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[RELEASE: v6.7] ActionTiles (formerly called "SmartTiles V6")

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:whoopsie​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: wait till terry sees this

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Haven’t announced the exact Black Friday / Cyber Weekend deals for ActionTiles yet, but:

  1. All “Free Trials” have been reset. If you’ve tried ActionTiles in the past, at least 7 more free days are available. Just login, “Add Location” if necessary, and explore all the “new stuff”. Click for Release Notes.

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Thanks and Joyous Thanksgivings!

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Anyone else having problems with AT in Firefox (on Windows 10) after the latest (Firefox) update?
The ST page opens very slowly, sometimes only halfway, and frequently causes the tab to crash. Most of the time the panel opens halfway and then freezes.
Media tiles (for security cameras) don’t open at all.
No issues in Chrome and IE with the same Panel on the same laptop.

I’m running the latest FF and have no problem with the app. We have no other reports of such issue. Maybe try refreshing the browser’s cache.

In order to assist us better, please contact us at This allows us to track issues better and provide you with the best possible service.


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Please take advantage of our Black Friday deals!

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My solution for the Arlo integration is the new Fire HD 10 with hands free Alexa. Alexa has the feed from arlo. Brand new to ActionTiles but I have the Fully Kiosk set up. If I want to see a live feed, “Alexa, show me the Driveway Camera” <5 seconds I have the live feed in full screen. Literally got the HD10 yesterday so haven’t used it enough to discover any bugs. But it works for now.

I made a short video. Link is unlisted but video is not private.

  1. Like I said I am brand new to ActionTiles so ignore the basic panel ~less than 30 mins of work on it.
  2. I just got off a midnight shift if I sound drunk I am just tired.

I have network speakers. How do I select them as the audio destination

May I share this on the ActionTiles YouTube channel, @BoonDR Dan?

Yes you may.

I just wasn’t trying to get overwhelmed with people looking for Fire HD stuff and the dregs of the internet commenting. Reason I made it is for sharing within the HA community because it was my first idea I didn’t need a tutorial for.

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Minor bugs/issues I have noticed with the Fire 10/Arlo integration.

1: For some reason it only has 2 options for wake words “Alexa” or “Amazon” but it does have the ‘ESP’ I haven’t had any issues with the ecobee4 around the corner. And “Amazon” is awkward for me.

2:After viewing a live feed say “Alexa, stop”, if you simply use the back key or ask Alexa to view a different camera she will take the instruction but the Netgear feed just ignores it until you end the last one.

  1. You cannot interact with Arlo beyond the video feeds. IE no arm/disarm(If Arlo was in grade school he would get “needs improvement” in all areas of “Plays well with others”

4: I can’t imagine why anyone would get an Echo Show unless they really want better speakers. The mic(just one) on the Fire HD 10 has not been an issue. I am tempted to buy another Fire 10 while they are on sale. It isn’t the best tablet but it may be one the best tablets for a home control panel.


I figured out that the issue is related to the security camera feeds of my media tiles. The D-Link plug-in which is required to display video in a browser, does not seem to be working in the updated FF. That in turn, causes FF to hang when displaying an any ActionTiles panel containing a media tile for any of the D-link cameras.
I got the plug-in to work for a while (during which time the panel worked fine), until a restart of FF. After the restart, the plug-in is no longer detected by FF causing the panel to hang and FF to crash after a few minutes. (The panel’s tiles populate from the top of the page until it gets to a media tile for a security camera. At that point, it stops loading tiles until FF eventually crashes.)

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Cyber Monday 2017/11/27 Sale:

a road map gives people something to look forward to and adds value, plus will increase tremendous amount of buyers. If people try the application and they feel something is missing they can look at the roadmap and purchase the product expecting that the change will be implemented. I think this is a good idea to incorporate road maps.

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From a customer perspective it would be nice, but let me play devil’s advocate for a moment. Let’s say that you have this beautiful roadmap and you see something on this roadmap slated for 3 months down the road and the only reason you are purchasing ActionTiles is for that one enhancement that is shown that is coming. Now 3 months from now, whether there is a change in technology from either SmartThings or something that just doesn’t allow that enhancement or feature to be implemented, and ActionTiles comes back to you and says sorry, we won’t be able to deliver on that, as a customer you are going to be irate and demand your money back for them not delivering on a promise.

You are purchasing the product for what it can do for you today and if it isn’t something that works for someone, they aren’t going to purchase it now.

From becoming a customer earlier this year with the release of ActionTiles and all the enhancements and features they have added, this product just continuously gets even better than it already is, but don’t expect them to deliver a roadmap of expected deliverables or promises especially when their existence is highly reliant/dependent on how SmartThings operates and functions today. JMHO :slight_smile:

FYI: There have been a ton of requests submitted in the ActionTiles community by all of us community members/customers and a ton of those requests have been voted on, approved and implemented into AT, so if you have a great recommendation for something you would love to see in a future release, submit it at and if it’s something that is seen as beneficial to the app we can all vote and if it gains enough traction, the development team just may deliver on it.


i understand and it is a good point but you can always add a disclaimer that fixes that issue. Road maps show constant progress and direction from a customer stand point and shows that they are working on things in a prioritize fashion. Increases trust and innovation in the future for the product. Will also limit and prevent the same request from being submitted. if people see it on the road map they will not ask again about a feature therefore reducing the support noise and letting them focus more on progress rather than constantly responding to the same request. just my thoughts, i have always seen this as a good thing rather then buying a product and not knowing if they are working on things in the future or just stopped development.

I totally understand that, but being on both sides of this fence as a customer and also a developer in another field, my experience with these generic roadmaps is that they are seen by a majority of people as an expectation, a guaranteed delivery, or a promise. It’s a slippery slope from the company standpoint. Take Samsung for example and their televisions that they were working on delivering with hub functionality. How many customers purchased tvs with the expectation of this and are still screaming about it in the community, because Samsung took a different course from what they initially stated about all televisions in 2017 having this functionality.

If you goto the forum, it’s got everything that’s currently open for discussion, planned, started, being voted on with all comments and replies. Yes, it’s a bit messy but if you list everything that is planned or started you can see the roadmap of things they are working on. It’s not the consolidated list you are looking for, but it’s there.

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Thanks for the feedback, Raymond (and thanks to our Devil’s Advocate @WB70 :smiling_imp: too!).

You make great points, but it really comes down to this:

Customers love product roadmaps: but Vendors don’t.

While we and most companies are “customer focused”, this is one area where businesses are punished if they try to accommodate. Unfortunately, the risks to the business outweigh the benefits by far.

SmartThings themselves used to telegraph quite a lot about their upcoming expected features… But they stopped that completely just a few months after Hub V2 & App V2 was released. I’ll leave it up to the reader to research the various expectations that were set in 2015, and customer reactions to them … and discover that SmartThings customers, on average, are actually much happier now with less information!

You’ll also notice that one of the most successful gadgets in the world never has its future features published until delivered: the Apple iPhone.

We emphasize that each customer should purchase an ActionTiles license based only upon what they experience during their free trial period(s) — not with any expectations of future features or even specific bug fixes. We want to delight you… Not disappoint you. :smile:


That holds true so long as the Apple Engineer’s daughter doesn’t record video of the phone and it’s features and posts it on Youtube before it’s official release. That’s a roadmap that gets you fired :grin:

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Today I learned ActionTiles uses Firebase…which is currently down? :slight_smile:

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