[Release] Vehicle Remote Start (SmartStart) Integration

Well you can try logging into https://colt.calamp-ts.com/ directly it might give you more information. This device handler will only work if you can authenticate there. The credentials are the same there as in the smartstart app.

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Thanks… Actually looking through the code I did try this and logging fails here as well, however I have no problem logging in with the smart start app is successful.

Hmm well, do you want to share a link to which SmartStart app you are using? Might sound silly but there are numerous.


This is the one I am using - Viper SmartStart by Directed

Meh fair enough. I’m using the same (Android) one. If your using your full email and the same password in the smart app as well I’m not sure what to tell you.

One final thought, because of the way directed has access to their API designed everything needs to be HTTP encoded. If that doesn’t make sense to you don’t worry, but the implications are that some special characters might not encode correctly. You might try and change your password, if only for a test to be as simple as possible. If it still doesn’t work I’m at a loss. If it does work simplified you could try to complicate it one character at a time to see which special characters might be causing the problem. Just a thought.


Thanks for your reply - that all makes total sense. I was even able to set a password without special characters and no capitals without luck!

This is unfortunate - thanks again for your help… I’ll keep digging and let you know if I come across anything.

I’m having the same issue as well… let me know if you work it out. It’s working fine on the iphone app but the DTH isn’t working.

So I did a little bit of digging on my side, I installed Charles Proxy on my iphone to see what it was doing, it seems like my app is directing to services.mysmartstart.com

I’ve now got the responses as human readable… @rleonard55, if you were interested in helping me get this working, I’d be appreciative!

I’m guessing it’s the same issue as @Tony_Genovese. Tony - what version and build is your app on? It’s in the help section at the bottom… also, how old is your install? I’m wondering if Viper updated it’s backend for newer versions.


Sure if you want to send it over to me in a direct message. That said, if this is calls from the working native ios viper app I’m not sure it will be fruitful but I’ll take a look.

OK, I’ll DM you tomorrow what I’ve found out… and then we can go from there! Are you on Android? My wife’s Android build is 152, version 5.0.2

I remember the installer telling me that viper had moved onto their own hardware / service, rather than something shared (which is what I imagine the calamp-ts stuff is), which is probably why I’m getting directed to something else. He said it was something to do with the DS4 models, which is what I have.

I’ll DM tomorrow as it’s late and I need some time to give you a good breakdown of what I’ve discovered…

It would be awesome if this leads to state recognition. Lol

You mean getting a state returned from the vehicle… like whether it’s locked or armed or such?

Like this… :sweat_smile:

Getting a state return from a call is one thing… the smart things app knowing state even if i press the button on my keypad is another.

From what I’ve experienced in the very little time that I’ve had the starter is this:

If I lock/unlock/start the car from the app, the key fob will make a noise to inform that something is happening. However, the mazda we have will lock automatically if you walk away from the car more than 6 feet. in this instance, the viper isn’t aware of the change of state that the car made on it’s own.

I looked at your screenshots and as you mentioned it is difficult to discern all the particulars over that medium. I does appear that the calls are at least initially going to a different place though I’m not completely convinced that they don’t end up at calamp since doing a cursory Google search it like like DS4 is still a directed service and not a viper exclusive https://www.directed.com/ds4/downloads/DS4-Catalog.pdf Thhough the line in that doc states DS4 as having the ability to “Easy upgrade to Directed SmartStart for the ultimate in vehicle remote start, control, and GPS features.” seems to suggest that DS4 might start as a ‘stunted’ (Bluetooth?) only feature that offers the ability to use the ‘full’ features with an upgrade.

Out of curiosity have you attempted to do the “forgot your password” https://colt.calamp-ts.com/dashboard/login#manage_devices link just to see if that led anywhere helpful? If not it’s worth a shot. It might be that viper has introduced an intermediary web service to weed out superfluous calls to calamp (and that cost) or to help increase speeds. They also might have started having techs put smartstart devices under their umbrella account and controlling them directly and have users auth against viper instead and send requests to their service before they deciding to forward them along or not. Either way, I would give the forgot password link a shot, it would be interesting to see what (if anything) that adds to the conversation.


Hi Rob,

My setup in the Mazda is 2 components, there’s a DS4 remote starter which works with the fobs and bluetooth on the app in very close range and then I have a secondary module which is the smartstart module - this enables the LTE/4G and GPS Capabilities. So it’s more modular. I’ll see if I can get the exact product numbers when I’m at home tonight. So mine is already upgraded to the Directed SmartStart.

From what my installer said, Directed / Viper with this new technology are moving onto their own hardware / infrastructure rather than shared (I think Calamp was shared with more than just Directed Brands). He also said they’re using multiple LTE carriers whereas before they were limited to one and the coverage wasn’t great. He had to go to the top of the hill to test older smartstart installs.

I tried Calamp again, tried the forgot password and no luck…

So I installed the Directed SmartStart app, and that allows you to select brand (excluding Viper), but it did let me log in with my Viper credentials. It also does resolve all of it’s auth and commands to mysmartstart.com and www.vcp.cloud so I believe they’re using the same backend for all of their new services.

That all may be true, I don’t know for sure. I suppose it could be something regional or the case that one region moves before the rest. Only time will tell. Either way it doesn’t look like this setup will work for you. I don’t have access to test out anything so I’m afraid that I can’t be of any more help you. If you end up finding a Smartthings solution for your setup, please let us know here and I’ll include a link in the OP.

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Thanks Rob. I’m in PA so I’d be surprised if it’s regional. I’ll continue my hunt for a solution and let you know if I find anything!



I figured out the api for vcp.cloud. Let me know if you’re interested. I didn’t want to take up all that time publishing it when no one is interested.