[RELEASE] Virtual Device Sync - Create Virtual Devices and Keep Them In Sync With a Physical Device

Are these smart app compatible with new ST app?.
I have stuck at install this app on the phone after SmartApp and DTH added to Smartthings IDE.
It loop at Processing… for such a long time and I have to kill the app and restart it over but no success.

Works for me on Android. Maybe try to clear the app data . . . or wait a few days and SmartThings will probably fix something.

It works now, I disable my Pi-Hole ad blocks then it just work.
It is some how block the installation of the app.

Thanks for doing all this work. I followed all the instructions and I am using the new ST app (I think the classic is gone now anyway).
I did the virtual switch code installed via my dashboard IDE on the computer, and published it. but is will not show up on the phone app. Does this take time to show up or did I miss a step? I am far from a programmer or computer wiz so any help would be appreciated. Would like to get this relay to work.