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[Release] V2 of LANNouncer


As announced previously in the LANNouncer Announcement Thread, LANNouncer is a combination Device Handler, SmartApp and Android app bringing text-to-speech to SmartThings through Android devices.

A few months ago I added GCM (Google Messaging) support, allowing IFTTT to interact with LANNouncer directly also.

This month I’ve added:

  • Custom audio files - select your own sounds
  • Stop command - because you may only want that sound until it is acknowledged via Aeon Remote (e.g.)
  • WAN support - because GCM is, it turns out, often slow and unreliable. And you might not want Google knowing everything about you

There are some other goodies and stability fixes also.

Head over to the main discussion page for more. As always, you can get everything from the LANnouncer web page, and the app either from there or from the Google Play Store.


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