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[RELEASE] [Universal] Foscam Camera Device Handler with Discovery, Live Video Streaming, Motion Sensor/Alarm Integration - SD (FI89xx), HD (FI98xx, FI99xx), Cx, Rx, Ex, Fosbaby

(David Jacobs) #1327

This is slightly off topic but I have a Foscam F19928P - It constantly triggers, around every minute! A branch blows a security light comes on, ete, etc. I cant see a way in the Foscam web interface to either select area its monitoring or reduce sensitivity. Any ideas?


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Just a tip, Foscam has a different plugin for Internet Explorer. When using IE, it uses an older ActiveX plugin which has more features available then the newer plugin used by other browsers.

In IE you will many additional features which aren’t available in Chrome/Firefox/Safari including the option to set the Motion Detection area:

Here is an example of the web interface for IE 11 v/s Chrome for the same camera in the Motion Detection settings page:

You can also use the new native Foscam app available on the iOS store where in the camera settings, you can set the detection area under Alarms -> Motion Detection:


(David Jacobs) #1329

Wow, Thats better! Thanks a million. My Android app doesn’t have any of those settings its simply a viewer. IE did it for me though. Thanks again

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(David Jacobs) #1330

I have it set to “lowest sensitivity” and am getting an alert at least once per minute. Any advice appreciated.



I didn’t see a fix to this problem. I am pretty confident the user and password is correct. What I found is that if I use “other Foscam” as the model it works fine. If I select “C2/R2/R2E/R4/FI9900P” I have the exact problem described. I can’t toggle the motion on and off. I have the R4S camera.


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That sounds about right. Unless your model is listed, use Other Foscam. The R4S is not the same as R4, they used different chipsets.


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How fast can pictures be taken if I want the camera to take pics if a separate motion sensor is triggered?
How many pictures can it take and save and where is it saved (downloadable?)?


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Depends on your SmartThings server, hub and network latency. Also do note that there is a rate limitation built in on request from ST’s engineers so that it doesn’t negatively impact the platform. Some people put it in a loop (accidentally or otherwise) and that should not be done.

You can however take a burst of pictures say 5 or 10 in a minute. The pictures are uploaded to your SmartThing server and be viewed through the ST Classic app in your device page by clicking on the Picture tile or in the Recently tab. I believe you can then save the pictures from the picture tile onto your mobile phone (depending on version of the ST Classic app you’re using).

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Yes the DTH can differentiate between 3 different types of events (if supported and reported by the camera)

  • Motion
  • Sound
  • Human detection (PIR) (e.g. R2 foscams)

ST doesn’t explicitly support different types of motion, so the DTH will report a type: motion and value: active event for all of them, however it also adds a little description text which can help you differentiate between the source of the event.

If you’re using an app like CoRE or WebCoRE, you can create a rule to inspect the descriptionText field of the motion event and if it contains:

  • detected motion, it’s a regular motion detection
  • detected human motion then it’s a PIR motion detection
  • sound motion then it’s a sound detection

(Mark C) #1337

try this DH

i adapted it wor k with a smart cam connect

it take 10 photos 2 seconds apart

this it the bit you need if the DH you might need to look at the “path” in the take section as it set up for a tenvis

` def burst(){
], 2000)
def take() {
log.trace “take”
def parts = settings.unamepass.split(":")
def uname = parts[0]
def pass = parts[1]

    //TENVIS JPT3815
    	//def path = "/media/?action=snapshot"
	def path = "/snapshot.cgi?user=${uname}&pwd=${pass}"
	doCmd(path, true) //true to save image