[Release] Vehicle Remote Start (SmartStart) Integration

@vietquocnguyen Yep! I’m interested!!

@guarddog13 is there anyway you can share your piston with webCoRe on that autostart schedule? I’m trying to do the same thing but can’t seem to figure it out yet. That would be greatly appreciated.

Notice that the viper isn’t part of the Piston. It had several issues directly with webCoRE so I am sending an IFTTT maker event that just triggers the viper switch via the IFTTT/Smartthings integration. It starts my car nearly flawlessly and if it fails i get a notification from Rob’s IFTTT maker event.

Sorry that it’s long I have an irregular schedule at work.

The contact sensors are gcal events that I utilize so the car is aware of my changing schedule.

The get requests are voice or push notifications to my phone via Autoremote to tasker.

Can I edit this? Do I use the same contact sensors, and are those just like a virtual sensor or do you actually have that? what is a gcal event? Sorry for all the questions, I’m still a little new to this stuff. How do I make it so that it starts my truck every three hours if it’s below -20C? And I’d also like the notification if it fails.

When I’m back home either tonight or tomorrow I’ll make one that’s a bit more scaled back. I’ll ask questions and set one up based on your needs. The problem is if you want to start it every 3 hours you’re going to meet your limits with Viper. They will likely charge you a huge premium or shut you off before your Annual plan is up. You have to limit your over the air transmissions. They allow 5000 calls per annual plan.

In Rob’s app (smartthings) if you go to the settings and scroll to the bottom you can enter your ifttt api key and a maker event that will send an ifttt trigger notification. I have mine throwing a virtual switch that sends a notification via tasker again lol.

Oh really? I didn’t know that. I’m ok with the 3 hour interval based on night time hours only. Daytime doesn’t matter. Thanks man

So what are your needs? You just need it to fire on every 3 hours if below -20C, at night? I’m just curious but why?

I’m just trying to make it easier for me instead of having to plug it in. Smart start has the option to set a schedule for when it goes below a certain temperature, but it’s only for a reminder to start the vehicle. That doesn’t help me any, I’d like it to actually start itself. I suppose it could be set to start during daytime hours as well at that temperature, it doesn’t stay that cold during the day very often anyway. What is your opinion?

I’ll set something up after the Super Bowl. Lol

Nice. Thanks man, I really appreciate that. Enjoy the game

Something like this? Lock 2 is your smart start.

Awesome, thanks Ryan. I changed the lock 2 to my own device name. How do I know if it actually works? I click on Test Piston but nothing happens.

Also, how do I get it to send me a text notification if it fails to start?

thanks again!

Best way to test it just change the temp to a higher temperature and wait for the time. Change it back after you test it.

You have to use an IFTTT maker event. See screen shots. You’ll first make a webhook service on IFTTT. That’ll provide you with an api key. Enter that like in my screen shot. You’ll then have to make a IFTTTT trigger based off what you name it. When it fails it’ll send a notification via ifttt.

Nice, it just worked. I just left it the way it was and it started right on its next schedule. When I tested it this morning it said it fire on the next 3 hour interval, which was just now, and it started. That’s great.

I really want to thank you for your help! Much appreciated.

I’ll have to try and figure out the IFTTT integration as you explained to give me a notification.

Thanks again.

Oh wait, I need to edit my email, so the truck started as scheduled, but it already stopped. Why would that be, any ideas? It should run for I believe it’s 15 minutes, as it shows if I use the app to start it. Do I need to have some kind of setting like that in the piston as well?

So I checked the activity log on th ST app and it shows that the piston sent a start request to my remote starter alright, but then it did it again one minute later and a minute later again, up to seven times at one scheduled interval. Therefore the truck only started once and ran for one minute and then stopped. How do I change that, or is there a way to change that?

Thats why I did it by making a call to ifttt. For some reason the smart start doesn’t always play nice with webCoRE. I tried to simplify yours hoping it was just mine that did it. I had to basically make a work around using webCoRE’s integration with ifttt which then tied into the ifttt integration with smartthings. It’s convulted and difficult to explain. If you can wait until my next day off (Thursday) I can make a Piston for you and create a walkthru for my workaround.

Absolutely. Thanks man. I read about someone having that issue with Viper and webCoRe as well. Maybe it was you. Lol…

I’ll wait to hear from you on Thursday. Where are you located?

It was me lol. I’m in Michigan in the States. I’m guessing I’m one of the few that own smart start that utilize the way I do. I enjoy telling people I work with that my car auto starts based outside temperature and my schedule lol. My wife gave up on guessing if I could do anymore automation lmao.