I am currently using the 5 volt, but has set it up on the 12v… no change.

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.



— UPDATE ----
So after resetting the Wemo & connecting the deek (android device) in the middle & double checking all connections I finally have it partially working with the powermaster 30.

It now shows up in Smartthings and I can arm, disarm etc so thats all good, however I can’t see any devices, and when I goto the sites webpage & click status it seems to reboot the wemo (uptime goes from x minutes to 0 again) I am not sure if this is usual or not?
Is there any work arounds for the powermaster 30 to get the devices listed? as I was hoping to utilise them in webcore :slight_smile:

(Phil) #336

Image 2

(Phil) #337

Image 3

(cjcharles) #338

Cool, so once you get to the point where you can arm/disarm I suggest that you create the tiles in SmartThings, and then see if the zones update (you should see them change from active to inactive I think).

Its possible with your model that you wont be able to get zone names as some Powermaster devices dont allow Powerlink2 enrolling, hence you just get the background status messages (but that includes arm/disarm and zone status, just missing zone name which you can add manually to the child devices - with a small modification). First Im keen to check the zone status messages are appearing.

(Phil) #339

I’ve added a new zone (zone9), checked the app and it appears, however they all show blank & inactive (see image)

(Phil) #340


So if you need me to run anything against the wemo or smartthings (other than I have already done) let me know, it does seem like they are all appearing as inactive, which as you mentioned above should be the right thing.
Is there anyway to test of they are indeed getting the signals for the status?
My guess would be: arm the system & trip a sensor? But wondered if there was a better way.

Cheers for the assist btw :slight_smile:

(cjcharles) #341

So just checking the alarm status updates when the alarm arms and disarms, but you havent seen any zone status changes when they are triggered?

Going to the status page triggers an enrollment currently, and that causes the Wemos to crash since the Powermaster sends so much data the Wemos cant cope with it. However we should be able to work around it! The easiest way to see the conversation between Wemos and Powermaster is by using a USB-SerialTTL dongle, since all comms are mirrored from the Powermax/Powermaster interface onto TX1 of Serial1 (I think this is D9 pin from memory) - this pin is different to Serial which connects to Powermax/Powermaster). This way you can confirm which messages are being sent and not-sent/not-understood. That would be the best starting place depending on how technical you are to set up a serial dongle and open a Serial interface on the computer? Ive tried everything to mirror commands to a telnet interface (as that way you dont need a PC near the Wemos), but the process of printing telnet messages causes enough delay that it breaks most comms between Wemos and Powermax/Powermaster.

(Phil) #342

Ok cool, I’ll have a look at getting one of these:

I will then let you know once I have it and connected through putty to get the console view.

Cheers & happy new year

(cjcharles) #343

Thanks. These sorts of things are much cheaper on ebay nowadays: (there are cheaper versions but this one comes with the dupont leads aswell)

(Phil) #344

I’ve ordered one, which should be here Thursday for me to play with.
However I’ve just fired up the alarm, the tripped a number of the sensors:

I think that it’s working but cant tell me the names, however will see more once I have the pc connected

(cjcharles) #345

I expect there are some new groups and IDs that might be needed to pull all names out of Powermaster - What was it that you were using? (was it anything alarm related or was it the Wemos doing the control?).

Pulling zone names out of the system will not happen without enrolling - and I dont think that is possible due to the way Powermaster is built… However zone activity should be easy enough!

(Phil) #346

I fired the arm via the smartthings classic app & then walked into the room with the 4 sensors (silly I know) and then used the app to disarm again.