[Release] Updated Open Source Ecobee Device Type and SmartApps

Not that I don’t like your code. I’ve been using it for quite some time. I’m just curious about the official ecobee integration. What are the pros and cons of switching to it?

The official Ecobee device just does the basic thermostat, motion and humidity capabilities. Some additional features available with this DTH:

  1. Special ecobee comfort settings
  2. Fan control EDIT: Fan mode (auto)
  3. Weather information
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The stock one does has fan control.

It is also very stable and does not lose its connection with the cloud.

I could not get the stock ST integration to work correctly to control my
smart vents. This integration has been very stable for me with very few
exceptions (usually related to ST having trouble). I am using an Ecobee 3
ver 1 with 7 remote sensors and 14 Keen smartvents controlled with Keenect
ver 1. I have not retried the stock integrations since I set things up many
months ago and I have not tried the ST Ecobee integration with the new
Keenect ver 2 yet.

This sounds pretty good.

Do you guys have a recommendation for a Rule Machine replacement? I should really move away from it as it’s no longer supported.

Strongly recommend CoRE. As far as I’ve seen, it does everything RM did and more.

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It also had support for Routines integration. And had support for turning off (or alerting) based on contact sensors.

First of all, thanks for your hard work on this. It’s the community here that really makes Smartthings such an amazing home automation ecosystem.

I was just wondering if anyone else is having any any problems with the smartapp on the latest version of Android? I can’t adjust the heat up or down with the up/down arrows. It doesn’t appear like they are registerting any finger presses. The slider does work, but the circles that display the temp to the right of the slider are not displaying properly. It looks like the temperatures are out of the circles at the bottom right, so you can just see the tops of the numbers but can’t make them out. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? It seems like it might be a bug, but I don’t want to automatically assume that.

kept getting disconnected form ecobee with this smart app (almost every other day)

switched to the stock ecobee app and have not seen a disconnect in over a week and no issues integrating with my Keen vents

I do miss the ability to put the thermostat in home/away mode with SHM and have to manually switch the thermostat temp to achieve savings

Same here. Months, many month, can’t remember when (or if) it failed (I’m sure it has once when the ecobee server was down for maintenance). Incredibly reliable.

I wrote an app that controls my home and away “functions”. I have it set home or away based on presence (someone home = home, no one home = away). When I (or my wife) come home, it resumes programming. When we leave it sets the new temp (overriding the thermostat). It works well. No issues - No complaints.

The official ecobee app doesnt have the ability to set the thermostat to Home, Away or Sleep?

True. But the features can be mimicked.

How? As I think I will be making the switch.

SmartApp. Provides better control.

Any chance an option could be added to switch to email notifications instead of push when the Ecobee is disconnected form ST?

Hi! I am new to ST so I apologize if there is a better way to do this but I wanted to report an annoying, but not deal breaking, issue.

We have two android phones operating as presence sensors to set home/away/etc.

Using this DT and SA I have it configured to set the ecobee away when both phones leave and resume program when one of them returns.

The issue is that the “resume program” command is issued whenever a phone returns, so for example if I get home and I manually change the thermostat from 72 to 75 for 4 hours. When my wife gets home, the smartapp gets triggered again and the thermostat resumes it’s program again.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or how I set up the automation or the smartapp?

Not a huge deal but slightly annoying when trying to figure out why the AC is running when I’ve manually adjusted it.

Please Advise

Well, it’s not a bug or your setup :slight_smile: Unfortunately, the SA doesn’t allow for conditions/restrictions to be applied to your situation ---- which is exactly the same situation I ran into using Sean’s otherwise excellent DT and SA. Fortunately, you can use the DT in conjunction with 3rd-party SAs, like CoRE (links are EVERYWHERE in this forum, to get you started), to solve the problem you are having. I came up with this CoRE solution to solve my “resume program” problem:

Thanks! I was just considering jumping into CoRE for other things but this seems like a great place to start.

Thanks again!

Motion doesn’t seem to be working for any of my sensors. They all just show motion all the time. What can I do to fix?

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Have you checked to see if they are also showing motion on Ecobee as well?