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[RELEASE] Universal Foscam Camera Device Handler with Discovery, Live Video Streaming, Motion Sensor/Alarm Integration - SD (FI89xx), HD (FI98xx, FI99xx), Cx, Rx, Ex, Fosbaby

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Hi. I set up the foscam r2 camera in smartthings using device handler. Now I am trying to add it as motion sensor. For that I added foscam manager app and now trying to add camera on it. But I am getting error “Installing camera R2 failed. Please check for duplicate camera IP address and port”.
Is there anything I am doing wrong?
Thanks for the support.

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That’s because you already have another camera with the same IP and Port installed in Smartthings.

You will need to REMOVE/UNINSTALL your existing Cameras and SmartApp in SmartThings. Once you delete your SmartApp and Cameras, follow the instructions below to discover and install your Foscam cameras.

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You cannot upgrade the older 2.x Camera Alarm Manager setup to the 3.x version. You will need to REMOVE/UNINSTALL your existing Cameras and SmartApp in SmartThings. Once you delete your SmartApp and Cameras, follow the instructions below to discover and install your Foscam cameras.


I recently created a a VPN to my home network in place of port forwarding, video streaming works great but now when I take a camera snap then image does not show up in the carousel or recent tab. I didn’t think the VPN would effect traffic from the camera to ST but maybe it is? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Under Motion Detection, Can triggered interval and time interval be added to the either the smart app or the device handeler? The Trigger interval in the smart app is currently ignored and every time i go to armed it defaults to 15 sec for triggered interval and 1 second for time interval.
Is it possible to configure p2p, that way people aren’t trying to hack my camera all the time with having open ports on my firewall. Alarm on my Lorex DVR is always going off as people are hitting the port.

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hi guys

Firstly i have to say a massive thanks to you guys for creating this. Now, I don’t currently own any foscam cameras but im looking into install an outdoor system using a few of the Foscam FI9928P cameras.

As you guys probably have one of these in your lab i just wanted to ask a few questions.

  1. Is this camera supported :smile:
  2. Do you know if i can get a http feed from them so i can display in actiontiles (got a 24" dell touchscreen mounted flush in a wall i use so i wanted to display the camera feeds)
  3. You may not know but thought i’d ask… do you know if the camera support multiple feeds so i can feed to actiontiles AND also record on a file server simultaneously.

not on topic with this but i dont suppose anyone has any real world experience with this camera and its performance. i have watched youtube etc and read reviews and although the youtube material show it in a positive light the written reviews are very mixed.



@RBoy can correct me if I’m wrong but the device handler streams video either via MJPEG (http) or the RTSP pathways based on SD/HD and camera model configurations. If your ST or camera settings route the device handler to the MJPEG, then you will not hear audio when streaming video. If the settings go through RTSP, then you will have audio when streaming video. I have FI9821P and on the ST app I have audio which is routed through RTSP but on the ActionTiles dash I don’t, which is routed as MJPEG (http).


What I found out is that the new firmwares Foscam release after their security issues have blocked MJPEG (http) streaming which ActionTiles needs/uses. On my FI9821W V2, when I upgraded to the 2.x.x.120 firmware (Nov 2017 release), I lost ActionTiles video feed and couldn’t figure out why for couple of days until I downgraded to 2.x.x.119 (2015 release) and the video feed was back. All of this did not affect ST app live feed which by the way uses RTSP for HD cameras.

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ok thanks. How can I force RTSP instead of MJPEG ?

my camera works with following hires stream :


on rtsp following uris does not supply video.



ActionTiles does not support RTSP streaming so no luck there. As far as the ST app, as far as I can understand from the code, older SD cameras use MJPEG by default. You may want to revise the code to force RTSP path for any/all settings. In other words, use the rtsp path wherever you see the http path in the code.

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The default is RTSP. You can enable MJPEG mode through the ST Mobile App camera device settings page (gear icon).

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I’m trying to D/L the Foscam device Handler and it’s asking for a Username & Password.

Anyone know the UN/PW?


you have to pay $15 to get access to the device handler. If your not looking to shell out any cash you could try one of the free generic camera device handler. [RELEASE] Generic Video Camera DeviceType, Yes, Live Video Streaming

EDIT: the price is now $35 for lifetime access

(andrew) #1215

Hi there. I would like to use a door/window open+close sensor to trigger a recording. Is that possible with this Device Handler?

(Eric Anderson) #1216

Alarm enabling when away has stopped working…

(Dan Grahn) #1217

Hey @RBoy

I just setup my Foscams to save to FTP. Is there any way that when there is an event in ST such as motion or sound detected, it could pull in the image from FTP?

That would be a lot more useful than looking it up manually.


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I am using a foscam C1, I’ve followed all installation steps and these additional steps.

The Rboy Foscam Smart App is finding my camera, but ST isn’t seeing it when trying to add a new Thing.

Any advise?

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You don’t need to use ST’s “Add new things”, that’s only for Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. The Foscam Camera Manager will discover and install your cameras for you.

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I have another question, I have these cameras used with the Smart Home monitor. When the alarm goes off, it should record 1min of video. Unfortunately i get an error about accesss. The username and password I used to setup the foscams are admin accounts.


click the image to see the fill picture

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The camera is saying that the username being does not have privileges to makes changes to the camera settings. Check your camera user privileges.