[Release] [V 1.2] Kodi Manager - integrate and control Kodi with Smartthings


(Gene Clark) #81

@north3221 I’ve got a couple questions about this setup - what are these settings for in the device? Do they do anything?

Also what commands do I use in webCoRE? Am I actually using the commands for pause, play, etc.?

(Gene Clark) #82

Couple things - this does two way communication? So like I could use a callback to trigger a SmartThings action? If so how do I do that? Say for example playing Kodi dims all lights. I’ve got it working only one way now - from SmartThings to Kodi via virtua momentary buttons but not sure I’m taking full advantage of the callbacks feature.

Also what does this button do?

(Todd M) #83

For those interested in controlling Kodi with webCoRE. You can control many things within Kodi with webCoRE. For instance, Play Track works very well. I was wanting to pass a playlist name from webCoRE to Kodi and play it. There is NOT a Play Playlist command in webCoRE. I had to learn to use JSON RPC and access the Kodi API to do that. The setup is a bit tricky. But it took literally two lines of webCoRE code to do it. See here for the details.

(Gene Clark) #84

Ultimately I wish there was a way to use Alexa to control Kodi without having to setup all the code in WS and Lambda. I’ve seen these but never set them up and unsure how well they work or what the difference between them is since they’re made by the same guy.


It looks like “on playback started” does not trigger properly anymore on Kodi 18.
This is also being discussed on the Callback Kodi forum…
Any solution/alternatives/ideas?

(Todd M) #86

I use Kanzi and it is fantastic. And I have been writing Webcore pistons to interact with Kanzi for specific tasks.


Same for me on Kodi 18. This was working great on 17. I’m using this in conjunction with CoRE to control two different sets of lights based on Kodi events. I’m running Kodi on an nvidia shield and it upgraded to 18 all on its own (even though I have autoupdate turned off). It still seems to recognize playback paused and resumed, but the playback started function is broken. If this doesn’t get fixed or another solution doesn’t present itself, I’ll have to go back to 17 as painful of a process as that is. It was a little cumbersome to set this up, but it works great on 17.

(KroLeXz) #88

is this project still being worked on?