[Release] Vehicle Remote Start (SmartStart) Integration

I wonder if I could get this to stop if I just go make a virtual switch and have it triggered by webCoRE and IFTTT. I need webCoRE to only trigger it once and maybe ifttt wont try to flip it so many times.

That’s actually the best thing. I’m just taking webCoRE out of the picture, other than to make a webhook. That even makes it so i can add the lock back on my pistons.

Cool cool. I am testing an update that is both speeding up things and making it more reliable as well. I have also added in a state ‘lock’ that ‘ignores’ a request while the device is working on another. Seems decent so far. If I don’t see any major issues I’ll push it up to the GITHUB repo in the next day or so.


Awesome I’m looking forward to it. Using a webhook made it perfect. It doesn’t try to send 5 commands anymore.

Will that fix it so if webCoRE attempts to send triples it won’t keep accepting them? Could you build a timer into that? Looking at my screenshot from this morning that was a two minute period of my car starting and shutting down in a loop.

Best answer… maybe but prob not completely. It does, generally, complete quicker with the (now published) update but web calls are still subject to a host of potential issues and slowdowns. The retrying that webcore is doing make perfect sense for the smart devices that it is intending to control IE switches / bulbs /etc unfortunately this type of stateless api control of an occasionally connected devices that does not issue status updates is not a place where it can shine brightest. That said, in addition to completing quicker it will actively ignore incoming commands while it is processing a request and if retries are allowed (I would recommend it within reason) it will retry only the parts of the request that are absolutely necessary to complete. Of course and as always YMMV.

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Thank you so much. FYI at line 79 you have “Unlocking” spelled Unocking. I changed it on my end just because it helped ease my OCD brain lol.

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I don’t know what you did but an amazing update. Your device handler is faster than the native app.

Thanks, glad you’re getting some use out of it too. Thanks for the note. Have a good holiday.

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You as well.

With your handler the smart start is my favorite automation purchase. I actually bought the particular starter i did because i found your DTH. I live in Michigan, it’s the most useful device i have lol.

@Vince_Cali if you write me i could assit in getting you started.

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Any idea if this would work with MyCar smart start ?

I wish it would work with Ford Remote Access http://www.fordremoteaccess.com/en/

Short answer, no idea for sure. If you are taking about this https://mycarcontrols.com/#compatibility it mentions directed at a “partner” not not how they work with them. If you try it let us know and we can update the op though.


It works with my directed smart start

I assumed it was only setup for specific brands. I’ll try installing tonight and see what’s what. I can’t do anything from work, but I did try logging into that website you linked on that old thread and was getting a login error

Hello @rleonard55 - first off thanks for sharing this device handler! I got this setup very quickly, however I keep getting a 401 Authentication Error… The username, password, and vehicle name are entered in the device I created assuming its case sensitive and I have checked the credentials several times… any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

Rob @rleonard are you having any issues getting commands to send today? Any command I’ve sent has retried and then errored out. Some will work and claim it’s erroring out, but most just don’t work.

Not necessarily but you might try to change the password especially which special characters you might be using. I end up needing to http encode them so don’t don’t work the best.


I have a remote start for my Honda but there is.no app. It’s a fob. Would this work for my car? I would love to tell alexa start my car.

Nope sorry this only works for those who l backed by the directed web portal (listed in op). That said, you aren’t out of options entirely. You could look at something like the ways ultrazerro mentions https://community.smartthings.com/t/remote-car-starter-integration/41108/8

Thanks for the reply - I have tried several passwords, simple and complex and still having this issue… Any other ideas?