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[RELEASE] [Universal] Foscam Camera Device Handler with Discovery, Live Video Streaming, Motion Sensor/Alarm Integration - SD (FI89xx), HD (FI98xx, FI99xx), Cx, Rx, Ex, Fosbaby


(steve grout) #1231

I bought the fi9928p…Wow, what a camera!

I also just purchased your lifetime subscription. Looking forward to setting this all up. I just hope I can get it all working like I want it to but I’m confident I can now.


I am able to use video stream perfectly. But everything else failing with timeout error, taking a picture, arm/disarm. None of these working for me. Anything missing in configuration? Tried rebooting router, cameras but no luck.

Log shows.
b0f2653e-bfee-47c9-8fb0-0f4d3445450d 1:16:21 PM: warn Aysnc httpGet response has error: Failed to complete. Message was: connection timed out: /10X.X.X.XX:XXXX
b0f2653e-bfee-47c9-8fb0-0f4d3445450d 1:16:21 PM: error Error response from host 10X.X.X.XX:XXXX, HTTP Response code: null
b0f2653e-bfee-47c9-8fb0-0f4d3445450d 1:16:21 PM: trace Received response from camera to httpGet, headers=null, status=null
b0f2653e-bfee-47c9-8fb0-0f4d3445450d 1:16:21 PM: trace Received response from camera to async httpGet, headers=null, status=null, warning=[], data=[:]
b0f2653e-bfee-47c9-8fb0-0f4d3445450d 1:16:21 PM: warn Aysnc httpGet response has error: Failed to complete. Message was: connection timed out: /10X.X.X.XX:XXXX

(Mark C) #1233

ive a few JPT3815 tried this but didn’t work, so any help would be gret

(Jose Salas) #1234

How can i deactivate sound detection on my foscam R2? In the foscam app I have it off, also on this device handler I do not have it activated but I still get push notifications from smartthings detecting sound as for intrusion. I have the intrusion smartapp set to only record and take pictures when the main door sensor is activated (open/closed), motion and sound detection are off. What can I do to stop this?

(Alex T) #1235

I am looking for a way to set up my R2 so that it automatically turns on the motion and/or human detection when all of the predefined Presences are Away, and turn the detection off when at least one Presence arrives.

Any suggestions on how to best achieve that?

(Head of Support ( #1236

Foscam Camera and Motion Alarm Manager SmartApp does automatic discovery, installation and configuration of cameras. Please see this page for installation instructions.

Foscam Camera and Motion Alarm Manager SmartApp - v03.00.02

  • < no change>

Foscam Camera Universal Device Handler - v04.03.00

  • Auto detect and use the flip/mirror settings from camera instead of manually setting them

Live video streaming can be accessed from inside and outside the home by using camera LAN IP address (discovered and configured automatically). If you’re having trouble connecting kill your SmartThings app and restart it.

NOTE: You CANNOT upgrade the older 2.x Camera Alarm Manager setup to the 3.x version. You will need to REMOVE/UNINSTALL your existing Cameras and SmartApp in SmartThings. Once you delete your SmartApp and Cameras, follow the instructions below to discover and install your Foscam cameras.


Refer to previous post for more details

Foscam FI9853EP device handlers?
(Paul James) #1237

I noticed that if I try to expand the image to full screen it will not rotate and really doesn’t gain any size. Is there a way to allow it to rotate. My phone is set to auto rotate. or is there a way to add pinch to zoom.

(David Jacobs) #1238

Agreed I have the same - no option to pinch zoom or rotate. Hopefully this will be fixed as my eyesight is not adequate to see otherwise.

(David Jacobs) #1239

I get a huge number of alarms despite having sensitivity set at “lowest”. Is there a way to stop this?

(Kevin) #1240

Samsung is releasing the new Smartthings (Samsung Connect) to replace the current Smartthings. I am wondering if this will affect the Foscam Camera!

(Head of Support ( #1242

Please send in a request to the ST support desk as these feature are implemented by the SmartThings mobile app and not the device handler. For e.g. rotation works with the iOS ST Mobile App but not the Android ST mobile app. Similarly for pinching and zooming it’s something ST would need to enable in their video tiles.

(Jeffrey Whitler) #1243

Will the DH and SmartApp work with Amcrest Cams? It does not discover them and have tried manually configuring and seems to see them, but when trying to view (says connected) it then says camera unavailable…anyone gotten this to work with Amcrest?

(Luis Alonzo) #1244

I just got a C1 and tried to use the Foscam Camera and Motion Alarm Manager. I already had 1 F9831P discovered with that app. The app discover both cameras but for the C1 shows “INCOMPLETE CONFIGURATION”, and it doesnt add the camera to Things. C1 its already setup with the Foscam app. I’m able to look at the livefeed from the app and from the web. Any idea what i could be missing? With the F9831 i didnt had this trouble.

(Bob5731) #1245

my foscam FI9800P
active camera unavailable
How do I view the camera in smartthings?


When SmartThings is in “away” mode and motion is detected by the camera, where are the images sent/stored? Can I see either stills / videos in SmartThings or do I need an SD card to view the footage manually?

( - Make your home your butler!) #1247

The mode doesnt’ matter.

Pictures can be stored in 2 different places depending upon how you’ve configured your settings:

  1. If you’ve enabled Take picture option in the Camera device settings (gear icon), then it’ll save a picture on your SD card or eMail it to you depending on how you’ve configured your camera through it’s own web interface/GUI
  2. If you’re using a SmartApp (e.g. Foscam Camera Manager or Intruder Alert) which takes a picture through SmartThings, those pictures will show up on the image carousel in the camera device page. The picture remain for about a week before ST removes them from the cloud (you cannot change it).

You can have both options enabled at the same time.


Strange. I’m using the Foscam smartapp but no picture shows in camera device page or events. If I take a picture using the smart app, that image does show up.


Hi, I’m using this Device Handler very successfully with quite a few foscam cameras but I’m struggling to configure my new FI9901, specifically the motion detection areas. The CGI command to return the getMotionDetectionConfig just returns a -3 error code. I know the motion detection area parameters need to be configured in the camera settings on ST but I can’t retrieve the current settings (set on the camera) via the CGI. Can you help?

( - Make your home your butler!) #1250

-3 is access denied (from the logs):

Access denied. Make sure the Username you’ve entered has Administrative rights on the camera


Yes, that’s what I thought but the username/password combination is definitely correct, I’ve double checked. I’m wondering if it’s because the FI9901EP doesn’t use the same method for defining the motion detection area. In all my other Foscams, a grid is used. In this one, you draw 3 boxes on the screen (see screenshot)

. Never seen it before on Foscam, I’ll ask Foscam support.