[RELEASE] Virtual Garage Door Opener/Controller with Relays and Contact/Tilt/Door Sensors

Virtual Garage Door Manager SmartApp - v01.01.00

  • Optional use of acceleration sensor to detect garage door movement when initialized physically
  • Refresh garage door state every 5 minutes

Virtual Garage Door Controller Device Handler - v01.00.00

  • < no change >

I thought the SmartApp will tell us when a new version is available. if it does this, where do you see it?

It checks for an update once a week and will send a push notification.

Great, so in other words a week from today I would get an alert? It would be nice if this was configurable.

Will this work with the Aeotec Garage Door Controller?

That’s an integrated garage door controller, this is for build a custom garage door opener using various sensors.

See the first post or below for a link to an integrated garage door device handler. However that one doesn’t have support for advanced features of the Aeotec model. If we get enough requests for the device we can build support for it.

I have run into a slight problem, not sure if it is the Smartapp, DTH or something else. My system as you know has a Inovelli Dual Channel Smart plug.

  1. When I open my garage door and close it everything is fine
  2. If I open my wife’s garage door there isn’t a problem,
  3. But when I close it I see the Parent channel flashes on then off then on and the door closes, but the Parent shows on even when it is off.
    So not sure if it is something related to the Smartapp or DTH, Or a quirk with ST.
  4. If I hit the refresh button on the outlet it reverts to the state it is actually in. Which is closed.

These all appear to be related your outlet/plug device handler. You’ll have to contact the author of the outlet device handler.

I think it might be that, I have posted in their thread.

Is it possible to make the relay switch (momentary switch) stay on slightly longer? I am using this relay: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ER6MH22?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

But I often have to try twice for it to work…I don’t think it is running long enough for my garage door to operate.


For my second garage I ordered the mimolite with a hard wired sensor…does this work fine with the rboyapp?

I am using this now and I am very pleased… One question is related to the optional alert sound.you have included, but that I am not using. Would it be difficult to tie a delay in to the door trigger, so that if you used the alert sound option - you could make it more like the goControl door opener and have a couple seconds of sound (and maybe light) before the door was triggered to activate? Thanks.

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I have a sound question also, I have it turned on to admit a sound from my IRIS keypad, but no sound is heard, then tried with Aeon Siren same result., any ideas? Or could it be made to use a connected speaker?

I think that’s very do able, please send in the request to our support team so we can prioritize it.

@joelw135 we tried the IRIS keypad also and I think it’s an issue with the device handler since I can’t get that device to beep anywhere.

Basically if your device supports the capability “tone”, it should work fine. I know someone else had tried a Chime device (Aeon?) sometime ago with another SmartApp that supports beep and it didn’t work. You can verify with the device author if the device supports the command “beep”

The Aeon Siren using the custom device type supports beep, as I use it for my exit delay. I don’t know what is causing the thing to not beep.

Now that we have the beep setup and working, is there a way to make it beep a number of times spaced across the opening and closing?

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Yes that’s in the next update but we’re going to fix it to 5 beeps in 5 seconds before each close to keep the app simple.

EDIT: It will beep only once for opening without a delay

That will do very well.

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Virtual Garage Door Manager SmartApp - v01.02.00

  • Increase relay contact time for wider compatibility
  • Alert device will beep for 5 seconds before closing the garage

Virtual Garage Door Controller Device Handler - v01.00.00

  • < no change >

Since the big ST “crash” last week the response from Alexa to “Alexa, open the big garage door” is now “Big garage door doesn’t support that” instead of simply opening the door.

“Open the big garage door” and “Shut (CLOSE command has never worked) the big garage door” were working fine since I set it up 6 weeks or so ago.

Any suggestions?