[Release] Updated Open Source Ecobee Device Type and SmartApps

This is an unfortunate example of the down side of open source… a great
concept realized and implemented and then… is it the chicken or the
egg… and who was on first?

I actually beg to differ.

I undertook a near-total overhaul of the existing implementation. From the outset, I knew the result would be radically different from Sean’s. It was also not a collaborative development - I sought to implement things in a manner different from the existing work, intentionally so as to improve the operational efficiency of the implementation, and to support additional features. The existing architecture simply would not have been able to be “incrementally updated” to achieve my objectives.

While Sean did begin the attempt to re-integrate, he quickly found that there weren’t really “modular improvements” that could be added to his code, tested and released…it is more an all-or-nothing overhaul.

So, I took some open source, re-engineered it into a very different implementation, but keeping with the look and feel and operational interfaces as defined by SmartThings and Sean. I don’t see this as a “down side” of open source…rather, the availability of this accelerated my efforts to build a robust alternative to the pay-gate Ecobee DTH offered elsewhere. And I am now well into new enhancements and integrations (Ask Alexa, for example) that further distance this implementation from prior works.

In the end, we have 3 related but not differing implementations: the original from SmartThings, the enhanced version that Sean built on top of that, and the one I’ve built upon the cornerstone of Sean’s work. That they aren’t all “evolutions” within a single GitHub tree is (IMHO) not really all that important…

And FWIW, Sean is free to take the leap of faith and just drop my complete current code on top of his existing version. GitHub will not be able to cleanly identify all the individual changes, and he will lose my evolutionary steps that got me where this is today. Heck, he could even go back and start from the beginning of my branch (which was in fact copied, just not forked, from his implementation), and then roll the last 6 months of evolution into his tree.

Understanding this is both unlikely and unnecessary, I have instead created a separate branch for my own implementation. Use it (for free) if you like, or ignore it…makes no matter to me…

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Is it the lite model?

Yes, my DTH supports all ecobee models (3, lite and 4), as well as most other ecobee thermostats (smart, smart si and even ems).

Has there been any progress in setting a minimum fan runtime per comfort setting or during a mode change? I’d like to run the fan in sleep mode only a few times a night, but not all day.

Would it be possible to modify the handler to allow another smartapp to toggle the fan? So I could use a schedule to turn the fan on and off outside of Ecobees minimum fan time setting?

I know you directed your questions to @StrykerSKS, but I thought I would mention that my version includes a Smart Circulation helper app that can be configured to accomplish what you want, including different cycle times for different ST Modes or Ecobee Climates/Programs. Just set the min and max to your desired minutes per hour (same value for both), choose the Mode/Program, and you should be good. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you. You can find the latest info on my Ecobee Suite here: [RELEASE] The Best FREE Ecobee DTH and Helper SmartApps - Now with Ask Alexa Message Queue Support, and an Enhanced User Experience!


Thanks, I will give it a try. Do I need to remove all of Stryker Ecobee Connect apps and start clean or can I just add Smart Circulation helper to my existing setup?

Most users report that you don’t need to remove Stryker’s, but you do need to install (overwrite, save, and publish) my entire package on top of your existing Device Handers and SmartApps. See the instructions on my GitHub for the list of files, and the repository linkage info for the SmartThings IDE.

ALSO - your install will likely throw errors until you publish all of the DTHs and Apps - run Ecobee (Connect) when you are done updating and double-check your preferences, re-authenticate (even if it says you don’t need to), then hit Done to re-initialize everything internally. Then you should be good to go…

Given the chaos of the two versions and the lack of time on my part to reverse engineer every change that was made, I basically gave up trying to merge the two.

I wish that a true fork had occurred and that we could have collaborated. Instead, we now have the two different versions.

Since the momentum is now with Barry’s version I’ve pretty much stopped working on my version.

My original plan was to enhance the stock version but SmartThings was completely unresponsive in taking updates even after they were reviewed by their engineers. So it felt like a complete dead end from that perspective as well.

I’m even considering shifting my entire focus over to a truly opensource project where the entire platform is opensource and all the contributions are centralized and maintained.

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First, thanks to @StrykerSKS for his significant investment into this platform - I would never had undertaken my overhaul without the strength of the base that Sean had built.

Second, Yes, I made massive changes to the implementation, necessitated to change from the heavy full-data polling to the new, lightweight changes-only model. And thanks again to Sean - he steered me away from mistakes I wouldn’t have known about without his insight.

Third, I certainly made changes at a very rapid pace, a pace that would have overwhelmed most anyone trying to maintain a centralized clearing house for the code base.

So, all that said, I don’t know how many user/devs would want to engage in a collaborative effort, but if someone has the time to manage such an open source collaboration, I happily submit my version as the starting foundation.

I myself cannot provide the necessary oversight, and I have no interest in preventing others from extending what I’ve built over the past 6 months. With the recent addition of Ask Alexa messageQ integration, my Backlog is basically complete…

Thanks again, Sean!!!


I’m getting the SmartThings message saying ecobee has been disconnected again. It started 2 days ago. Was something updated?

Which version are you using:

  1. Standard SmartThings
  2. @StrykerSKS
  3. @storageanarchy

If #1, check with SmartThings support.

If #2 or #3, did you install any code updates recently? If so, what is the version number of your Ecobee (Connect) app (it’s at the bottom of the preferences setup screen).

HI. I’m using the @StrykerSKS version. I haven’t installed anything recently. It’s been up and running just fine for at least over a month. Then suddenly two days ago the SmartThings messages have been happening. When I check the logs, it reconnects almost immediately. It happened once or twice on Tuesday and then 3 or 4 times yesterday. I haven’t had any other changes to the network infrastructure, though yesterday afternoon I installed a Rachio irrigation system but that was after this all started.

If you haven’t installed anything recently, then it is a problem with the Ecobee cloud. Others are reporting similar experiences…

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Hi Barry. I really like your DTH, looks excellent!
Just have a couple of questions I’ll be greatfull if you can answer them:

  1. Is it possible to change the temperture scale and commands from F to C?
  2. Is it possible to turn OFF the thermostat? In a way it won’t start working with any kind of temperature changes.

The thermostat DTH uses the temperature scale you have chosen for your SmartThings location, so yes, it can be either F or C.

Turning off is not a current feature of my DTH. You can, of course, turn your ecobee off using the Ecobee app. I will look into a way to implement this.

Same here. It happens at least 4 times a day. Is there an option to turn the notification off? With so many notifications a day, I just ignore it now. Thanks!

Hey again Barry
Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the temperatures in C. I checked the settings for my ST Hub’s location in both my phone and computer, and it’s configured in Celsius as it was from the begging (few months ago). Tried changing it to F and then going back to C but nothing.
In case you happen to get one of them or both (C temp and off status) working, pelase let me know!!! With those changes, it will be the perfect DTH for this device.

Sebastian -

I am sorry you are having issues with my Ecobee DTH. Could you please check in the Ecobee (Connect) app, in the Devices/Thermostats tab, what does the NOTE: say that the units is set to - C or F?


I’m using the Ecobee Device Type with CoRE. My goal is to turn on the fan if the temperature reaches the set point so cold air can be circulated from the basement before the AC is needed.

After either a) the fan has been running for 10 minutes, OR b) the temperature has dropped one degree, OR c) the AC has turned …
I run resumeProgram() but I noticed the Ecobee still says “[Fan Symbol] Auto and holding”. I’ve also noticed it appears not to follow Smart Home/Away when this happens. Any suggestions on what function I should use to basically just set the system back to full-auto after running the fan?