[RELEASE] Verisure integration


Sorry for the delay, but at least one of them has been integrated now. :slight_smile: The contact sensors are now in place, update from Github. :slight_smile: Huge thanks to @origami for doing the work.

Do remember though that it’s not instant. Verisuse is “polled” about once every minute. So it is actually possible to open the door and close it again withouth ST actually catching that. It is best suited for stuff like “did I forget to close the back door” etc.

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Great - thanks a lot. I really appreciate your work :smiley:

Perfect! I have been looking forwars to this

Hi Andreas,
New pull request is created.

There is DH for Verisure Door Lock Status (Yale Doorman) on git. It shows only status (locked/unlocked) in mobile app. No actions to initiate lock/unlock. Some more attributes are visible in devices tab in Web IDE.


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Merged now. :slight_smile:

Hello, I have yaledoorman v2n but I cant get it to show up.Ive installed everything and published but i only get this:

First, thanks for the work on this integration :slight_smile: Looks great.
Second, I have a problem with logon, is it possible it’s because Im using the verisure alarm in Portugal?

The error log is as follows:

11:50:06: debug [verisure.handleLoginResponse] Response has error. sessionCookie and installationId is reset: {“errorGroup”:“UNAUTHORIZED”,“errorCode”:“AUT_00004”,“errorMessage”:“Invalid username/password/authentication method combination”}

c727c9b4-31f2-4e28-9930-0a6a41732c39 11:50:06: error [verisure.handleLoginResponse] Did not get correct response. Got response physicalgraph.scheduling.AsyncResponse@33e9b36f .

c727c9b4-31f2-4e28-9930-0a6a41732c39 11:50:06: debug [verisure.handleLoginResponse] Response for login received

c727c9b4-31f2-4e28-9930-0a6a41732c39 11:50:06: debug [verisure.loginAndUpdateStates] Doing login

c727c9b4-31f2-4e28-9930-0a6a41732c39 11:50:06: debug [verisure.checkPeriodically] Periodic check from timer

c727c9b4-31f2-4e28-9930-0a6a41732c39 11:50:06: debug [verisure.transaction] ===== START_UPDATE

Looks like there are two different platforms, one for US, other for EU.
Found some documentation here: GitHub - Cebeerre/SecuritasDirectAPI: Securitas Direct API specification
Unfortunately dont know yet if the communication format is the same or not.


I have installed it and i see the Verisure device and it say connected, but i dont see anything else?
And if i look in the log i get tihs error

The log is saying

physicalgraph.app.exception.UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘Verisure Door Lock Status’ in namespace ‘smartthings.f12.no’ not found. @line 366 (doCall)

Any one got any idee?

Best regards